REVEALED: Sworn Evidence Of Pervasive Voter Fraud

At 8:34 Rudy says:

Where Democrat machines control a place, they cheat!

At 20:10 he says:

They’re lying to you when they say there’s no evidence. This is evidence. [holding up one of the affidavits he just read from] Evidence! Of systemic pervasive voter fraud in the city of Detroit at such a level that it changed the numbers and made Biden the winner and not Trump. Because we can count out at least 320,000 votes that were unlawful and illegal.

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In Rudy’s latest installment, he gives more information that we’re closing in on uncorrupting the vote and stopping the steal!

He covers some ground and hits “overvote” at 23:11.

24:22 “The number range from 125% to 350%. What that means is about 3.5 times more voters voted than are registered in the district.”
25:30 “In Detroit, we have a fair number of precincts in which two or three times people voted than live in the precinct. Even the children!”

When Guiliani said George Soros was behind it in that press conference, I became 100% certain Trump has literally no interest in winning. He’s just stirring things up and making it uncomfortable for Fox News.

He’s either looking to invest in Newsmax/OANN or he’s going to start his own media company.

He’s definitely torpedoed Fox News. Even Tucker decided to call out Sydney Powell. So Trump loyalists will be leaving Fox News in droves. There is an opening for an alternative.