Report: Pelosi Security Points Gun at Trump Supporters From New Jersey Rooftop

I wasn’t there so we only have the word of those who were but … Pointing a weapon at someone who is not threatening you with bodily harm is a felony.

The democraps seem to have adopted a political conviction very similar to Nazi Germany. Before you know it, we’ll have hangings in the street. After all, they don’t have any regard whatsoever for the 65,000,000+ unborn babies who have been slaughtered since 1973. Neither did the Nazis.

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Now, not that people don’t lie, but people can also be mistaken.

Who to believe?

A Bernie Sanders security guard attacked a Trump supporter, exercising his 1st Amendment rights, at a Sanders rally. He was caught on tape knocking a placard out of his hands and taking him to the ground. His “crime” was standing there holding the placard.

If you are a reasonable leftist, you would do well to condemn Antifa like-behavior and support deporting criminal illegal aliens, but for your leadership and, it seems for many of you, that is too much to ask.

Chuck Schumer made threatening comments yesterday at a pro-abortion rally outside of the Supreme Court Building. He singled out two justices by name and made no mention of Senate Republicans, which would later be his defense.

There are two standards, one for Democrats and one for us. You can do or say pretty much anything you want. There will be no repercussions because the fake news media will cover for you.

I point these things out to you as you sit up in your ivory tower and defend your clueless leadership who offer no solutions and only impeachment and your constant criticism.


I’ll join you in condemning that if you will condemn the violence that Trump supporters have enacted against people at Trump rallies.

Schumer was wrong.

No, one for reasonable people and one for unreasonable people of which there are some of both on both R’s and D’s. The problem is that D’s watch/ read media that portray R’s as unreasonable and R’s watch/ read media that portray D’s as unreasonable.

The problem is a well-known issue of in-group bias that almost everyone suffers from. Which is to say we tend to view things based on our own preconceptions. People rarely make any effort to see the world from the perspectives of others.

Ivory tower? WTF?

More of you projecting on me. Another common behavioral shortcoming.

Your answer about two standards is totally disingenuous. You know darn well that, aside from Fox News, that ALL of the major news networks are ready to cover for Democrats. Add to that The New York Times, “the paper of record” (ha, ha ha) is completely in your camp.

You can try to put that over on some people, but not most of the people here.

I am always open to the ways that the leftists twist and distort the facts!

I actually watch more of the Pravda like twins (CNN and MSNBC) than I do any other, so called ‘news’ networks!

I usually start my day with Hack Joe Scarborough … for the laughs.

I stopped screaming and yelling at my tv long ago!
Watching these talking heads twisting themselves into pretzels, doing their best in denying reality!

When you come to understand that the mainstream media no longer employ Journalist’s, but instead hire Activists for the left wing party … your days become much less ‘emotional’!

As far as us R’s watching a ‘preferred’ media that we agree with … I haven’t found any where I didn’t have the same ‘qualms’!

When ‘those’ talking heads start twisting the facts … I have a problem with them too!

You do understand?
I don’t rely on the media on how I should think!

I can twist the facts … all by myself!:slightly_smiling_face:

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What “Trump supporters” attacked people at Trump rallies? Are you REALLY this afflicted with TDS? There’ve been dozens of instances where anti-Trump protesters were seen attacking Trump SUPPORTERS leaving Trump rallies, but NONE of Trump supporters initiating attacks on “peaceful protesters.” NONE. You grab MY MAGA hat off of my head and I’ll punch your lights out. That’s RETALIATION…not initiating an attack.


Back to OT: He was a Secret Service agent doing his JOB!

(rounded), 2.6 vs 2.8…

Seems pretty even to me. Stop acting like a snowflake. The right get’s plenty of air time.

Maybe you’ve heard of Sinclair Broadcast group?

Make me laugh.

Oh, BS, CSB. This is CBS doing this story. I wouldn’t believe them if they finally conceded that President Trump WON in 2016…at least not without confirming it somewhere else.

And what does your chart prove, Mr. Brown? Only that Fox News has the most viewers. It does not say a thing about media bias.

Do you know why Fox News is #1? It covers the stories quicker and better than anyone else. I’ve seen them run stories days before the so-called main stream got to them. Fox gives you a more complete story too. Yes, there are conservative commentators on Fox, but they also have people like Juan Williams, Obama’s ex State Department spokeswoman and Chuck Schumer’s ex chief of staff (He makes my skin craw.) How many conservative commentators do the main stream outlets present regularly? NONE

I’ll bet a lot liberals look at Fox because they know they will get story quicker, more complete and more fairly presented than any of their “propaganda outlets” like CNN and MSNBC. If you want to check out how the liberal networks are spinning the news, watch them. That’s what I do. If you want the story as close the truth as you can find, watch Fox.

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Would you believe one who has witnessed it HERSELF?? I was at the tea party gathering during OBama admin and at capitol building. We were going to go in after the rally and speak to our reps. Mrs. Pelosi, had guards with assault type weapons on the roof, and on the stairs and AT edge of Group. I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES…the actions of Pelosi. And it was well know she ordered the armed guards. MORE than one. MANY. And it was not only chilling, it was enraging that IN THIS COUNTRY, one of our political Representatives, the speaker of the house NO LESS, had the nerve, the gall, to pull something like that. I will NEVER forget that. She would order armed guards with the potential of firing on citizens of this country that she supposedly works for, KILLING THEM.

but that has happened before in DC. and she would have loved to have pulled that again.

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It doesn’t matter what you believe it only matter what you can prove. You know if any of that footage was faked there would be plenty of right leaning sources that would call it out. If they did you’d have a link showing it.

Instead, you and others live in denial.

Would you believe any of my anecdotal stories about what I’ve seen?


Please don’t insult my intelligence with this stuff.

Then how about YOU not insulting OUR intelligence with the BS you routinely post here, CSB?

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it’s not anecdotal you nimrod. I was one of thousands. we all saw it.


Definition of anecdotal:

Not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research.

Abuse of conservatives by “progressives” is “anecdotal.” Linking Republicans with neo Nazis is “fact.”

I guess Representative Steve Scalise was shot with an “anecdotal bullet.” That is absurd, but the main stream news coverage of FBI and Justice Department abuse of Republicans and conservatives has been abysmal. FISA Court abuse has gotten similar coverage.

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