Reverend Phil Snyder on gay marriage


Watch until the end.


Who cares?


Gonna start this crap again?


Anything to divert the discussion away from the incompetence and stupidity of their Obamessiah. He’s just following the lamestream media play book.


Dunno what he said, but if it’s contrary to God’s Word, it doesn’t mean anything. Too many people who want to promote their own “Biblical” views do so by quoting preachers who agree with them, or giving you a book that promotes their view . . . I burn such books any more. Use to just throw them in the trash.


What do you think of his comparison between arguments against gay marriage and arguments against racial integration?


Another troll thread, this is nothing but spam to get the link clicked.


I believe it is the same argument, just a different minority. Sexuality is no more chosen than race. I know I didn’t choose my sexual orientation, nor race, so I don’t believe anyone else has.

It was a good speech, designed to highlight the bigotry and intolerance of those opposed to gay marriage. Once again, religious conservatives are on the wrong side of history, and future generations will see them exactly the same way we view those opposed to interracial marriage now, as nothing more than narrow minded bigots.


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I’m sorry but these are some of the most childish posts that I’ve seen on this forum. Trekky didn’t post some link to a Viagra site, but a video on an important issue in today’s political environment. If you don’t agree with it, then that’s fine, but to respond with these kinds of comments doesn’t make you look more knowledgeable or mature, just not able to respond the content of the video in an intelligent manner.


No this is just another waste thread. Try politics a REPUBLICAN OPERATIVE FORUM. Leave the gay agenda out of it.


It’s another gay thread. We’re sick of it. If you think that’s childish, I don’t give a rat’s posterior.


If the OP is not interested enough in the video or article to comment on it in the opening post then why would they think anyone else would care to check out the link?

Threads like this are just commercials, nothing more. A thread on a discussion site is not a discussion if absolutely nothing is offered but a link, they are just advertisements and attempts to build up a post count as was mentioned.

If this was an “important perspective” it would have been worth mentioning, I often post on subjects that I think are “important” and I never just stick up a link with no explanation as to what I think about it or what the link is about.

Because I am not a troll basically.


That would be because I’m more interested in hearing responses to his argument than letting you know what I think. And I think you guys already know. I think he makes a good point about some of the arguments against gay marriage that merely refer to religious reasons rather than any legal ones by comparing them to religious arguments in favor of racial segregation. And so far no one’s done that, so I guess it was a waste.


Quite frankly, the speaker’s argument is either trivial, or simply a non sequitur. If the speaker believes that the use of religious justification in support of racist laws entails that religious justification is always invalid in politics, then his argument plainly doesn’t follow without either additional premises or absurd consequences. If the speaker merely wishes to warn us against those who attempt to use the authority of God in order to advance their political agenda, then his argument is simply a trivial and unnecessary lecture.


Trekky, why argue the point with you. Biblical arguements will not change your mind or the the mind of the “Pastor” in the video. He will have to answer for his “interpretation” of the Bible and how it pertains to the subject.

I believe…hopefully one day that Pastor will as well. Love the sinner, hate the Sin.


God seems to not love the sinner if they are going to burn for all eternity.


Again, what is the point of argueing with you. You don’t believe. And as much as this will seem useless in your eyes, I will pray for you.


Well Trekky…at least they can no longer use the argument that NO STATE HAS EVER VOTED FOR GAY MARRIAGE.
The arguments don’t work with those frozen in amber. History is passing them and their ideas by…and they can rant about it all they want without changing one thing. OUR arguments ARE changing opinions all over the country and it is good it is happening this way rather than in the Courts because it is clearly the will of the people. Every state that authorizes gay marriage is just one more nail in the coffin of bigoted religious authoritarianism.


I’m not clear on exactly how the “fire and brimstone” aspect applies to Hell. For all I know, it may be metaphorical. I’ve heard Hell described as being apart from God, which is an unrepentant nonbeliever’s choice; they just don’t like it when they get it…