Republican Operative New Front Page (Coming Soon!)

Howdy Everyone, :ranger:

Thanks to the very hard work of [MENTION=12020]Zedd[/MENTION], the financial support of members (those that donate monthly or yearly), and the very hard working moderating staff – I’m pleased to announce that RO will enjoy a much needed renewal of the front page.

This is what it will look like (with much more below the fold).

The front page will try to be a little more eye catching with imagery and design components much more akin to 2014 web design styles. But none of us judge a book by the cover, right? Good, because the content behind the images is top notch and will not disappoint.

We’ll be highlighting not only new threads and posts from this forum, but we’ll now be highlighting more in depth and original content covering a broad spectrum of topics. The original content will be written by members in the community, mods, and myself on occasion.

There will also be room for guest posts. PM me for details should you wish to write a guest blog piece. I’ve been spending almost all my “RO Time” on preparing for the launch, so if you offer to write a blog piece and it takes me time to get back to you, please don’t worry - I’ll provide some form of feedback in the coming week or so.

I’m very happy to say that we have some very exceptional writers here at RO and the content we’ve already managed to put together for launch day will be thoughtful, intriguing, and just plain enjoyable to read.

Our scheduled launch is Tuesday. Onward, upward! :flag:


FYI, I’ve seen it guys and it’s very nice and updated.

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Just one question…do we have to have Beyonce on the cover?? :vomit-smi


Yes, because the content behind that cover is not to be missed! Serioisly, you’ll want to read the excellent post about Time magazine and Beyonce that the image goes to.

Will that be the cover on Tuesday when the new cover starts?

Likely, for that one story that discusses the political significance of her appearance on the cover.

From the post:

TIME magazine recently presented its 2014 list of the 100 most influential people in the world. They didn’t actually rank the list 1 to 100. But recording artist Beyonce’ is on the cover, and she’s also in the vaguely intimidating category of “Titans.” What got Beyonce’ to this pinnacle? Her talent? Her good works? She can certainly claim those, as can many others. How has she set herself apart?

I think it will be an excellent opener.

The new front page will be live in less than 3 hours! Excitement and suspense!

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Hm, it came up when I got online just now, but insisted I log in - then wouldn’t accept my login. But I can go directly to the forum and be already logged in. I even went to the forum from the front page that wouldn’t “let” me log in, and I was logged in.

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We were experiencing some technical difficulties which we’ve just now gotten over. Please check it out again and let me or [MENTION=12020]Zedd[/MENTION] know of any problems you have!

I just opened another tab, called it up, and it seemed OK.

There are more things on the table and in the pipeline for this site as far as modifications and updates. [MENTION=10090]WhoIsJohnGalt[/MENTION] and I are excited about adding the things we have already and the things yet to come. We hope you enjoy them and that they help make your time here more enjoyable.


Still having problems with “thanks”. Got a notification that I had 3 thanks and when I clicked on the tab, it showed only one.

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Smoke coming out of my dial-up… :awkward:

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I had to login on the home page, but at least it got me there this time. I’m set up so that I should be automatically logged in. I don’t have to log in if I bring RO up on the forum as opposed to the home page.

I logged onto the new homepage yesterday and clicked “remember me,” but it didn’t…

Also, the new “thanks” page only shows most “thanked” posts for the week, so notifications of new “thanks” don’t do a whole lot of good.

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I was just going to mention that if I go to the homepage, I have to log in every time, even though I click “remember me.” No problem if I go directly to the forum, bypassing the front page.

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Still have to log in on the homepage, even though I clicked on “remember me.” I think I may have missed doing that this morning, so I may have to log in the next time no matter what. However, I am kept logged in if I go directly to the forum. I usually have two tabs open to the site - one started by going to the front page, the other by going directly to the forum.

We won’t have a fix for that issue for some time. Like you discovered, you can ignore it and just click “Forum” to be taken to the forums where you are still remembered and auto-logged in.



BTW, I noticed the “Front Page” link up top. Kool, and I think that will help a lot of people who may be fretting over the “Remember me” and login issues with that page. It also makes navigation a lot easier.

My compliments.

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Yes, I just noticed it myself–plus there’s a “Thanks” tab. Awesome!