Rescuing Your Marriage from Pornography

In spite of the title, this Focus on the Family broadcast has broader application. Their guest Rosie Makinney (with a delightful British accent, although she’s lived in the U.S. for thirteen years) speaks much about the brain and emotional dynamics that occur with porn addiction, and offers a lot of general insight into the issue. It’s a well-articulated discussion. There’s also an option for reading the text of the program if you prefer.

Without God, I don’t think a lot of people can kick this kind of thing. It’s different than a drug, there are selfish reasons for wanting to quit drugs. It rewires your whole outlook. I wish they warned more young men. You train your body one way and the real thing is different. I pray, we move past this like the spiritual ills of old, at one time communism infected half of the world, and it broke one day. We just need to pray on that God free us from these global ills.

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There are selfish reasons for wanting to drop any addiction. One wants to be one’s own man; that can be selfish or selfless.

Sometimes that selfishness is enough. I actually got into a conversation with my MD, about how all virtue out side of faith is selfishness. I doubt selfishness is as powerful as The Lord.

No one needs to be rescued from porn dude especially if it’s gay. Pretty sure they teach this to grade schoolers now. Stop being white supremacists.

C’mon, dude; I posted this thread for seriousness.

It’s not even funny or proving a point now but he must think it is. A sincere debate is what this is supposed to be about, but satire is useful 1 in 50 times, not half of the time.