I joined the place after it had been online for a while.Maybe that is why I do not know about the special forum.

Being member of that place I knew early on that Lisa was tracking the website.It was talked about a little.

I do not recall being in such a forum that did a lot of venting away from the public.Do you remember me being in that special forum?

I don’t think you were. I think they got to the point where they said no one new would be allowed in that private forum except by special request from another member. They let FlyersFan in, though, because she was up in arms about Frank (not FranklySpeaking), and they wanted to get her ranting out of sight.

The name of that forum was “The Underworld,” and Fayll was upset because they wouldn’t permit foul language there. He said, “It’s just a collection of letters.” But there were some “collections of letters” that he objected to. He is registered here, but only made a few posts. I think we are too “clean” for his tastes.

The RN people are as nutty as the CU and DU people.

The “underworld” at TRS forum?

Fayll does not ring a bell.


Fayll was a member at RN also. Don’t think he got kicked out, though - at least not then.

I’m almost positive that even though you may delete them from your account, they are still present in the database. The reason being , that it would be a security risk to have members with the privilege (privilege meaning in database access terms) to use the DEL command, which obviously deletes entries.

So although you may not see it anymore it is still there.

I have always been of the opinion that forums should label PMs ,personal messages and not private messages, but most of it is prelabeled by the software anyway.

Wow so there were parts of TRS I was not aware of despite that I was rapidly building up the # of postings in the forum.

He must have been so boring that I never noticed him.

So I got curious , I saw that rightnation is running IPB, Invision power board.

See what this admin has to say about PMs.

Thank you.

Now I know that members at Rightnation have not been told the truth.

The question is should they be informed about it?

I’ll leave that up to you.

If you do plan on anything…remember to anonymize yourself using a proxy.:smile:

If anyone posts that on RN, it will be deleted so fast it will make your head swim, and probably no one will have a chance to read it - other than the first mod who reads it & deletes it.

I am not going to create a new account on her forum and post anything on the board about Lisa liar there.I no longer care about wrongnation.

I do not wish to be at a place where the owner silently closed my account and leave me to spend nearly 4 days to discover that.She would not reply my e-mail I sent her last friday about the log in problem.


She whined to one of her moderators that one of the reason why she closed the account was because I told her long ago (2 3/4 years) that I would not send her any $$$ as long she is the owner.


While I sent Mark the Original owner TWO good donations (Silver level).Lisa has many hundreds and maybe a few thousand members who never sent her or Mark any money at all!

Despite that many have at least 1,000 postings and some over FIVE THOUSAND postings.TANK RIGGINGS has about 7335 postings and never sent a dime.

I think Lisa has a poor excuse there.

Damn, if money is an indicator, then I have failed miserably! Not that I have asked for money. :smile:

BTW, what did silver level get you? I’ve thought of doing some sort of ad free option, but have never really followed through with it. Time is short, I’m running close to 40 sites…luckily they’re not forums, actually this is the only forum.

The silver membership was mostly based on how many PM messages can be stored.If I had donated one more time.I would have reached the GOLD membership level.Meaning that not only does my PM messages storage number increase.I would now be able to post blogs.

Since I had no interest in blogging.There was no reason to send anymore donations anyway.This is why not many members go past the silver membership level.It is a strange set up to me.

I sent you more in the PM.

I can provide any color level of membership for whatever amount of money.

“Fucia” membership for a 75 cents?


Corruption at the highest levels.:smoke:

Someone paid my first “membership” at the minimum. That was just at the time that Mark required you to be a paying member to get into NHB. A lot of people left at that time, because they were there mainly for NHB, and didn’t want to pay. They whined about “freedom of speech,” and never got the message that a site owner and maintainer has the right to allow who he wants and doesn’t want. I paid all at once for a gold membership, and had originally intended to pay more. I was out of there about 2 1/2 - 3 months later.