Republicans still mad at Palin


Mrs Wallace, who worked closely with Mrs Palin on the ill-fated 2008 Republican presidential campaign, said the former vice-presidential candidate’s weaknesses would be revealed by the rigours and demands of a long contest to secure the party’s nomination for the next White House election.

Former Sarah Palin colleague says she has multiple flaws - Telegraph

What is interesting is that the Elites think that Palin does nothing for the party and this moaning and crying about her should suffice to bring Palin down.

There is two years before the next election and as I have noted Palin is getting more acclimatized about national politics and only time will tell if she will be ready to go for the presidency.

I realize that those who supported a woman for president in 2008 will undoubtedly now say that a woman can not make it.


Only a Democrat woman can make it …


[SIZE=“2”]Mrs Wallace’s remarks follow similar reservations voiced by senior Republicans and figureheads of the Right including Barbara Bush, former First Lady, and Karl Rove, the leading strategist in the George W Bush administration[/SIZE].

In other words, other RINO’s.



The Rino’s in charge of the party are upset with Palin. True Republicans are not. While I’m still not sure that she’s the right person for the job of President, I’m more and more convinced she would make a great Chairman of the RNC.


I’m only upset with her if she is somehow nominated and loses the election.



[quote=“Susanna, post:2, topic:28655”]
Only a Democrat woman can make it …

[/quote]History does not bear that out


I am not worried about her electability. Electability of candidates is only important if winning is more important than fixing. She is gaining experience with the press, which was her weakest point. I feel she is an honest person, and we need an honest President. I feel that she loves America, and won’t trade our conservative values for PC status or votes. On the issues, she is pretty solid.


We’re still mad? I didn’t know I was mad. A little less enchanted maybe than I was at first, but no, not mad.


I was referring primarily to Perkins saying that she’d make a great chairman of the RNC.


I didn’t mention her electability. I said I wasn’t sure she was the right person for the job now. We’re 2 years out and the field hasn’t even been guessed at very well yet. For example if Christie, Demint or Bachman ran I would have to lean their way.


Never said you did. I was responding to several at the same time, and should have made that clear. My point was basically that the elections are quite a ways away. She is a quick study, and will polish her skills, and develop other desirable qualities. As candidates go,she’s pretty young. More importantly, she is an honest person with strong family ties. Brain dead liberals may not care, but any informed individual realizes how important those qualities are.


Fiscally, Christy is on target BUT we need to take a long hard look at his overall policy.

[SIZE=“2”]It shouldn’t be a surprise Christie backed Mike Castle, they’re two fan boys of Cap and Trade.

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