Retired four-star Army general: Trump ‘serious threat to US national security’


I feel ya!


They did infiltrate the Government.

This is endemic of not being willing to identify the ideology of the enemy, nor acknowledge who “CAIR” and its members are.

We appointed the grandson of the Founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in America as the head Muslim Outreach initiative.

Deliberate laziness, and pretending to care when you clearly don’t.

I brought up the Admiral three times, and only on the third attempt did you do something.

You’re costing us lives, don’t listen to us, and don’t have a strategy?

Yes it does. Your priorities are not in order here. Costing lives > whatever other insult people fling at each other. That’s self-evident.

And no, you cannot chock it up to incompetence. It was deliberate maleficence. They made the calculation, that it was better to do things where we shouldered blame, and appeased people, then crafting strategy that took aim at even narrow strategic goals.

And then every once in a while, when there was a crisis, they used DoD as a grab solution to solve it. Incoherence, because they didn’t see the need for coherence.

Instead of taking a bold move and abandoning prior goals, they continued the pretense that they were still looking for a way to combat the Taliban in Afghanistan and the insurgents in Iraq. It was all histrionic, all superficial, because they didn’t actually care; and the Generals who were losing people because the civilian-side officials didn’t care, noticed this.


You sure like to proscribe words like “deliberate,” in a malicious manner, even when you have no evidence of deliberateness.


There’s no other reason you invite people connected to the Muslim brotherhood to write your policy. It’s an ideological blindspot.

They insisted Brotherhood people were “moderates”, everyone else knew better.


If you mean by the Dems, no. But by a whole lot of the rest of us? You better believe it.


Yes, the key point is you don’t see parties eating their own like Republicans have Trump. Now, why is that happening? Could it have something to do with Trump? Hmmmm


Actually I think it has to do with the Republican Party. They have their voting base and their big donors. They have decided to stick with the donors and fool their base again in November. Barring some unforseen events, the democrats will win the House in November.


The democrats deserve to lose, but the republicans certainly don’t deserve to win.


Exactly, qixlqatl!


As of today, I wouldn’t trust the GOP with ANYTHING in my government, BUT…I trust the DimWitted Democrats even LESS. They very obviously want the U.S. to become a 3rd-World entity or their warped idea of a “socialist utopia”…or both.


Yes, with Trump, and also with the GOP, for reasons others have mentioned. And the Dems would be in lock-step with Hitler if he was their guy (after all, they circled the wagons around Hillary).


Which is practically the same thing as supporting Hitler.


That’s because the Republicans in general don’t stick with a person just because he has a “R” after his name, unlike the Democrats who would stick with Satan if he had a “D” after his name - and maybe he does.


Pretty sure he’s bi-partisan, Sus :smiley: