Republican group will run AD on FOX NEWS urging GOP to hold Trump accountable


#&%#@*%@^ … I AM SO SICK OF THIS CRAP!!

Other than taking to the streets and hanging these seditionists … All I can do is rant!


It would figure that newsweek ,a Democrat magazine, would be crowing about this. I have never heard of this “Conservative Republican group.” They appear to be from the Mitt Romney / John McCain wing of the party who have devolved into RINOs. Those people are hardly “conservative.”

Yes, enough is enough. It’s time to let Trump pursue his presidency without further unwarranted distractions. These “Republicans” should have decency to shut up after two years are relentless harassment.


Republicans for the Rule of Law is owned by Defending Democracy Together which also runs, an amnesty/open-borders proponent,, which implies that Trump is pro-Russian. This group is headed by … wait for it … Billy Cristol. Other directors include Mona Charen, Linda Chavez, Governor Christine Todd Whitman, Bob Inglis (a greenie-weenie “Republican”). I haven’t dug further but I’ll bet Club For Growth and Chamber of Commerce are big donors.

I have no words fit for polite society to describe these people.


It’s not, it’s for DACA; people who have lived here most or nigh-all of their lives, and are culturally American.

Linda Chavez is a good person to hear on this. I think Reagan knew what he was doing by hiring her.

It’s .com

Tarriffs mean less work and our products being less competitive overseas. That’s a fair criticism.



They are too stupid or too full of hate for the president to recognize that tarriffs are being used as a negotiating tool.


To work in other forms of protectionism into the USMCA? Component quotas, and a higher minimum wage in Mexico? The result will be the same; less work, and less exports.

It just lends credence to the adage; no one wins a trade war.


We will win. Bookmark this.


The result will be less work and less growth.

To insist otherwise, you’d have to embrace minimum wage logic I’ve seen you criticize.


AS is a progressive Democrat who comes here to oppose every initiative Trump undertakes. He cites Barry Goldwater and other dead conservatives to coverup what he is. He is a political catfish.


I’ll try to put this in the simplest terms possible:


We will win.


Progressive democrats love this; this is one of the few things Chuck Schumer compliments Trump on.

That doesn’t sound warning bells in your head?


There’s no winning; you’re just thinking about what you want out of the deal, I’m talking about the long term consequence.

Democrats can successfully argue for implementing a minimum wage here, that doesn’t mean anyone “won”.