RFK and MLK conspiracies

I just watched two shows on the Military Channel. One was testing the conspiracies surrounding the assassination of RFK and the other was on the assassination of MLK. With MLK, the question was whether James Earl Ray had the marksmanship to shoot MLK in the head (the jaw, actually, which passed through his neck severing his spine) or if the assassination had to have been done by an experienced sharp-shooter. Very, very interesting, to say the least. In the end, they proved that James Earl Ray, who was considered a poor marksman, could have and probably did shoot MLK alone. Of course, those who believe it was a government conspiracy had their views, including Judge Joe Brown, who actually studied the ballistics in the case. (He thought that the ballistics proved that the bullet could not have come from the gun which JER used, but was proved wrong.)

Now, I’m not a conspiracy advocate, but I have to say that the evidence surrounding RFK’s assassination seems as though the possibility of a second gunman is more possible. I didn’t know that RFK was shot in the back of the head twice, which would have been impossible for Sirhan Sirhan since he stood in front of RFK when shooting. In addition, they did some very advanced tests on a recording done by a journalist’s tape recording of the actual shootings. In this test, they determined that there was more than just 8 shots by Sirhan Sirhan which was the capacity of the gun he used.

Anyone hear about these? Just thought I’d get your input. Interesting, for sure.