Report: San Bernardino Shooter Passed DHS Counterterrorism Vetting


But at least she was vetted. That’s got to count for something.:angry26:

CBS reports that one of the shooting suspects passed the Department of Homeland Security’s “counterterrorism screening as part of her vetting”

Report: San Bernardino Shooter Passed DHS Counterterrorism Vetting


It’s hard to find something when there is no database to compare people to. Hmm he comes back from Saudi Arabia with a bride and they ‘vacation’ to Pakistan…We have NO IDEA how this could happen!


Investigators probe whether wife radicalized husband before San Bernardino massacre

However, law enforcement sources told Fox News late Thursday that there was a “very strong” possibility that Malik functioned as Farook’s terror trainer and may have even put together the pipe bombs found by authorities at the various crime scenes Wednesday.

Investigators probe whether wife radicalized husband before San Bernardino massacre | Fox News


It’s a shame she didn’t cross the wrong wire in the manufacturing process. No Allah for them just front row seats to the pits of hell.


Yeah, how can they be vetted? Someone mentioned that somewhere else. Where can they get an honest report about their background?


All facets of our govt has been infested with secret and not so secret Islamists and that includes DHS. Think about it, they knew these folks shouted Allah akbar from the start and kept it quiet and if the terrorists hasn’t gotten caught you can bet they’d be blaming the NRA and Christians.

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You simply cannot catch every radical, it is impossible especially if you wish to live in a free society. You do the best you can, and hopefully allocate resources appropriately.

As I have heard multiple times over the last couple of days by various news sources, both radio and news; from various expert sources: a former CIA operative, a current FBI officer and a former FBI counter-terrorism agent (who was interviewed on CBC), the key to intelligence is HONEST intelligence. For multiple reasons, including wasting resources on non-threats while real threats surface without detection. It is fair to suggest that those who provide false and misleading information are conducting treason (I think they should be charged as such)…Canadian police agencies could learn a thing or two about this, but I digress…

This is why president Obama didn’t immediately call it terrorism. You simply cannot do so until the investigation gets to that point. Obviously all facts pointed to it being terrorism, we all knew this and stated as such, we as common folk don’t need to be as certain with our opinions. As an official leader of a state you cannot make such a claim until the FBI or investigating agency advises accordingly. Better to be cautious and wait a day or two than be wrong.

America, France on multiple occasions now, Israel on multiple occasions this year, various nations in the M.E, African nations, really the entire world has been attacked by ISIS or those inspired by them in some form or another. If this doesn’t encourage the world to take a firm stance against these terrorists I don’t know what will. We can’t live in fear and we can’t expect 100% protection if we want to live in a free society.


I agree that the officials need to be careful and thorough before pronouncing things as facts, but I disagree about Obama’s reasoning. He did it that way to see if at a later date he could spin it- however absurdly (as he did in the case of the Fort Hood shooter)- as not being terrorism.


Naive, at best, and ignorant at worst.
Obozo NEVER calls terrorism, what it is, until cornered.
The Fort Hood shooter yelled “Allah ackbar” before opening fire, yet he still says it was workplace violence, negating veterans their due benefits. He will not call Islamic terrorism by its name.
He is definitely a Jihad supporter. He’s enabled them to establish their caliphate, supplied weapons to radicals, vacated Iraq so the extremists could take over, and wants to import potentially dangerous people to the US. He’s in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, and as far as the Iran deal goes…OMG!!!