Republicans to run GOP operative in hope of splitting vote to defeat Trump


NeverTrump Republicans to run GOP operative in hope of splitting vote to defeat Trump
WASHINGTON (UPI) — Evan McMullin, a CIA veteran and the House Republican Conference’s chief policy director, will make an Independent presidential run as part of the anti-Donald Trump movement in the GOP.
McMullin has never been elected into office but has an “impressive” resume, is connected to Republican politics and has the support of key Republican Party donors, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough reports.
After graduating with an MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, McMullin worked briefly for Goldman Sachs before beginning work on Capitol Hill.
McMullin has been a strong advocate of the “Never Trump” movement, previously saying opposing Trump is “about putting principle over power, a virtue some in Washington are too quick to abandon.”

BuzzFeed News reports Rick Wilson, a media consultant based in Florida who is an outspoken Trump critic, is expected to be involved in McMullin’s campaign. Wilson met with members of McMullin’s prospective campaign on Sunday.

McMullin told ABC News that he will file his candidacy on Monday.
“In a year where Americans have lost faith in the candidates of both major parties, it’s time for a generation of new leadership to step up. It’s never too late to do the right thing, and America deserves much better than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can offer us. I humbly offer myself as a leader who can give millions of disaffected Americans a conservative choice for President,” McMullin said in a statement.
“This is French 2.0,” Scarborough said, alluding to National Review writer David French, who was briefly floated as a candidate. “I think it will be in that realm. But, somebody– somebody French-like,” he claimed.
“You can get on ballots for up to 300 electoral votes,” he noted. “You can bring lawsuits in the other places. I think at this point, the people that are talk about funding this are more interested in Trump losing than electing their candidate.”
– Joe Scarborough

GOPUSA – NeverTrump Republicans to run GOP operative in hope of splitting vote to defeat Trump


He has as much chance as a snowflake in Brazil.


The people spoke but the leaders of the republican party don’t agree. Seems like business as usual to me. They haven’t listened in a long time.


[quote=“Old_Tex, post:3, topic:49280”]
They haven’t listened in a long time.


A couple of thoughts:
1.In reference to my above post. Seems to me that the powers in the R party put up who they thought was their best candidates. Along with them was a dark horse that they never figured had a chance. As it turned out Mr Billionaire was able to talk to Mr Average American in a way that all of those polished career candidates couldn’t. And to put it plainly he ended up smoking all of the others. Now maybe other people would have been a better choice. As a matter of fact I’m betting that each American could have found one other person that they would have rather seen win than Trump. But out of the choices that we were offered Trump was the clear winner. Now the powers that be want to change our choice to someone totally different. Doesn’t that sound a lot like what the Democrats did to Sanders? Before this I was just voting for the party rather than the man but now, I’m FOR Trump & only Trump. You see I DON’T LIKE someone basically telling me that I wanted the wrong person & then telling me who I need to vote for. I also don’t like underhanded tricks. In my mind that was something the OTHER SIDE did, not the republicans. I guess that the 2 parties are a lot more alike than I thought or ever wanted to admit.
2. Here’s the second thing that came to my mind. Why don’t they want Trump? Oh sure a lot of you will come up with reasons that you don’t like him but think about it for a couple of minutes. The president can’t snap his fingers & do all that much. Congress really has much more power. Any action that the president does on his own can be changed back by the next guy. And Trump isn’t a professional politician so his political knowledge & power base isn’t that strong. Trump is going to have to deal with Congress. So why wouldn’t they want a guy that’s basically a figurehead & support him 100%. Why would they want to dump a guy & possibly lose an election rather than have him win?
My guess is think about the logic of how politicians get to be politicians. They start off low & get support (people buy them & then support them). The higher they go the more owned they are by the system (people & businesses with money). Look at Obama & that solar collection company. They made outdate solar collectors so they couldn’t possibly compete yet Obama threw 544 MILLION dollars at them because someone had bought him & owned a lot of stock in the company. The guy made a killing in the stock market, Obama paid back the debt & the only losers were the American people. Well Trump didn’t come up through that system. He hadn’t been bought for 5,10,15, or 20 years. Even if he was bought he had no track record & who’s to say if he will pay those favors back? The RNC just plain doesn’t trust Trump to be or stay bought so they wouldn’t want him. Heck from their point of view Hillary is probably better than Trump because they know how to buy her (everyone does). They can “deal” with Hillary (scratch my back on this one & I’ll do the same for you on that one) but Trump? So it seems logical to me that while all of you might have a good idea why you might dislike Trump, the more important question you should be asking is why does the RNC hate him so much? I’d love to hear if you have a theory. Just remember whatever the point of your theory is it has to be outweigh a capitalist organization willing to allow a socialist organization have 4 more years to push socialist programs down our throats.


This election has taught me to never trust the Republican Party to do a word they say. They will not end abortion, they will not stand for traditional marriage, they will not stand for religious freedom, they will not stand for gun rights, and they will not stand in the way as the liberals pillage what little is left of the vision of America.

I don’t care if a potted plant was nominated, this is Hillary Clinton, and this ridiculous party is doing its damndest to elect her.


And that’s what this is about.

They let this clown from Ohio jigger the primaries to prevent one of THOSE kinds, one of those conservative Bitter Clingers with their guns and Bibles…from winning.

Mission A-Complished. High Fives all around.

And now what’s happening is what they expected would happen. The loud nouveau riche Tammany bagman is self-destructing under close examination and prolonged exposure; but there’s still that movement…Stop Her At Any Price. Which means, to the RINO leadership, a blank line could still have a chance of winning.

This, takes care of THAT. Split even the party FAITHFUL vote. You’ll have the trumpies voting one way; and the knee-jerk R voters voting another way…and BILLARY WINS! Way…ta…GOOOO!!!

Look. I despise Trump; I think we’ve screwed the pooch…farked our children’s future and maybe laid the beginnings of the end of the nation. BUT THIS IS NOT THE WAY. The party either backs Donnie or they get him to voluntarily step down.

Because as it is, he may lose but he may just win. Which, to the RINOs who’re Ready For Hillary…would be a worse outcome.


I’ve made no attempt to hide I voted Trump in the primary. It was a twofold vote, I thought he could pivot into a good statesman who could defeat Hillary Clinton, and also this is my first election back with the Republican Party after being a no good liberal for a long time, and I feared Ted Cruz was just a little too much for the country to handle, as much as I agreed with him.

So I voted for the blowhorn.

But if Ted Cruz had won, you can bet your bottom dollar I’d be voting for Ted Cruz. Same for Jeb! or Marco or Christie or Fiorina or any one of the clown car of uninspiring people they ran, even John Kasich. After this election, I may vote Constitution Party wherever possible because the nation will be lost anyway and I cannot trust this party to keep its word.

You’re definitely a more classical conservative than I am at this point (which could change. I’m not set on any particular stance. I just want human life to be respected through natural existence, and anything that helps that I’m for.), but I completely agree with you on this. Support him, or end him.

What they’re doing now is rigging the election for Hillary, right after the clown took the stage and said the election might be rigged for Hillary. Great job you morons! They’re such villainous caricatures they’re probably watching Trump flail on their monitors while gently petting a cat and twirling their pencil-thin mustaches.


What they’re doing now is rigging the election for Hillary, right after the clown took the stage and said the election might be rigged for Hillary.

Just to point out the obvious…It’s worked for them so far.


[quote=“Old_Tex, post:5, topic:49280”]
The president can’t snap his fingers & do all that much. Congress really has much more power. Any action that the president does on his own can be changed back by the next guy.
[/quote]So why is it imperative we vote for Trump then? Also if he’s so awesome, shouldn’t we want him to succeed? Shouldn’t we vote for a guy who can succeed in implementing his vision? Why would we want to rely on Congress to control his undefined policy ideas? Why not elect a guy who actually shares ours?

[quote=“Old_Tex, post:5, topic:49280”]
So it seems logical to me that while all of you might have a good idea why you might dislike Trump, the more important question you should be asking is why does the RNC hate him so much?
[/quote]A variety of reasons, the same reasons lots of other folks can’t stand Trump. Trump confuses vulgarity and insult with political incorrectness. He’s a thin-skinned blowhard.

He’s anti-trade and anti-capitalist. While the RNC and the Democrats are no friend of free markets, they’re actually not as terrible as Trump on the economy. They like to make money, and it has to flow at some level in order to reach their pockets and have any real meaning. Trump intends to seriously damage our economy with crippling trade wars. Until Trump and Sanders, the establishment hasn’t been in favor of such terrible policy.

Trump has zero respect for private property, probably even less than the RNC.

As of today, Trump apparently thinks tax cuts are awesome, but he’s got a plan for healthcare and doesn’t preclude government-run healthcare except when he says something else in a different interview. Federal spending will continue unabated. He believes in debt. He uses debt. He uses bankruptcy to manage debt. Not sure what he plans to do to erase the deficit and pay back our debt.

“Alright. Well, what we’re going to do, I mean we do, and by the way it’s not $18 trillion, it’s now $19 trillion. So we have now $19 trillion in deficits. $19 trillion, you know if you look, we owe! When I say that, we owe, this is what you’re talking about, we owe $19 trillion as a country. And we’re gonna knock it down and we’re gonna bring it down big league and quickly, we’re gonna bring jobs back, we’re gonna bring business back, we’re gonna stop our deficits, we’re gonna stop our deficits, we’re gonna do it very quickly.”
But how?

“Oh, how! Are you ready? Number 1, we have tremendous cutting to do. You have a Department of Education that is totally out of control, massive costs. And, you know, most of the, and some of the Republican candidates like Common Core. I’m totally against Common Core. I want local education. When I’m in New Hampshire and Iowa and South Carolina, I want – so important. So we’re gonna have that.

We’re gonna save on Department of Environmental Protection, because they’re not doing it. They’re not doing their job, and they’re making it impossible for our country to compete. And many, many other things. Hundreds of billions of dollars is going to be saved, just in terms of running government.

In addition to that, I’m gonna bring millions of jobs back into this country. Okay, darling? Thank you.”
Donald Trump on the Deficit and Debt

Oh, cutting the Department of Education? That’s $87 billion. The deficit will be $616 billion this year. That’s a heck of a lot better than Obama’s 2009 $100 million spending cut described in this video:

It’s 217 1/2 pennies in that context, $2.18. If that’s an accomplishment, then Obama is an accomplished deficit cutter too. He’s got it down by something like $400 billion per year now. Good job, Trump. Trump just has to find another half a trillion dollars now. Oops, I forgot to address the EPA’s $8.3 billion budget. Never mind, that’s within the rounded figure of half a trillion dollars. He calls $95 billion hundreds and hundreds of billions in savings, but it’s just $95 billion.

He’s also said he’d just not pay it back if worse came to worse and America couldn’t afford its debt. He’d make a deal with bond holders, but 55 percent of government debt is owned by Americans. How many retirement plans get screwed then? If not that, then “You never have to default because you print the money," Trump said. Subscribers to that debunked school of economics, modern monetary theory, will tell you this too. Trump’s just thinking about inflating his way out of debt, while MMT adherents will tell you it won’t cause inflation at all. That’s just semantics for someone like Trump. And if it doesn’t work?

Doesn’t matter. He’s got more to his solution.

Bringing jobs back into this country? Really? By implementing a 45 percent tariff. We might get jobs after the economy adjusts to the smaller fish bowl, but everything will be radically more expensive. Demand for products will fall even after the completion of the adjustment, and demand for labor will fall, which will drive down wages, but not to worry, Trump is now open to doing something with the minimum wage, and it’ll slow our descent into poverty. Exciting times.

Never mind that “bringing jobs back” and “creating jobs” are not really part of our government’s mission. That purpose has more to do with protecting our rights (you can read about it in the Declaration of Independence, the reason we went to war with England), like our right to trade our own property and labor with other people rather than prohibiting us from trading with other people. Never mind that our government is terrible at “creating jobs” but exceptional at costing us jobs because its primary area of expertise is killing people and breaking things.

As insane as the RNC and Democrats are, Trump is at least as insane in different ways, but he does it with so much more open, embarrassing, shameless and narcissistic style. He’s a different sort who doesn’t go along perfectly with the existing crooks, but in the end most of them are showing up for him anyway because they have no character either. Their lack of character is the only reason they can.


I don’t much lose sleep over why the RNC opposes him. Hitler and Stalin hated each other’s guts. The enemy of my enemy is often still mine, too.


McMullen isn’t running for president.

McMullen is running to siphon off votes from a man not controlled by either party in order to neutralize the possibility of systemic change - McMullen is doing this on behalf of both the Democrat and Republican elites and their powerful beneficiaries who profit in money/power from the system/predictability offered by the status quo.

Like Trump or not; think he would make a good president or not; think his policies are good or not; think he is the Satan or not - the fact is he is taking on the powerful, those who actually influence the direction of fiscal and monetary policy in this country and the global environment they have shaped in order to maximize their control. Trump is a wild card, he threatens their “business as usual”. They view him as a threat.

That said, the “piss poor” candidate Trump has spent most of his campaign ensuring he is easily portrayed as unstable and temperamental and unsuitable to be president.


Trump has been disappointment, but none his antics are enough for me to join the Republicans for Hillary movement. One thing we don’t need is for Hillary to win in a landslide. I would urge you look at the aftermath of the 1964 presidential election when the Republican establishment dumped on Berry Goldwater and Johnson won in a landslide. The result was Johnson’s Great Society program put put the welfare state on steroids. Now Hillary and the Democrats are ready to put socialism on steroids. That is the next step for the Democrats.


I’m not advocating for nor will I personally vote for Clinton. I’m simply pointing out that, factually - based on his personal performance - Trump is a piss poor candidate because his thin-skinned petulance has made the task of defeating him easier.

The above commentary is not speaking to his position on the issues. Whether his various positions are sound or not is a different discussion.


First off I NEVER listen to Obama speak so I didn’t hear what he said. I’m just at a point in my life that I would rather watch a bull shit than hear bullshit. That’s just me. But given that what the above poster said is true (I assume it is) I would say that even though he is cutting a nothing amount, that’s better than the normal liberal cuts. You see normally when liberals talk “cut” spending it really isn’t an actual cut at all. Normally they are talking cutting money that they haven’t spent already. It’s kind of like me going into a grocery store with a plan to spend $5,000 on groceries & saying that I want to cut my spending. So when I come out I’ve only spent $4,500 dollars. Wow, look at the money I’ve saved! It doesn’t matter that I shouldn’t have spent anywhere near that amount in the first place. What matter is that I’ve cut my spending. (smoke & mirrors).
The government is like an octopus that keeps growing legs. Each time it grows a new leg it has to eat more to keep those extra legs nourished. In the government example as it spreads out & does more & more it has to have more money to feed those extra parts of it. With the current view that the government should be in everything & do everything for people that means that the costs are going up & up & will continue rising in the future. They get more & more & we have less & less. But that’s ok because everyone knows how well the government manages money don’t they?


The GOP splitting the vote just means the GOP would rather send Hillary to the White House than allow Trump his access. My take then is; IF we are the conservative group here, we seriously need to change the name to the Conservative Operative, and not associate with the Republican party. But I know there are party elites here on this board who masquerade as conservatives and won’t allow this.
Friends; instead of reading and listening to the MSM, THINK for yourselves, and see the fact that the MSM IS printing and saying things Trump never said. I swear, I have never seen such corrupt reporting as I am seeing today and some of you just lap it up as fact. Then I opine to myself, who are the really stupid ones?
I was never a big fan of Trump, but it cannot be denied, Trump is all about the bottom line, of accomplishment, and success. He does live up to his word, but more importantly he is an ADMINISTRATOR. He delegates to the most qualified, to get a job done. Sure he has had failures, and that is what actually makes him most eligible, he learns from failure, and his successes far outnumber his failures.
I do think it the American way for a citizen to be able to run for the presidency and not a politician. We are all seeing the writing on the wall regarding career politicians and their slimy allegiances. For the life of me, I do not see any GOP lifer who is actually qualified for a leadership position. the members of congress don’t lead, they follow the money.


Bottom line - it’s between Clinton and Trump. Take your pick.

There is no such thing as sitting out this election. Your non-vote WILL help determine the outcome of the election - as will voting 3rd party


Yeah, I have to agree. I won’t tell anyone how to vote though. It’s my opinion that even the third party choice (again) sucks. I don’t like Johnson.
Sure, there are other third party options, but they will get less than even Johnson’s projected 5%. (<<My guess)

My opinion, and of course I know damn near everyone here will disagree. Reality is perception, and here it is.
Trump’s STATED platform is much better than Clinton’s. Not ideal. Not who I wanted, but closer to what I want.

So I’ll vote for Trump, against Clinton, and reinforced because no third party choice appeals to me.
If he doesn’t uphold his “promises” he’ll just be another in a long line of lying politicians.


Conservatives need to learn that they are a minority of a minority. If they break off and form their own party, they will be playing into the hands of the Socialist Democratic Party. Conservatives cannot win presidential elections alone, and it is doubtful if they could win very many, if any, statewide elections. You have got to reconcile yourself to accept the fact you are not going to get the candidates you want, especially if they are on the fringe.

Ted Cruz is on the fringe. You might like his positions, but he has made a lot of enemies within the Republican party. He is abrasive, and people don’t like him. Ronald Reagan was likeable and people liked him, BUT you had some less than perceptive people who thought that he wasn’t very bright.

Reagan was the idea executive, especially in his first term. He knew enough about the issues to keep up with things but didn’t get bogged down in excessive detail the way Jimmy Carter did. Carter got lost in the woods and couldn’t prioritize.

People who have read my positions know that I don’t agree with everything that the most Republicans stand for. I support gay marriage, and I support a woman’s right to chose early within a pregnancy. My position on abortion is based upon situations that cropped with my mother and her family, and my wife’s family. I’ll get into it in a private message if people want know why I take the positions on these matters that I take.

BUT there are issues that are more important, like the size of government, personal freedom, the benefits of capitalism and freer markets, and the preservation of our culture against the forces of barbarism. Those issues are why I support the Republican Party.

I don’t get all that I want from this party, but I get enough to support it and at times work for the GOP on an active basis.

Now you can go ahead and take your shots at me. I need to be ready for it, because if I work the streets and the phones the way I did in 2012, I’m going catch a lot of guff from some people.


SendGOP, sounds like you have a guilt complex. I think you will find there are a lot more conservatives than moderates or liberals. Conservatives, though, have stood back and allowed things to happen. They are too busy with life to get imtimately involved, but now that life has interfered with them, they have awakened. " The Sleeper Awakes!"