Report: Group of 20 Republican congressman to block Boehner’s election as Speaker tom


Report: Group of 20 Republican congressman to block Boehner’s election as Speaker tomorrow? Update: GOP meeting tonight on leadership? « Hot Air

Who will those people be?

We already know one, incoming former Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas: STOCKMAN TO VOTE NO ON SPEAKER BOEHNER | Re-Elect Congressman Stockman, Nov. 6!


I could see some Dem’s crossing the aisle. Knowing they can’t get one of theirs in place, Boehner is the next best thing for them. They get at least 75% of what they want anyway.


Whether or not they put Boehner in is a moot point. A Republican vision, direction, plan, is what is important. The more the Republicans splinter the party in congress, the weaker they become. which is just what the dems want.


It’s the party that is weak. They are gutless followers of a platform that does not exist except in sound bites when interviewed on Fox.


The moment I heard of this I knew it was just another crazy rumor brought up by random “sources” conservative talk show hosts found to say whatever they wanted them to say. This is just like the Paulbots crazy delegate scheme that would have been impossible to implement! This would never have happened!


Right, just a rumor of a plot to keep a jellyfish in power in the House. Thank God it wasn’t real or we might have saved a bit of money by accident!


Actually with Boehner gone it would have been Pelosi!!! And no matter how much you hate him, she’s 100X worse!


Wrong. Pelosi would not have gotten the necessary number of votes.


What part of impossible don’t you understand? But Pelosi was the runner up. No one else even comes close.


Impossible what?

With noone getting the required amount, there wold have been another round of voting. Somebody else would have to emerge.


As Bigfoot said, you are forgetting about a second round of voting. BUT, at least with Pelosi we would know what we were going to get. With Boehner we never know how far he’s going to bend left to “save us”.


This conversation is even too stupid to continue bye liberals! Have fun defending pelosi!


You want me to defend Pelosi, OK. She at least had the power of her convictions when she was in charge. She stuck to her agenda and her party platform like her life depended on it. I hated everything she did, but she did exactly what she said she was going to do. Boehner has no backbone, no party ethics and can only defend his actions by quoting Democratic talking points. Bottom line, Pelosi has a bigger set of balls than John could ever dream of having!