Yes I just necroed the YR group. As of 8:40 Central time we are active and back in the game. Members currently present are myself Orion and JC. So beware forums we are back and ready to take over again!!!



And yes I know I am getting older. I have 2 more years before I must pass the threads of fate over to either Shlomo or JC but until that time I will rule with a ironfist ad ride my pony proudly into battle!!!



You don’t even know how to spell “success,” foolish mortal! It’s “Qapla’!” A fine Klingon you’d make…


Its a K you flam worshiper!! Or have you lunch masters failed grammer school!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Qapla’ - success (n)

From The Klingon Dictionary by Marc Okrand

Published by Pocket Books (a division of Simon and Shuster)

Copyright 1985 Paramount Pictures

Copyright 1992 Paramount Pictures


bah!!! Only a flam worshiper needs books!


Clams actually READ Books! :stuck_out_tongue:


So do dragons.


i dont venture to young republican section very often, but when I do, I choose this brand.


You’re the most awesome man in the world :stuck_out_tongue:


:PPPPP indeedy


Thanks for choosing our brand JC. :slight_smile:


haha your welcome XD