Respect For Obama


Yesterday, our subversive president landed in Havana to begin his visit of Cuba.

While standing on the tarmac he spoke of the need for people to be free to express their hopes and dreams.

As Obama spoke Cubans were being beaten in the streets of Havana by military/Castro goons for peacefully marching in protest of the Cuban restrictive regime. Many of these protesters were women dressed in white to show their unity. Reportedly, one middle-aged woman was literally dragged to jail, stripped naked in front of men and thrown into a cell - for participating in a demonstration.

In addition, the Cuban head of state, the president of Cuba, was NOT at the airport to receive the President of the United States - the first such visit by a POTUS in over 90 years.

Is it possible to have a man who commands less respect or is a bigger idiot as the leader of this nation? I really don’t see how.


I was expecting something else from the thread title.

It shows that universally, our nation’s “frenemies” have nothing but contempt for Obabamama, and America by extension.