Report: Obama To Proceed With Arming Muslim Brotherhood-Ruled Egypt


Egypt’s negotiations with the US to acquire F-16 aircraft and M1A1 Abrams tanks are proceeding smoothly, a senior Egyptian military source has said.The source added that the negotiations are proceeding regardless of statements made by political opponents of US President Barack Obama, in what may have been an oblique reference to calls by US Congressman Vern Buchanan for the suspension of this deal over what he described as the “dictatorship of President Mohamed Morsy.”He also said that news about fresh military assistance or deals always sparks controversies, which tend to subside when the deals are concluded. He alleged that those Congressmen or officials who oppose supplies of advanced weaponry to the Egyptian army belong to the pro-Israel camp.

Military source: US arms deal continuing despite lawmakers’ objections | Egypt Independent

With all the mayhem the Muslim Brotherhood has done on fellow citizens and their support for the destruction of Israel, Obama is still arming his brothers in hate.


Yep…more proof that there’s no difference between voting for Romney or Obama. [/sarc]


Disarm our own country, and arm our enemies. Way to go, Barack!


I saw this today and literally laughed. Then I got to laugh again at some Texan call Israel the US’ forward operating base. Which it is, but don’t say it in a tv interview dude…