Republican cowardice? or cynicism?

Regarding the September 18th “Justice for J6 Rally.”: It was a bust. The crowd was estimated at 400 to 450, more than 1/2 being journalists covering the near non-event.


There are many typical excuses already floating around about the poor showing, but that is a post for another time. What seems to be clear is that the devout cult of Trumpism doesn’t show up and swagger around unless it is assured that it vastly outnumbers any opposition. Thousands attacked and overpowered a thin blue line on January 6th, 2021. (Not “J6”. That is a weak attempt to downplay the stunning assault on our government that day by reducing it to two syllables). But this time it was different. The police were ready, willing and able to handle anything thrown at them.

It turns out that demanding justice for the “political prisoners” (criminals, to use the technical term) while facing pissed-off cops in full riot gear and in sufficient numbers to protect their turf wasn’t going to be nearly as much fun as breaking through sawhorses, wooden doors and glass windows. These cops were not going to be sprayed with toxic chemicals, surrounded and beaten individually, or crushed against walls by the mob. Suddenly, all those Trump supporters had better things to do on this September 18th. Wash the car. Watch football. Get their hair done. Anything that kept them away from the Capitol in Washington, D. C.

So much for the cult. What about Trump himself, and the GOP lawmakers in Congress? After all, it was his whining his Bigly Lie of a stolen election that incited the January 6th insurrection in the first place. Surely the Dear Leader was there to show solidarity, at least? Umm. No, actually.


He had important work to do and couldn’t be bothered.

What about Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell? Or the really loud, Trump-loving voices on conservative TV shows, online and or wherever two or three or more are gathered in his name? Where were Cawthorne, Greene and Gaetz? Did they fear to show up and mingle with the common folk, the base they all profess to love?

Was it cowardice or cynicism that kept them away? Surely it was not an indication that Donald Trump’s influence and attraction is waning? Surely he is still all that and a bag of chips?

Trump, Roger Stone and many others warned that this was a setup.

Some attendees:

RayBan glasses, casio watches, pocket bulges … these are not MAGA folks.


First, that could be a Dave Mathews Band concert for all we know.

Next, why can’t those be Trump supporters?

They look a lot like this guy:

I didn’t know the Dave Mathews Band packs heat.

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Nancy Pelosi was praying to whatever god she worships that we would have another attack on the Capitol. We have one day of bad behavior from the craziest of Trump supporters opposed a summer of BLB and Antifa burning and looting.


Well at least some of us Trump supporters were wondering why on earth we would want to tempt fate and allow the Democrats to do it to us twice. I guess a lot more than a few were skeptical.

The only people who think Trump supporters did that are people who don’t have a clue about Trump supporters or who are so filled with hatred for America that they don’t care.

Trump supporters aren’t a “cult”. We’re the true Americans.

You sound incredibly stupid. But I know you’re not really a stupid person. You must really really want to believe the big lie, just like Hitler’s minions wanted to believe what his media reported. It’s disgusting.

Here’s a refresher on January 6. It’s blatantly obvious we weren’t looking at Trump supporters in the video that was captured of the Capitol rioters.

  1. The “riot” started while President Trump was still speaking! They planned it, arrived with equipment in their backpacks and started it on their own schedule. They probably assumed he would be done speaking before they started. He was not.

  2. The Capitol police opened the doors and stood aside as the rioters calmly filed in It’s on video! Who ordered the police to let them in? The Capitol police report to the speaker, not the president.

  3. What was their objective? What could they possibly have done to get the correct electors (certified by the legislatures, as specifically mandated by the Constitution) counted? If their intent was violence, why didn’t anybody bring a weapon?

  4. You could see by their demeanor they were not determined to achieve something, they were there to PARTY! These were hooligans, not Trump supporters.

  5. Why did they have so many flags with them? And why have any Trump flags at all? If they were there to correct the electors, they would be protecting the Constitution, NOT fighting in some Trump army. And why the hell would they bring a Confederate flag? They were clearly not Trump supporters.

You should check out Dinesh D’Souza laughing at the FBI at the September 18 thing. (6 minute video.


These are points that the left has been trained not to acknowledge. The world of liberalism has devolved into the land of make believe, where whatever you want to be true is true. … unless your beliefs don’t jive with CNN