Republicans should close the CBO


The republicans in the house should vote to defund the Congressional Budget Office, as well as all of the other things that need defunded starting with obamacare, financial “reform” (dictatorship), Sarbanes-Oxley, EPA, medicare, social security, corporate taxes etc etc etc…

Here are the reasons the CBO needs to be removed:

  1. They are not bipartisan, they create their numbers off whatever assumptions they are forced to use and they have consistently sided with the democrats.
  2. They rate things as “budget neutral” when they cut programs that are immediately reinstated.
  3. There cost estimates are so far off that they are absolutely meaningless.

First, a bill that spends money is not cost neutral. Anything that spends money increases the deficit for as long as there is a deficit, so it is pointless anyway.

Second, they are nothing but hacks, they claim that obamacare doesn’t increase the deficit. They are idiots, anyone who has any concept of costs knows that it will heavily impact the deficit and the republicans are idiots for letting it fly and not attacking it for increasing the deficit just because of a bunch of hacks basing their numbers on partisanship and faulty assumptions and accounting tricks.

If there is going to continue to be a group that determines how much a bill will cost, it needs to be determined as follows:

[]It needs to be contracted out to a private firm
]The firm will not take new taxes into consideration, only expenses, and will determine what each measure of the bill costs
[*]The firm will be changed every two years so that there is no way for a firm to have a stranglehold on the system

Either way, it is going to be biased, so it might as well be done away with.

The only REAL way to fix the debt longterm is to repeal social security and medicare, period.


The CBO can be a good tool, if it wasn’t stocked with tools to begin with. The contracting out of the estimates would be a wonderful thing but lets go one more step. Two different firms submit their findings. The findings are open to Congress and the public at time of publishing for comparison. Future estimates of income must be 25% below the current rate to allow for downturns. Future estimates of usage(number of people on the program) must include projected growth rates.


Yeah, at least two different private firms.

Great idea.