Republican Party - NOT


I’ll be brief, primarily because I am completely out of patience with the level of ineptitude by Republicans.

I really can’t remember the last time Republicans, as a Party, got anything worthwhile accomplished. You have to go all the way back to the Gingrich House of the '90s to find a real accomplishment. Contrast their performance with that of members of the Democrat Party. For the last 8 years the country has been overrun by Democrat Party accomplishments.

And, consider this: When Republicans don’t control congress they are completely impotent. Hell, even when Republicans are the majority in Congress they are impotent. Contrast their impotence with the power of Democrats in congress even when they are not in the majority. Currently, Democrats are the minority party, yet if you just arrived from Mars you would swear they controlled the levers of power.

I think there is a reason for this. I think the Republican Party tent has become so politically diverse that it finds it impossible for its elected officials to come together and get behind traditional policies/programs - policies and programs that significantly set it apart from positions championed by Democrats. In a party made up of conservatives, like Mark Meadows, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, we find their near polar political opposites, like Jeff Flake and Susan Collins. For a candidate to successfully run under the Republican banner on either coast, they must embrace a good many Democrat policy/program positions - read RINO. Such a group can’t/won’t muster the majority votes required to pass conservative/principled legislation in Congress.

Republicans doing little or nothing in Congress is a win for Democrats. Republicans compromising their principles - principles that set them apart from Democrats - in order to bring Democrats on board to pass legislation is a win for Democrats.

In short: The Republican Party has become little more than a club for losers. I’m at a loss to prescribe a cure - at least not one that is truly effective and doable. In my lifetime, the REAL political difference between the two parties has never been less and the ability of the Democrats to get things done has never been more.


Hence the TEA Party.


That is why I said that this cycle could accomplish nothing meaningful regardless of which Candidate won the GOP nomination; as long as the leadrship are Liberals and the Conservatives remain afraid of “what the media will say” we simply cannot effect substantive change for the better.

This is as it should be, cowards are supposed to lose and those with courage are supposed to win; the Left have courage and Conservatives are too cowardly to take a stand against their own Party and the Democrats.

Trump is alone in this fight but he is no coward so he is winning in small increments, I wish he was a Conservative but since that ship has sailed I will take an improved judiciary and the destruction of the mainstream media as an author of narratives; expecting much more than that while the GOP hierarchy is intact is not a very realistic hope.


RET, I would completely agree with you if we were in the beginning or middle stage of the Progressive’s implementation of their agenda to make-over America - her culture and values - but we are not. We are a long way down the path of a tragic transition. We do not have the luxury that time provides in order to “turn the cowards” out of office and try to affect change at a later date. The time for political action is NOW - and it seems we don’t have the political will, honesty or courage necessary to end the spiral.

In short, we’ve run out of time. IMHO


Maybe it’s too late but I see reason for hope, I have always believed that the solution was never more complicated than simply being willing to fight without fear or reservation of what the enemies will think or say; Trump clearly believes the same so time will tell if my belief had merit or was just another failed strategy.

I think we are in the dawning of a new revolution, the Left thinks this as well as evidenced by their desperate melt down over Trump just mocking them regardless of what they do or say.

I am enjoying politics for the first time in a long while, finally a fight I can get behind without reservation; just mock the critics and laugh at their tantrums so they will get even more unhinged.

The adults are starting to take charge again, our culture will begin to reflect that as well.


Again, let us hope you are correct.