Rhode Island City Official Calls Firefighters ‘Terrorists’ For Putting American Flag


A Rhode Island city official called the city’s firefighters “terrorists” and compared them to ISIS for putting an American flag on their firetruck. The firefighters say they have been told to remove the flag by city officials.
A local NBC affiliate obtained audio of Central Coventry Fire District Chairman Fred Gralinski making the comparison at a board meeting.
Now, the firefighters union claims they’re being told to take the flag off of the truck. “It’s American to us,” union president David Gorman told NBC10. “The members are very upset. I have a couple members, armed service retired, retired from the guard.”

Lately I have seen more and more people who seem not to enjoy being Americans and want to change society to some ideal other than what our nation was created for.

The founding fathers strove to separate people from the whims of English tyrants and now we have those who would bring us back to being subjugated while calling it the new freedom.

Since when has it become un-american to display our flag? The flag is a symbol of our country and unity. ISIS? The claim of being a terrorist nation vs real terrorism is more liberal Gobbledygook.

This election has brought to the fore the fact that we have people who see the U.S. as some kind of tyrant thus Sander’s supporters who want s to go to communism a system proven not to work time and again.


Indicative of the coming collapse.


On Par with that:

About 2009-10, Scottsdale AZ. We have been living there 5 years. The Barett Jackson Auto Auction every year in Jan is a BIG deal bringing in $40++ Million bucks.

Venue not large enough and BJ threatnes to leave Scottsdale if the city cannot improve the facility. City buys USED tent for $2++ Million, its big you can see it on TV in Jan.

Painted on the top 100yds long is the American Flag. Residents threat to sue if not covered claiming it reduces their home values. City gives in and spends $350,000 large to paint over the flag…wife and I decide to leave for S Texas…


I wonder if this jerk in Rhode Island has observed the limo that the POTUS rides around in. IIRC there is an American Flag attached to one of the front fender but I don’t recall which.


Another observation of mine. This coming weekend the city of Portland will be holding its’ annual Rose Festival and Fleet Week. During this event it is common practice for the US Navy to make an appearance. As I watch the news broadcasts I have observed US Naval vessels, Coast Guard Cutter, and one RC Navy ship arrive and tie up for the celebration. The size of the national flag being flown by each of these ships is quite large, of course. So that makes them like ISIS???:eusa_think:

Oh wait a moment. They cannot be like ISIS since ISIS does not have a Navy, or Coast Guard so does not have any ships from which to display their black flag! Guess that these ships are not like ISIS after all. There, that issue is safely settled.:grin: