Report: Witness Prepared to Identify Two Killers of Seth Rich

This may turn out to be fake news considering the past performance of The Gateway Pundit but we should find out at 1:00 tomorrow. If true this is beyond “blockbuster”.

Jack Burkman, a Washington-based attorney and lobbyist who has worked with a private investigative team to solve the Seth Rich murder mystery, told The Gateway Pundit that the witness has conclusive evidence that will bring Rich’s killers to justice within a month.

“We believe that we have reached the beginning of the end of the Seth Rich murder investigation,” Burkman told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview Sunday. “After two long hard years of work, we have a witness who is prepared to identify the two killers of Seth Rich. One is reportedly a current DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent, the other is reportedly a current ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) agent”

The witness, who “fears for his life,” will be accompanied by armed guards and disguise his identity as he details how two employees of the United States government killed Seth in a press conference slated for Tuesday.

Motive for these guys?

Perhaps a big payday?

If so, then who payed them?

Will they plea bargain and name the “payor”? If that person is just insulation, will he/she flip?

Will be interesting to see how far this thing goes.

Then again, as you say, this may just be fake news and it will go nowhere.

If true, it’s hard imagine anything other than a paid hit. Paid hit men whose day job is in government law enforcement? Very strange.

I sort of understand why Gateway Pundit is currently the only outlet to pick up the story. The story is so bizarre that no one else wants the flack when it turns out to be a hoax. Then again, what would be the motivation for perpetrating such a hoax since it will quickly fall apart if false?

If it is true, the two hit men now realize that they are “loose ends” and must be in panic mode.

If this promised 1:00 PM news conference is postponed for any reason, I will conclude that the whole thing is total BS.

Just wasted some time watching the"news conference":

I’m not going to try to summarize it. My opinion is it is complete crap.