Rigged Election Exposed Through LAWSUITS

Rudy Giuliani gives a detailed update to the what the law is, what the corrupt Democrats did and what the lawsuits say. For example, there were 600,000 unlawful ballots in Philadelphia. They were wheeling in cardboard boxes of ballots on a trolley. No evidence? Sworn affidavits of fraud by witnesses are evidence, and there are lots of them. The media is lying. There is lots of evidence.


The evidence for election rigging is developing steam.


Here I posted a thread:

Leftist News Paper Lies

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Does anyone really believe this is going to succeed?

Andrew Wilkow laid out the only way that Trump could be elected. If fraud could be proven in enough states knock Biden down to below 270 in the Electoral College, and the election results would be too much in doubt to be decided in the Electoral College. The vote would go to the House where the Republicans control more state delegations than the Democrats.

An 1828 Andrew Jackson campaign token.

That last happened in 1824. The result gave Andrew Jackson and the Democrats the perfect campaign theme for 1828. Jackson stated that there had been “a corrupt bargain” between John Quincy Adams, who had placed second behind Jackson in the election, and Speaker of the House, Henry Clay, who had finished fourth and was out of the money. Clay engineered the election of Adams in the House. When Adams appointed Clay Secretary of State, Jackson’s people said the fix was in. In those days, Secretary of State was viewed as stepping stone to the presidency.

A Thomas Jefferson inaugural medal in silver.


The only other time it happened was in 1800 when Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr ended up on a tie. Back in those days, the candidate who got the most electoral votes was the president and the guy who came in second was the vice president. Since the Electoral Collage did not answer tha question, the election went to the House. There, Alexander Hamilton held his nose and swung the election to Jefferson. Hamilton and Jefferson didn’t like each other, but Hamilton disliked Burr more. Less than three years later Burr would kill Hamilton in a duel, although that was not the immediate cause of that confrontation.

Since there are only two candidates that who are getting Electoral Collage votes, the chances of the presidential election going to the House are non existent. Like it or not, “Senile Joe” is the next president.

I don’t think he will be in office long. His fragile health or displeasure from the far left will push him out quickly. That’s why Nancy Pelosi is forming “the 25th Amendment Commission.” She’s greasing the skids for Old Joe. If senility doesn’t get him, the Hunter Biden scandal will.

You might be amazed at how interested the press will become interested the Hunter Biden scandals if the far left decides to send old Joe out to pasture. He has served his purpose as the “'80s moderate” to get the Democrats in power. Just like a drone in beehive, Joe will then be expendable

Speaking of the Hamilton-Burr situation, I had a professor in the early 70’s, shortly after leaving the Army, named Samuel Engels Burr, Jr. a professed descendant of the Burr family and a HUGE fan of Aaron Burr including as serving as the President of the Aaron Burr Association–a group dedicated to the rehabilitation of Burr’s reputation. I had two classes under him and we became good friends. He had been a professor emeritus at American University in D.C. and he and his wife lived on an ante-bellum plantation called “Tremont,” but had moved temporarily to North Texas after their son and daughter were killed in an automobile accident and they moved to Aledo, Texas, until their grandchildren had graduated HS before moving back to Tremont. For some reason, he took a liking to me–perhaps because I was older than most of his students and was a Revolutionary era history buff so earned high marks in his classes. While there, he taught a couple of classes at Weatherford College, a 2-year school in Weatherford, Texas, that had just built a brand-new campus with found money from an oil windfall from a deceased former student. One thing they’d built was a fairly large library and were busy amassing.books and other documents for it. Dr. Burr had offered his research papers to American University, but they said they didn’t have the space and facilities to keep them so he offered them to Weatherford College instead, which they happily accepted. They were to be transferred to Weatherford upon his death. Unfortunately, one wintery night, Tremont caught fire and Dr. Burr and his wife had to jump from the second-floor balcony and the house burned to the ground, ALSO burning all of Dr. Burr’s research papers which included a parchment first-draft of the letter challenging Hamilton to that duel! Dr. Burr’s wife broke both legs in jumping and died of exposure. He was hospitalized at Bethesda, being a WWII Army veteran, suffering from exposure and smoke inhalation. This was in the late 70’s. We talked on the phone at length while he was in the hospital. He remarried a year or so later but eventually died at his home in New Jersey in 1987 to which he’d returned as it was where he was born ca. 1917. I have copies of his books and published pamphlets which he was kind enough to autograph for me.

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I know it is going to succeed and so do the democrats, that is why they are trying to set a narrative with their ridiculous “office of the president elect” invention when not one State has certified their election and the mountain of evidence for fraud is growing rapidly :rofl:

For all of the critics of Trumps direct accusations and declarations there is a good lesson here, when your reputation is proof of your resolve and your basis for your belief is proved right over and over again the people who commit or witness these acts get very concerned about getting caught; so they come forward and testify in exchange for immunity :+1:

That is happening now and while only Newsmax is covering the details it is happening and States are scrambling to prove that they don’t need to be forced to protect the integrity of their elections.

Georgia reported that the Dominion vote counters have proved unreliable and are arbitrarily assigning thousands of Trump votes to Biden, so they are starting a manual recount. Michigan reported one 6000 vote “glitch” in one precinct with the same machine from Dominion, 30 States used these machines including all 6 of the swing States still in play.

In Pennsylvania they ignored the authentication requirements to send out mail in ballots, ignored the deadline to receive mail in ballots, ignored the requirement to authenticate the signature on the mail in ballots and ignore requirement to allow election observers to oversee the counting.

That is a direct violation on each count of the Constitutional requirement for elections to be conducted by the rules set by the State Legislature, that means a recount following the rules and the estimates I have heard are over 500,000 ineligible ballots were counted by ignoring these rules.

Trump will win and it won’t be close, the wheels are coming off the fraud train quickly :rofl:


The due date for certification in most states is around the 20th, give or take. It will come.

This is a right-wing fantasy. Is there evidence of mistakes? Yes. Are there a few incidents of people trying to cheat? Sure. Was there a problem with election software in a few states? Maybe. If there was, is it proof of a widespread coordinated effort by Democrats to steal the election?? Not with the evidence presented.

And in the end, if it was all proven true, would it make any difference?


And yet here we are, 10 days after the election and all we have are flimsy affidavits andLaura Ingram interviewing one of the members of Alvin and the Chipmunks. An interview that’s being ridiculed for its level of theater.

Where are the people willing to testify?

How many court cases have to be thrown out/ because they lack evidence?

The 234 pages of accusations of election fraud is filled with stuff like this:

Rude, yes, proof of election fraud? LOL

Oh, well, this clearly proves Trump is the winner

And so on…

Now in that stack of 234 are there a few that deserve to be looked into? Sure, I bet there is a handful that are a concern, maybe a dozen, maybe even 2, but it wouldn’t have looked good on Fox to hold up 12 affidavits, so they padded that “report” with some of the dumbest allegations I’ve ever seen.

That’s all this is, political theater. Trump may not be a “politician”, but he is an entertainer.

I can’t wait to see the evidence.

Let’s make a bet and put it in the hands of the admins to enforce since you’ll renege. Bet you won’t.

I haven’t seen if this has been discussed on this forum, but the reason for the theater seems tied to the election defense fundraising Trump has been pushing. Turns out of each individual donation, the first $8K goes to his campaign debt and the RNC. After that, only a portion guess to supporting the lawsuits.

So you guys see, Trump is playing you to get as much of his own debt covered as he can. I doubt even he believes he can still win.

I mentioned it here :slight_smile:

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This brings up a point I have not seen anywhere. I don’t know if the Dominion software is open source or not but I do know that it is run on windows which is closed source and has many undocumented “features”. This sort of stuff should not be allowed to be used in elections. The operating system and the election software must be available for outside scrutiny.


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I would bet money it’s closed source and proprietary, otherwise their work on development would just be stolen immediately.

Is this part a joke going over my head or…

I don’t know, I just didn’t pick Trump’s base to be Mac people.

You can have open source code COPYRIGHTED and protected in a court of law. Mac operationg systems are also closed source. The only widely used and scrutinized open source operating system is Linux.

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I’ve been using a Apple MacBook Air for about 4 years now and I am DEFINITELY “one of Trump’s base.”

Sure open source could be copyrighted, but then it’s just stolen and sold cheaper overseas.

So wait, you want people to use linux? That’s definitely the least safe of those options. By far.

The Chinese have been selling illegal copies of Windows for years. Linux doesn’t have any hidden back doors, Windows does PERIOD


I’m not, but Windows 10 is rotten garbage floating in radioactive waste, imo. Next machine will NOT have windows installed on it. Mac’s are probably still too expensive for me, tho, so…ubuntu?


Guess so. I have linux on a partition of my computer, but you can’t do a ton without being decent at computer science. That being said, with tutorials you can definitely get by as an amateur (which I am for the record)

This is likely the most ignorant thing I have ever read from you, Linux is “by far” the most secure option of the available operating systems; you can literally customize every facet of its structure so that a hacker does not even know where to look for critical systems files and you can secure every file with a different scheme if you want to; you can literally make your Linux version different from every other installation.

Whoever told you that Linux is the least secure OS out there has no Idea what they are talking about.


I’ll admit I’m wrong there. Least secure in untrained hands, but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt it would be well scoured for bugs and backdoors in this context. My bad.