Republicans make stuff like this too easy

I’m not a big fan of Graham, but he’s a reliable GOP vote most of the time. The fact that his Democrat opponent is spending $70+ MILLION to take him down but is only “neck and neck” with him should tell you something.

As I understand it, not even people from South Carolina like him.

From the outside looking in, it does say a lot. It says you will back back anyone on your team - ethics be damned. And that’s US politics everyone. .Follow politicians as though they are football teams. It could be Jesus Christ against Mephistopheles, Lord of the Fifth Circle of Hell and 90% of the the forumers would vote for good 'ol Meph if Jesus has a (D) next to his name.

Except the Jesus I know would NEVER have a (D) by his name.


Ah yes, Republican Jesus


Are you REALLY this stupid or is it an act? Jesus has no problem with CHARITY. He did not EVER say “Give your money to government so GOVERNMENT can feed all these people.” People only RARELY become dependent on true charity. Many are quick to jump on the governments’ handouts because they’ve been taught that the government’s JOB is to “take care of me.”


I agree. I’m also Catholic. Sorry mate.

You spoke about 1-way giving when you’re example is about reciprocation.

Republicans backed measures to give money to people when everyone was ordered to stay home as the Government’s order had impacted everyone’s ability to provide for themselves.

Similarly, Jesus provided everyone food because by asking them all to gather at the mount, he had impacted their ability to provide for themselves on that day.

And yes, welfare does cause cycles of dependency, that’s beyond the pale at this point.

It doesn’t have to, but there’s no urgency in fixing it as it exists.

The Democrats are not in favor of “fixing welfare”; they are out to expand to include what be left of the middle class.

But Jesus was not “the government” and Jesus did not steal from wealthy or middle-class people in order to feed all those folks gathered at the Mount. He fed them out of his OWN resources.

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Was Robin Hood a bad guy?

Contrary to popular belief, Robin Hood didn’t “steal from the rich to give to the poor.” He robbed THE GOVERNMENT TAX COLLECTORS and gave the poor people BACK what was stolen from them!

Both are true. Those running the government were hoarding wealth for a few people while the masses suffered. It was a government owned by the wealthy.

Yea, while Joe Biden is selling influence for his son, Hunter, is collecting millions. How much “the big guy” collected is yet to be determined.

Nah there’s a sticking point here; the Tax collectors were taking that money from others. It was the “poor’s” money to begin with.

They didn’t really provide services or goods in exchange, they just took it.

Someone becoming rich because they were voluntarily paid money, is not the same thing.

Copied from a poster on Quora on October 11th:

Mr. Las, your toxic, hate-filled response is Exhibit #1 of why so many Americans will vote for Donald Trump this November 3. We do not “worship” Donald Trump, nor are we part of a “Trump cult.” Many of us really do not care for Donald Trump, but recognize that he actually is working for all Americans and has accomplished quite a lot, despite having to constantly battle the unfathomable powers arrayed against him.

  • We are sick and tired of the Democrats insulting half of America (as you did in your post, as Obama did, as Hillary did, as the media constantly does, etc.)
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats’ distortion, weaponization, and abuse of language.
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats’ constant labeling and judging of people with terms like “racist”, “xenophobic”, “sexist”, “homophobic”…labels against which there is no defense or recovery or cure.
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats’ blatant corruption in their pursuit of and holding on to power (gee, did you know that it’s a documented FACT that Hillary started the Trump-Russia collusion lie to distract from her e-mail scandal…the same lie that your beloved media and politicians told us over and over and over about? But sure, you go ahead and keep trusting the media.)
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats’ vacuous virtue-signaling in their never-ending pursuit of maintaining and elevating their social capital/value among other Democrats.
  • We are sick and tired of the breakdown of civil society in Democrat-run cities (e.g. Portland, Seattle, Chicago, etc.)
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats’ abuses of America’s judicial system, their cheering of/causing the breakdown of the rule of law, and their grossly hypocritical use of the rule of law.
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats wrongly citing the American Constitution to justify their actions and judge other people’s action (e.g., impeachment, court packing, etc.)
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats being ideologically aligned with 90%+ of America’s mass-media complex and 90%+ of its educational/academic complex, and people circulating between the political, media, and academic realms in furtherance of their ideological cross pollination.
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats doing the work of Russia and China to destabilize America through ideological subversion under the guise of civil rights (Google “Yuri Bezmenov interview”, and try doing a little research into how China is financing BLM and other ideological subversion activities).
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats’ increasing tolerance of anti-Semitism as they welcome radical Islamic people into their fold.
  • We are sick and tired of being lectured to by the protected elites (e.g., Hollywood, sports, politicians, etc.) who preach for social policies that harm the non-protected masses of America.
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats wrapping their sick ideas in the mantle of American “values” when they themselves ignore, violate, and trample on the true “American” values (i.e., personal responsibility, hard work, personal freedom, individual choice, etc.)
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats’ constant playing of the victim card to bolster white grievance politics and seduce minority groups into voting for them…while utterly failing to serve those groups’ legitimate interests and concerns.
  • We are sick and tired of Democrats’ judging American history through the lens of today’s culture, and using that judgment to erase/re-write history to fit their ideological subversion narrative.
  • We are sick and tired of the mass media ignoring valid news stories that don’t fit their ideological subversion narrative.

I’ve renamed the Democrat party. I called it the MAMIS party now, which is short for Marx-Alinsky-Manson-Islamic State because the Democrat Party has evolved into a toxic hybrid of those ideologies. Marx is because they have embraced class warfare in the name of tearing down the existing system to replace it with something more aligned with communism. Alinsky is because they are following his Rules For Radicals. Manson is because they are embracing/enabling the destruction of our police system and fueling racial warfare, all of which is consistent with Manson’s Helter Skelter goals. Islamic State is because they do not tolerate any deviation from their ideology and embrace/enable the destruction of our cultural history and rewriting it to suit their own narrative.

In short, many Americans are not voting FOR Donald Trump. We are voting to SAVE AMERICA from the Democrats. And no, I am not a registered Republican.