Researchers Suddenly Discover Covid-19 Originated in Italy

The first recorded case was in China in November

But, they now discovered Italians with it back in September. Guess Biden votes aren’t the only thing that gets backdated to whatever date is most convenient :slight_smile:

Kung-Flu is no more! It’s now the Corona Cannoli.

Or CCP is lying again, this time so they can blame Italy. They already blamed the US and some other country.

That case dates back to Nov. 17, 2019, according to the South China Morning Post.

Isn’t the South China Morning Post a state-run paper that publishes the party line?

Quite possible by Harvard’s estimation:

I used to think that Iran was the most rotten country on earth. Communist China has put them to shame.

The Premier of Communist China is the 21st century’s Hitler. The only difference is no one in the mainstream press has the integrity to point that out. Like Hitler, he’s into genocide, ethic cleansing and threatening his neighbors. He also has designs on ruling the world.

Nah, that would be Jiang Zemin – Xi’s predecessor who still hangs onto power through what can best be described as blood pacts.

Zemin got about 100 million people executed, organ harvested, or otherwise suppressed. His lackeys are also the most responsible for what is happening to Hong Kong.

The Tiananmen Square massacre – not solely his work, but he was certainly the biggest voice calling for it.

It doesn’t matter which piggy is in charge.

Communist China = Nazi Germany

He’s called the Toad actually.

While Xi is most often compared to Winnie the Pooh, which is why images of him were banned. :laughing:

obama admin financed the wuhan lab. Let’s call it in honor of its funder.

The ObamaFlu


The Democrats are always looking for “a way to level the playing field” because the United States is so undeserving of its position. Looks like Obama and his friends in Communist China hit a home run with this one.

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The fat commie lady hasn’t sung yet.

She’s warming up her voice…

Here’s an idea. Let’s give the vaccine first to politicians. If they survive, then the vaccine is safe. If they DON’T then the country will be safe.