Rigged Election Exposed Through LAWSUITS

That is what your media is telling you as they try their best to build up a Covid-19 scare again to distract the voters, but Newsmax is beating everyone because they are following the story and the evidence; when the wheels come off your violent freaks will have no idea it was coming so they will burn your bankrupt cities to the ground when it happens.

Ignorance is never “bliss” for very long but enjoy it while you can :rofl:

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I swear Newsmax must have run an astroturf campaign on election night. I’d barely heard of them before, OANN seemed to be the talk of the town for fox deserters, and then all of the sudden on election night twitter was blowing up with messages to the effect of “I can’t stand Fox anymore, I’m switching to Newsmax.”

Happens pretty often a company will promote themselves this way, makes it seem organic and like people are discovering it themselves. Nice timing too.

I heard of them long before OANN. Though anytime I’ve tuned into NewsMaxTV, they’ve had a talk show, much lower energy than Rush. I don’t know if they have a news hour or not.

But now that I’ve been without cable and therefore without FoxNews for a few years, I’ve lost my appetite for any news hour show. Clips on YouTube plus various news websites are better.

I find this more than a little hard to believe. We’ve had not just an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots, but an unprecedented magnitude of mail-in ballots. I’m not convinced for a second that adds up to “most secure.”

As to claims of election fraud being “unfounded,” I’m seeing too much smoke for there to be no fire. I have no idea if the amount of fraud is enough to make a rat’s rear end of difference in the outcome, but the statement on the face of it lacks credibility. Election fraud is about as old as elections.

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The Homeland Security statement is an example of the swamp rats coving their butts for the incoming Biden Administration. By no stretch of the imagination could this ever be called “the most secure election.” The weak laws in many states that covered the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots made the quality of the security in this election among the weakest.

You have to go back to 1876 to find an election that was conducted under worse circumstances. That year it was the Republicans who conducted the election theft.

Newsmax has been around for a long time, I switched to them in 2012 when FOX went all in for Romney and started reporting whatever Romney’s campaign was saying about Gingrich as “news”; it took awhile for most people to realize that they had gone in the tank for the Left but they sure convinced a lot of people in the last couple of months :sweat_smile:

The Drudge Report became a household name when the media was trying to cover up the Lewinsky scandal, Drudge was the only one reporting the facts from the DOJ and that made him a major player until this year when he swapped his reputation for giving “the whole story” for a reputation as a propaganda index for Nancy Pelosi :rofl:

FOX and Drudge are both shadows of what they once were and their ratings reflect that, Liberals destroy the credibility of everything they touch :thinking::sweat_smile: