'Residing in France has become a big handicap': Two MORE top executives ...


‘Residing in France has become a big handicap’: Two MORE top executives join French exodus including Moet champagne empire boss
By Mail Foreign Service
PUBLISHED: 11:41 EST, 12 March 2013 | UPDATED: 11:41 EST, 12 March 2013

The millionaire boss of French technology giant Dassault Systemes said ‘residing in France has become a big handicap.’

Bernard Charles’ criticism of President Francois Hollande’s new tax regime comes as two senior executives at Moët Hennessy move to London from Paris.

President Hollande is under pressure as Gallic tycoons look to quit France to flee higher taxes while the economy continues to struggle.

Largish rock, avalanche. The reaction may seem larger than what caused it, but if so, it’s a case of the recent tax increase being the last pound of straw that broke the camel’s back. These “rich” people have put up with high taxes and demonization for decades, and now they’re “shrugging”. That the government of France might back off the 75% rate to 65% won’t mean much, as the same Hate-the-“Rich” Socialists remain in power (eager and able to readjust the tax rates again).


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It is also interesting to note that liberal Johnny Depp, who moved his family to France many years ago for its “freedoms”, packed up and left France over a year ago for the U.S. because of the tax situation. He was about to give up his U.S. citizenship to become a permanent citizen of France. Guess his guardian “angel” was watching over his bank account instead of his soul. Interesting that the elites in follywood can’t seem to live by the same edicts they pontificate to the rest of us peons…


I’m thinking that the departure of the execs from Moet and Dassault would have a symbolic impact greater than the mere departure of so many generic execs. Champagne and Mirage jets …