Republican Blocks Obama Aid to Egypt!!!!!


Victory for those who think that Obama shouldn’t give any more money to Egypt: AKA the Muslim Brotherhood!

Representative Kay Granger, the Texas Republican who chairs the House of Representatives appropriations subcommittee for foreign operations, said the administration’s $450 bailout proposal for Egypt was premature.

US plan for emergency Egypt aid hits roadblock - Economy - Business - Ahram Online
she felt that she couldn’t support the aid at this time! Good for her.


Its only temp, she has to into a Bill to get this to stick. Harry Reid is NOT gonna let that happen…

What is interesting is this is $ in addition to the Foreign Aid and comes after the deaths of 4 Americans, errr the 4 BUMPS in the road.

Why would we give $$$$ to a known Terrorist org?


Well, first off, Egypt itself isn’t a terrorist organization. It’s a country. We should be hoping that the fledgling democracy votes in leaders that don’t commit heinous humanitarian atrocities.

Whether we should be giving money to them or not is a more difficult question. Obviously we don’t want to support tyrannical leaders, but Egypt is also struggling to move toward democracy, and it’d be nice to support that transition.


Oh, quit, Trekky; Egypt and like arab nations have decided to kick sand in our face, Islam has declared war on Christianity and all other religions, They have harrassed Coptic Christianity in Egypt, Al Quaida has spread all over the arab world— NO IT’s time to cut off all, ALL foreign aid to ANY NATION that is standing against us. We don’t seem to have enough money here. why send it elsewhere?


They have a terrorist as a president with a terrorist party in power that was VOTED in by the people. So their WHOLE country is, AFAIC, a terrorist country.


Just like our whole country is socialist for voting for Obama? You know better than having a leader, even an elected one, represent the entire populace. A lot of that aid goes to education. Granted not much, and it goes through the government first, but still, cutting off all aid punishes innocent people, and may even make the terrorists stronger in the sense that the growing population is not being educated to realize what they’re saying is bull.


Trekky. The BROTHERHOOD is taking over. Face it, the Islamic nations have NEVER been our friends and Son you DON’T BUY friends. and the rest of your argument doesn’t make sense.


How exactly does withholding aid that they shouldnt have been entitled to in the first place punish people? Its not our responsibility to provide for their education and it is not helping us as they the will just use the schools as they always have to indoctrinate children into the islamic extremists.


NO Educating the people using our money and Their new Muslim system is NOT going to work. You liberals are so desperate to defend Obama you will say any crap that comes off your face!!! :banghead:

Oh but I do see now why you believe that the education system in America is not liberal, stacked against the students and giving power to unions. But wait, I’m changing the topic.

Why exactly should we be sending them money if they were involved in an ongoing investigation about the riots? That’s why you said that Obama and some of his people shouldn’t talk about the issues right? Well, we know this is happening. So why give them money if they are under investigation? (which I highly doubt), BO probably just said this to calm the masses as from the looks of it they have no idea what to do and are hiding it because of the election!


No, but the whole country is responsible for allowing the paradigm to drift so far from our origins that an Obama victory was possible.

Elected Leaders DO represent the entire populace, not liking or approving of my Leaders does not change the reality that they represent the United States and its populace.

Foreign Aid is a gift, gifts are NOT required under any obligation so NO person is “harmed” by not receiving an act of charity.

This is why Welfare is so damning, it changes the perspective of the recipient from gratitude toward the giver into an entitlement that is expected and if not given constitutes “harm” being caused by the giver to the recipient.

Liberalism breeds the absolute worst in humanity and then celebrates these results.


Ahhh! RET ; Trekky argues to see his words in print, i do believe.
Trekky; I will repeat a statement I made earlier. You cannot, CANNOT buy friends, and you cannot buy allegiances.


The WH must be furious that their tribute $$ is being held up … and I’m sure Texas will pay for electing such a woman to Congress!


It’s more that I enjoy playing Devil’s Advocate here. I don’t actually know if we should be sending money to Egypt or not. I think Congress can make that decision. However, everyone here seems to think sending aid is directly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and its activities, so I had to chime in and point out that a lot of the money is used for other things as well besides blowing up stuff.


That line of thinking has rarely proven to be beneficial to the US or the people of the country. In fact mostly what has occurred has been creating unbelievable wealthy individuals across the world with US taxpayers money, and funding terrorist.orgs. In this specific case Morsi is just another terrorist and will funnel the money into the Muslim Brotherhood.

Giving $ to countries rarely accomplishes anything, but of course it the American way, don’t feel so good then head to the mall and buy something, we try to buy love and admiration in our own families. Most of the Sec of State have been incompetent, unqualified fools who shove money at the problem as they can do nothing else. Hillary one of the worst. Sleaze lawyer in Arkansas doing dirty land deals, wife of a gov and the President and now our Sec of State, give me a friggin brake, my ole coon dog Buddy could do better and certainly has more qualifications…I will hear that ole coon dog bay and look at the wife and ask what does she think he has got treed now. Ain’t an animal in miles of here that don’t show RESPECT to ole Buddy and they make a wide berth around place or they find themselves up a tree something Hillary and Obama can’t pull off.

If Buddy thought like you he would be taking those squirrels acorns instead of treeing them.


Trekky who do you think gets the money? It’s the government! Who runs the government in Egypt NOW? Morsi. What group does Morsi belong to? the Muslim Brotherhood! Why won’t you admit this? Or maybe you didn’t know.

This is the problem with liberals. They think any type of government aid goes to the people. In all governments it does NOT!!! They line their own pockets instead. Including Obama’s various bailouts and welfare programs.


Actually it’s the Word Way. Most western and european countries give a greater percentage of their GDP than us. Though we do have a tendency to give it to strategically beneficial allies rather than needy countries (see Israel and Egypt).


I’m glad that you don’t quote Trekky’s nonsense when you respond to it. I wish others were just as considerate to the rest of us that actually have it on ignore.


So, Trekky agrees that Obama is a socialist. I hadn’t heard that one as yet.


If I were a citizen of another nation, I sure wouldn’t support sending aid to the U.S. while Obama was in charge…


Another example of how it doesn’t matter if we elect Obama or Romney. [/sarc]