Richard Simmons Is Secretly Living As A Woman!


Move over, Caitlyn Jenner. has learned that Richard Simmons is the latest Hollywood star to secretly undergo a sex change!
The National ENQUIRER broke the explosive news today with a jaw-dropping cover story that features never-before-seen photos of Simmons living as his female identity, Fiona.

The incredible pictures of Simmons, 67, with flowing brunette locks and womanly curves are photoshop-free. And a friend of the exercise guru insisted, “[This is] not just Richard Simmonsin drag. This is Richard dressed as a softly spoken woman named Fiona!”

Richard Simmons Woman Sex Change

Keep in mind this the National Enquirer. I always thought that Simmons was a little strange but it seems he has issues perhaps brought on by age.


I dated a gal who worked for him doing PR and advertising for his appearances (back in the day when he was on TV and popular), she told me he was a “man whore”, that when he hit town he spent more time in the gay bars getting picked up and picking up than any gay guy she have ever known and she knew a lot in her business.


It’s always been known–at least at a gut-level–that Simmons was a flaming homosexual. While I don’t remember him ever ADMITTING it publicly, his mannerisms and manner of speech were sign-posts in that direction.


I always suspected it and one thing that got me after seeing a current picture is how he has let his body run down considering his profession. I am older and have better muscle tone.


I don’t recall his sexuality being all that much of a “secret.” He was a frequent guest on TV talk shows BECAUSE of his bizarre behavior and manner of dressing for such appearances. He was considered a freak–pretty much like Tiny Tim was back in the day.


I don’t want to speculate on this when there’s nothing from any mainstream sources. It seems to me that they’d be shouting it from the rooftops just like they did with Bruce Jenner.


well…to be fair…there weren’t main stream reports on this when it started happening to Jenner. Like his operation to shave down his adam’s apple. It was a good year before it was so obvious that the so called main stream was acknowledging the change.

Actually, I had made a topic on it at another site in December 2013. My title was…‘what is going on with Bruce Jenner?’


Not likely he is old news and a no surprise.


Actually, the “mainstream press” DIDN’T “shout it from the rooftops”–until it became a hot topic on the internet and they thought they COULDN’T continue to ignore it.