Retired four-star Army general: Trump ‘serious threat to US national security’


“Multiple affairs with porn stars” are NOT crimes…nor is “lying about them.” When you liberals FINALLY understand that, maybe we can have an intelligent conversation about government malfeasance. Until then, I doubt it.


Of course, I didn’t say the “legal bar” is set low for Trump. I said the “moral bar” is set very low. Everyone seems to just accept that he’s scum (Ann Coulter had an amusing comment about this, actually). While repeatedly cheating on one’s wife with porn stars, paying them off with hush money, and then lying about it isn’t illegal, presumably we can all agree that it’s immoral. If this were Obama, it would be the biggest scandal in presidential history. With Trump…we shrug…of course he had affairs with porn stars and lied about it. He’s scum, and we all know it.


A depressing but fair point.


And we have pretty good testimony that Obama was a habitué of Chicago bath houses, too, and was on the “down-low” insofar as his sexual proclivities are concerned. Of course the MSM totally IGNORED all that–as they ignored every other bit of malfeasance he and his cronies committed over the past 9 years. So don’t preach to us about “morality” or the “bar”. We KNOW, for example, that Hillary had extramarital affairs with Vince Foster and one of her law partners and probably also with Donna Shalala. Her own security officers told that story shortly before being killed at Waco after transferring from Arkansas to the BATFEO (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Oleomargarine.)


Your ability to parse information in an objective and rational manner seems well below average.


“Wasting lives” is a tame criticism?

This guy was a four-star and the Chief of Staff of the Navy:

We can’t, you’re just so behind on this.

You can’t spend your entire life not knowing and not caring a damn thing about politics in the defense world, then expect me to bring you up to speed the moment you happen to take an interest, for self-serving reasons.

Where was this when we were still in Iraq and the soul of Army was being battled over with COIN? Where was this when Richard A. Clarke, the security czar across three administrations wrote “Your Government has Failed you?

Your attention here is partisan, not genuine.


There is a fundamental difference between: “this policy idea is extremely stupid and is costing American lives” and also “government incompetence is leading to wasted lives,” and “the president of the united states is evil, immoral, in thrall to hostile foreign powers, and a personal threat to national security because of his depravity.”

The former is clearly far more extreme, at a categorical level, than the latter. Disagree?


Nope, its:

They don’t have a plan, they don’t listen to us, and it’s costing lives.

And James Lyons “Worst President Ever?” You clearly didn’t look into him.

Partisan goggle, that’s all you’re offering here.

Your lack of interest before now, and the character of your interest now, gives me no reason to have this discussion with you.

You blatantly ignored and misread what I just gave you. You’re clearly filtering, so why is talking to you worth it at all?


Nah, you’re just being absurd.

“If war is ‘the continuation of policy,’ I’d like to know what that policy is—so I can avoid screwing it up, or wasting lives for no purpose”

This is what you gave me. The suggestion there is that Obama is incompetent and producing bad policy.

When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America…America will triumph over you.

This isn’t suggesting that Trump is merely incompetent. It’s suggesting that he is evil. Your unwillingness to admit a categorical difference between these criticisms is strange. You say I have a “partisan” purpose. But I have no dog in the Obama hunt. I’m not a Democrat. It’s true that I voted for Hillary Clinton, because I induced, clearly correctly at this point, that Trump would be an unprecedented threat to American liberty. I loath Trump. But I have no interest in defending Obama from fair criticisms.


You’re quoting this guy?

He’s kind of a proven liar.


Nah, you’re looking through blinders.


If war is ‘the continuation of policy,’ I’d like to know what that policy is—so I can avoid screwing it up, or wasting lives for no purpose

Means no strategy. Not incompetence; no strategy. The same as Rumsfeld in the aftermath of Iraq.

And this:

“I don’t understand the process by which the White House is making strategic or foreign-policy decisions. … There’s an appearance of consultation, but you know you won’t be listened to."

Is not listening. Making demands, while not listening to feedback or suggestions from the people doing the work. That’s not just incompetence, that’s arrogance.

And you still haven’t looked into Admiral James Lyons, have you?

Because if you had, you would have found quotes like this:

Lyons suggests, as many saw, that Obama was guided by ideas that told him that the route to peace was through appeasement. He crafted our foreign policy as such.

He not only had us paying for PR campaigns in Islamic countries, buying up TV and radio ad spots, celebrating the jailing of the Coptic Christian who made the Muhhamed youtube video, he also instigated close relations with the Muslim brotherhood, and allowed them access into the administration they never should have had.

Inviting in the very people we’re fighting on the ground, not for negotiation, but as advisers to craft our policy?

That’s not incompetence, that’s deliberate, ideological maleficence.

As in you just want to undercut Trump. That’s your only interest here, and by how blatantly you ignored what I gave to you, you’ve allowed yourself to wear that narrow interest on your sleeve.

Until you take an interest in the topic of how the Defense Department brass and civilian Administrations interact for its own sake, you will never lose those blinders.


Yes, we know. Your posts are clouded by that bias. All you have to say stems from that one thing.

BTW, this moral outrage of yours is revealing.


Yes, we know. Your posts are clouded by that bias. All you say stems from that one thing.

Got anything new?

BTW, your moral outrage is revealing.


Yes, we know. Your posts are clouded by that bias. All you say stems from that one thing.

Got anything new?

BTW, your moral outrage is revealing.


It’s interesting that I request examples of similar statements by high-level officials about past presidents (the “treasonous” quote is more along the lines of what I was looking for), and when you fail to provide anything resembling that quotes about Trump, I’m accused of being partisan for pointing out the disanalogousness. You should have just led with the treasonous quote.


Look up James Kallstrom, J. Former assistant director of the FBI. So far as I know, loathsomeness and odiousness are not, in fact, crimes.


Of course this is unprecedented and of course everyone knows it. When has a Dem Senator ever called a Dem President a “threat to democracy”, like Jeff Flake said about Trump? That just doesn’t happen. Flake, Corker, McCain and Graham have all said things you would NEVER hear a Democrat say about a Democrat President.

And people who think this is “normal”, ask yourself, why is NeverTrumpism a thing? You didn’t see “NeverObamaism” or “NeverClintonism”. Trump is a vile morally bankrupt human being, and EVERY liberal can see that and about 20% of the GOP can too.


You’re not getting a pass for not looking Lyons up, nor misconstruing the quote I gave you

Nor for failing to acknowledge that yes, Obama did intentionally bad things that resulted in lives being lost, writing policies that appeased the enemy, and celebrating jailing someone for simply exercising free speech.

Rumsfeld didn’t have a plan after Iraq because he believed in RMA doctrine, which said it wasn’t necessary. Obama did what he did, because he also believed in a doctrine; one where he would simply give them wide berth, and write “historic deals” the same way Jimmy Carter did… and that it would all work.

Because people are the same, and all just want good things deep down. :vb-unhappy:


I’m starting to get confused by all of these different threads.

I actually did look him up, and saw him saying some crazy shit about the muslim brotherhood infiltrating the government and accusing (without evidence) Brennan of being a convert to Islam. Didn’t find the “treasonous” quote.

The “getting a pass” language is interesting. What would I need a “pass” for? Your attempt to pass off the original quote as equivalent to calling someone evil was patently absurd.


He isn’t part of their ‘good ol’ boy network’, he threatens their status quo.

Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz traveled to China with the V.P. and Secretary of state, and made a sweetheart deal with the stste owned bank while Biden and Kerry took a soft line ‘negotiating’ trade issues and China flexed its muscles in the south china sea. Obama used the coercive power of executive regulatory authority to devalue certain classes of business, which his buddies then bought up for sometimes pennies on the dollar.

That the press refused to report on the corruption of the Obama administration doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it means that the press were accessories to the corruption.