Right VS Right VS Trump


I’ll be brief:

Trump is correct on nearly every issue. Unfortunately, Trump is also a political imbecile who seems hell-bent on Tweeting his way into a one-term presidency. He is a bombastic jackass who seems not to understand that he is presiding over a fractured, ineffective and divided Congress. The divide is not just between the Right and Left. No, the most important divisions are within the members of the Republican Party. Sadly, Trump is doing NOTHING to bring his members together.

It seems to me that a major part of his own problem is that he rolls out one program after another - none of which are rolled out well, with no discernable closure in sight on any of them. Repeal & Replace Obamacare/tax reform? Unfortunately for all of us, the only portion of his agenda that is in any way getting accomplished is that which he can do by way of executive action.

This brings me to my major angst - Congress. Republicans have been in the political wilderness for 8 years - 8 years to figure out what to do when back in power. Obviously Republican members of Congress thought of nothing during those 8 years. Obamacare repeal/replace - the Repubs act like two chimps humping a football. Same with Tax reform. The Repubs control Congress - they control the agenda - yet, as time winds down in this session of Congress there appears no sense of urgency to get anything done except to look like a group that can’t govern.

After all the bluster and promises, If Repubs don’t pass at least Trumpcare or tax reform (or at least a tax cut) this year I think it very likely they will lose the Senate and perhaps even the house. Incredibly, since the first inept/disastrous roll out of Obamacare repeal/replace Congress has recessed 3 times. There are only about 40 days left in this session of Congress when the House and Senate are in session at the same time. That isn’t much time - likely not enough - to pump out meaningful legislation until much later this year, if then. We would then be looking at 2018 - an election year - notorious for nothing ever getting done in Congress.

My guess is that even if legislation is forthcoming this year, it will be so watered down after being squeezed through the arcane “reconciliation” requirement that it will be relatively ineffective and therefore meaningless.

Moral to the story: Republicans, as is almost always the case, have the better policies. They just don’t seem to know how to effectively govern. And Trump tweets on into the night as his communication staff and members of his Party try to figure out how the hell to explain what he meant to say.


Right on many counts and while I agree there is a question here: IF Trump had a supportive or at least neutral OpFor (Opposing Forces in military speak) from Congress to the media would Trump have to tweet his way into a one term???

Having been a Real Estate Developer some years ago, its a street fighting game. Its not for the weak of back or mind, good nights sleep is not part of it, you better be tough and get a lot tougher if you expect to win at all let alone win big. In Trumps world at his stake level, when someone points a finger at you, you break their arm, if they shove you, shove back harder and kick them when they go down (figuratively speaking).

Trump is being viciously attacked by ALL even in his own party and the attacks are unprecedented in MY lifetime. I suggest to the point that he, his family and staff are under armed guard 24x7 and I would bet key staff and family wear solid silk bulletproof vests (silk is still the fiber to beat).

Trump is a man who is not used to not punching back and certainly not used to losing, IMO we would see a different man if under different circumstances…but you are right in your assessment.


It is a shame that Trump so very often gets in the way of his own message. To the extent he does this - and IMO it is to a significant extent - he detracts from his ability to be politically effective. The “noise” surrounding his often inarticulate, self-defeating and ill-conceived messaging becomes the focus. Of course, media plays a major role in creating the “noise”, but Trump continues to play into the negativity. It is disheartening.

That said, Trump’s lack of self-reflection and troubling bombast should not have been a surprise - he often made the same kind of messaging mistakes and gratuitous commentary during the nominating process - his personal attacks regarding Fiorina’s looks, comments about the wife of Ted Cruz, “Little Marco”, etc., were outrageous and indicative of what I believe is a lack of self control.

I wouldn’t really care that Trump, on a personal level, is a cretin and Neanderthal, but it appears it is negatively impacting his ability to form the political alliances/support necessary to get things done with congressional Republicans. You can’t get legislation passed without the votes - We need all Republican hands on deck - we can’t afford the wariness of Trump that some Republicans are beginning to demonstrate. Excessive “Noise” created by Trump is not helpful.

One parting shot: IMO, had Trump run against the liberal idiot, Joe Biden, and not the weakest, most damaged candidate of all time, Hillary Clinton, my guess is Biden would be POTUS. If Trump thinks he won because he claimed he had “bigger hands” than the other candidates he’s a bigger fool than I thought. He won because people were pissed and wanted a flame thrower - and they got one. Whether they get the rest of what they were promised - such as tax reform and repeal & replace Obamacare remains up in the air.


I’m unclear on just what he can do to unite the GOP when the problem with same is (collectively) the insiders who don’t give any more of a crap about the good of the country than the DNC.


Even some Repubs who generally agree with his policies have shown signs of distancing themselves from Trump’s messaging by way of his Tweets - many of which are outrageous and counterproductive. Ben Sasse is one such senator. He generally supports Trump’s policy positions, but is no fan of Trump the man.

My guess - and it is only a guess - we would have gotten more mileage out of Ted Cruz. Could Cruz have defeated Clinton? Would he have confronted Clinton in a manner acceptable to those Repub voters simply wanting to “moon” Democrats; poke a finger in the establishment? Who knows?

The politics involved here is quite simple - several Repub seats up for grabs next year are in purple districts. Trump is great at playing to his base, but his base alone will likely not spell victory in some of these districts. I doubt if Trump’s often outrageous commentary is helpful to these Repub candidates.

Bottom line - if you don’t have the votes in Congress you don’t get the promised legislation passed.

I sense Trump enjoys turmoil for turmoil’s sake. That would be consistent with his style - and very often the content - of his messaging. It is consistent with his “all about me”, braggart personality. Example, pushing the president of Montenegro out of the way to get to the front of the group during his recent trip to the ME and Europe.

All that said, I see Trump paradoxically. In several important ways, Trump is just what we needed - an outspoken advocate for the US. In that regard we likely could not have done better. On the other hand, we are dealing with a president with an obvious personality disorder that is likely detrimental to expanding the support necessary to maximize his effectiveness - and from that standpoint we probably could not have done worse.


Absolutely correct.

In red, blue or purple states for millions of voters their personal bottom line, thriving economy, kids moving out of their basements going to jobs is going to weigh much more than the President’s tweets or personal history. James Carville has uttered one truth in his life: It’s the economy, stupid. If the GOP Congress can’t grasp that then they are stupid. Their ultimate defeat will be due to unemployment, underemployment, health care expense, retirement in shambles, kids coming home to roost, shrinking disposable income, Dow 15,000 etc. NOT the President’s tweets.

Susan Collins wants to protect Planned Parenthood, Rand Paul doesn’t like Foreign Aid, McCain wants even bigger military spending, on and on. These people all know that their little issues will sink the ship. Democrats suck it up and support their overall agenda. For all their faults, they know how to govern. I am not optimistic and I don’t think that Trump stopping his tweets will fix it. Rallies in the states of these obstructionists might be in order.

PS Four of the biggest obstructionists in the Senate (Collins, Paul, McCain, Graham) aren’t even up for election in 2018.


We have 'WAY too many RINOs in Congress. That’s not to say they should be replaced with DEMOCRATS…but with REAL conservatives. Susan Collins, Lindsay Graham, John McCain and about a dozen others are Trump’s worst enemies…in large measure because they don’t care for him personally, but also because they are receiving “donations” from (of all people) George Soros for promising to oppose him. That’s been whispered in several places in the past 3 or 4 months and I’m beginning to believe it. Paul Ryan in the House is another such. Why, for example, when he pulled the first attempt at repealing Obamacare, was Ryan’s FIRST visit to the new Obama mansion in D.C.?


Yep, we do have too many RINOs in Congress. We also have a political dolt as POTUS.

Trump is pissed at his AG, Jeff Sessions - his most loyal supporter. Seems he didn’t like Sessions recusing himself from overseeing the Russian investigation. Sessions himself is part of this investigation. As such he should have recused himself. At this afternoon’s presser, when asked, Sean Spicer could not say if Trump still had full confidence in Sessions. My God, Sessions is doing a great job - central in going after criminal illegals; the numbers entering the US illegally are at near historic lows…

Now, tonight it is being reported (FOX) that Sessions may be considering resigning or that he may have already offered Trump his resignation and it was not accepted.

I hope there is nothing to this, but its been clear for a while that Trump is not entirely happy with Sessions. For example, his tweets regarding the writing of the travel ban - an executive order Trump himself signed - has thrown considerable shade toward Sessions.

Trump had better hope his people don’t get tired of his BS and begin resigning right and left.

What an utter shame.


Sessions recusing himself from overseeing the Russian investigation was insane. The only consequence of this action was LET THE NEVER ENDING WITCH HUNT BEGIN. Did Holder or Lynch recuse themselves from far more substantial controversies. Did they appoint any “special counsels”?


Sessions did NOT appoint the special council. Sessions was named as a possible participant in collusion - under the cannons of legal ethics, how could he not recuse himself. Sessions has integrity. Holder & lynch do not. I hope we don’t begin comparing ourselves to the likes of these people.

The special council was appointed not because Sessions recused himself - The individual most responsible for the appointment of a special council is Trump himself. The appointment was a direct result of Trump deciding to issue tweets changing the narrative from Comey’s incompetence to bragging that he fired Comey because he was unhappy that Comey/FBI was continuing Russian collusion investigation - thus making it appear he was interfering with the investigation. This led to the acting AG, Rosenstein, to step in and appoint the special council, thus getting the investigation removed from the FBI.

Trump is destroying his presidency by his ridiculous, ill-conceived, often inaccurate tweets that continually arms the narrative by the Left with abundant ammunition. He continually makes it too easy for media and Dems to keep the BS collusion narrative going. The man doesn’t have good sense. After 8 years we elect a nut job!!


If Sessions had not recused himself then he would be the person to appoint a special counsel…or not. Loretta Lynch was certainly a “possible participant” in collusion between president Obama and the FBI; there is actual circumstantial evidence in support of that. No recusal, no special counsel. In the present case all we have are unsupported fantastic conspiracy theories repeated day in and day out by the so-called news media. Mountains of evidence on Hillary but that is just a “nothing burger”. Apparently you have fallen into their trap. The closest analogy to the case against Trump and his campaign that I can think of is the 911 Truthers.

PS Tweets may not be your cup of tea but they are certainly not high crimes and misdemeanors.


Comey’s testimony tomorrow will amount to …ABSOLUTELY NOTHING; even with the aid, comfort and support of the democrats on the committee, and of course the bitter jealous old man, John McCain. BUT THE WITCH HUNT WILL CONTINUE.


Nonsense, Doc. President Trump did NOT change the narrative from Comey’s incompetence to the Russian “collusion” meme. The PRESS did that. I don’t find much in his tweets to BE “inaccurate.” So far, most of them have proven to be completely accurate. Sometimes it takes a while for the truth to out, but it usually does.


You’re right - the witch hunt will continue no matter what. Aided by Trump and the fact he refuses to stop putting his tweeter in his mouth at every opportunity.

Typical of Trump’s tweeting problem: Trump’s so-called travel ban. Most legal scholars believe that such a ban/pause as sought by Trump is constitutional. Lower courts - basically the uber-liberal 9th circuit - ruled against Trump’s executive travel order.

Trump’s stated rationale for seeking the ban, as he himself stated repeatedly, was to give his administration time to craft “extreme vetting” procedures for those failed states in the ME who do not have adequate records to vet those seeking entry into the US.

The case is now set to go to SCOTUS for final disposition.

5 days ago, in a fit of frustration, Trump rapidly issues 4 tweets regarding his travel ban. The first tweet no doubt pissed Jeff Sessions off, because Trump stated his displeasure with the “watered down” version of the ban - a version Sessions produced in an attempt to get something in place and which Trump himself signed. It is the version going before the Supremes.

But, most important was Trump’s 4th and final tweet - in it he stated his administration already has the aforementioned extreme vetting in place.

In other words, by Trump’s own hand he undercuts his primary rationale for seeking the travel ban/pause. Folks, that is hardly helpful to the Solicitor General who will be arguing the case on the POTUS’ behalf in front of the Supremes.

Trump doesn’t engage his brain - he simply lashes out as he damn well pleases and is all too willing to publically blame others when things don’t work out instead of reflecting on his own behavior/statements. He can get away with this kind of crap within his family owned business, but he has 10s of millions of voters depending on him to deliver on his agenda - and I am one of those voters with which this level of political ineptitude does not go down easily.


He may be “politically inept”, but that’s a GOOD thing. I, for one, am sick and tired of “politicians” and their weasel-words designed primarily to keep themselves in positions of power–often at the expense of the truth or for what’s in the NATION’S best interests.


One isn’t required to be politically inept in order to be “politically incorrect”. I would prefer we had a POTUS seeking to enact Trump’s agenda who did not repeatedly step in the way of his own message resulting in time, effort and focus taken away from the enactment of said agenda.


First let me say that I am not equating Trump with Reagan as a political mind or even someone with a coherent philosophy that he wants to see established for the long haul, but there are other similarities to Reagan and FDR in Trumps “style”.

FDR was condemned by many for the weekly “Fireside Chats”, no President had used an entertainment medium to talk directly to the people regularly; many thought this was not a presidential tactic and that it demeaned the office to use an entertainment medium instead of newspapers to communicate with the people.

Reagan was condemned by many for his heavy usage of televised oval office addresses when he was trying to rally public support for his legislation, this was called an “abuse” of the medium because the networks were compelled to preempt their regular programing to cover oval office addresses; many said he was making the presidency seem pedestrian.

The reality was that both FDR and Reagan had the ability to communicate well without a filter to the people, their opponents lacked this gift so the only way they could see to neutralize their disadvantage was to try to get them to stop using their communication skills.

Trumps twitter antics are exactly that, he feels no need to run his thoughts through a committee and have a filter designed by cowards applied before he says something; he is not ashamed or fearful of what he has to say about whatever is happening in the world at any given time. Trumps enemies are terrified by his use of twitter and his lack of fear, they believe nothing beyond what their focus group research tells them to believe so they have no answer for a president that does not need to ask anyone what he should be thinking; they want him to stop so they can play by the old rules again.

Regarding Trumps political acumen, his style is certainly not what we have seen before but the old ways never netted anything substantive for those with a Conservative world view; I am not sure if Trumps method of fighting will bear fruit but I am absolutely certain that the traditional processes will fail spectacularly.

NOTHING will change without a fight, we are quite simply too far gone to think otherwise; Trump will have to generate a level of pure hatred from the GOP and the Democrat Parties if he is to make any headway whatsoever. There simply cannot be an agenda of “getting along”, Trump must use his bully pulpit to shame and ridicule the power players in the GOP for lying about what they want to accomplish for so many years; Trump must make them terrified of having all of these lies exposed via a trumpet that pierces the ears if he is going to reverse course on any element of this government.

I don’t want Trump to succeed if he pursues Tariffs, I don’t want him to succeed if he tries to preserve subsidies for the Enviro-Nazi energy schemes in any of their forms, I don’t want him to succeed in many of the things that he campaigned on.

But I want him to remake our wholly corrupt judiciary, I want him to secure our border and eradicate the double standard of oppressing citizen owned businesses while giving a pass to businesses that are run by illegals, I want him to rip the teeth out of Federal Agencies that pass laws and levy fines without any direct accountability to the voters, I want him to make every government in the world who supports terrorism afraid of his trigger finger and I want all of the “friendly” governments to know that the era of apologizing for our success by crippling our own people is OVER.

None of that will happen by being quiet and stoic, these and many other agenda items like repealing Obamacare and tax reform will require a loud, brute force fight that will create lifelong enemies and resentment; failure to achieve these goals will likely result in the end of the Union.

So far it is only the Left in both parties that have melted down before the public, a thousand articles a day about how Trump is a buffoon carry no power when he can simply tweet “I told you so” every time a new fact comes out; he is making the Left in both parties fall on their sword and they don’t even realize that they are doing it.

The moment the chaos seems to subside will be the moment that Trump has quit trying, that will create a more harmonious government but it will spell devastation for the citizens of the United States; I say keep cranking up the volume and swinging for the fences.

Faint of heart need not apply, this will hopefully be the most tumultuous 4 years in our history except for the Civil War; anything less will likely result in another Civil War.


I agree, RET - with one notable point to be made. Trump’s tweets differ from FDR/Reagan efforts to appeal directly to the people in that both men had a well thought out, coherent message. Trump very often does not - he very often shoots from the hip and wounds himself. For example, a thoughtful Trump - given the circumstances - would not have changed the narrative contained in the Rosenstein/Sessions document and made the statement that he fired Comey because of his handling of the Russia investigation. The current fallout from that bonehead statement was completely predictable and has been of significant assistance to the Left in keeping the current congressional witch hunt going. There are other examples I could cite, but that one is the most recent.

Personally, I think Trump is right in getting his message directly to the people without it being filtered through a hostile, corrupt media. That said, Trump must do a better job of filtering his message through his brain.


Concur, RET, I will say I don’t think that Trump will impose Tariffs for of protectionism. Nothing about his views tells me he is a protectionist or and isolationist. He is a deal maker and wants to make deals where America wins and no longer/stops losing by the likes of Hillary, Kerry, Obama etc. His pick for Sec State screams deal maker. Tillerson is another who is not a politician but rather make his mark making great deals for Exxon. ANYONE can make a deal when they are willing to lose to the other side aka Hilldy. Kerry and Obama. In this case tariffs are last resort action. If you can make a good deal up front you don’t need tariffs…

Concur Mike, he does shoot from the hip, but remember he is a street fighter and not a politician and has shot from the hip all his life, I don’t condone, but I do forgive…


I would also note that while Comey deserved to be fired over his protection of Clinton at the expense of the law, his actions in pursuing the fake “Russian election hack” were also clear grounds for dismissal; in other words Trump told the truth on those matters as they occurred whether Sessions and Rosenstein included those actions in their recommendation or not.

In the end the President has no need to justify firing the head of the FBI, Trump was not under investigation by the FBI, Comey was an incompetent political hack and liar and no ongoing investigation was interrupted by kicking Comey to the door.

I see no downside to Trump not “playing the game” of plausible deniability and choosing instead to tell the truth, he is an executive making executive decisions that he is not ashamed of; I doubt his path would be smoother if he started doing things with a wink behind a thin shroud of deception.

I don’t know anyone who thinks any of this is a big deal, Trump is ignoring the media hype and trusting his instinct which tells him that everyone who matters is not fooled by the efforts of Left to establish their fake news narratives.