Resettled "Refugee" from Middle East "person of interest" in Seaside Park, NJ BOMBING


After one of three PIPE BOMBS detonated in a trash can in Seaside Park, NJ this morning, SuperStation95 can now report that surveillance video from private properties in the area have given rise to a Person of Interest, who "appears to be a resettled refugee from the Middle East."
As we reported earlier, a pipe bomb detonated along the route of a US Marine Corp Charity 5k Run, scheduled to take place this morning in Seaside Park. The start of the event was delayed by late arrivals and thankfully, that delay prevented runners from being in the area when the bomb went off. No one was injured or killed by the blast and, other than a trash can which was blown up, no property appears to have been damaged.
Two separate law enforcement sources, who spoke to SuperStation95 on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to make public statements, have revealed a troubling fact: Local surveillance cameras from private properties in the area of the blast, show “Person (s) of Middle Eastern Appearance” in the area before the blast took place. Law enforcement sources also say "the person(s) of interest may be recently-resettled “refugees” from the Middle East."
Recent numbers reported in a June 27 Story by show:
· In the past eight months, 2,805 Syrian refugees have been admitted into the United States,according to the U.S State Department.
· In New Jersey, 24 Syrian refugees have moved here so far this year. That’s a drop from the 75 Syrians accepted last year.
· Federal records indicate 18 refugees from Iraq have come to New Jersey this year, as well as 53 from Afghanistan.


Let me lay this down for you the HARD WAY and its gonna come with a dose of reality that will shake the world to its knees an trigger a total global economic collapse.

Pipe bombs today, NUKES tomorrow, not IF when!


I guess the “screening” process missed that one. Just for the hell of it let’s say that they continue to miss 1 in every 3,000 (notice I rounded up Mr President). What were the numbers that he was talking about…Something like 60,000 (or more)? Now I’m not great at math (better than most democrats though) but that means another 200 bombs here in the U.S… Of course that’s IF they only use bombs & nothing that will kill more people. Well the final total won’t be all that much & really who cares about that many Americans anyway? Certainly not our president or for that matter democrats. After all those that don’t get caught killing someone can still vote can’t they?


Why can’t congress pass a law that when someone is killed or injured by one of Obama’s “resettled” refuges … Obama will be charged??


**Why can’t congress pass a law that when someone is killed or injured by one of Obama’s “resettled” refuges … Obama will be charged?? **
It’s like you were in my head thinking exactly what I was thinking!!! (His last name is OBAMA, right? Not Clinton so maybe there could be some justice).


No not charged instead ObuttBoy will do the time…he will go in squealing like a pig (edited by FC)


Incidents are increasing and the media down plays them and even does not report them and all because the only screening that obama gives is are you a hard core muslim or a christian because if you are a christian we do not want you.