Right vs Right


Now that the Republicans in Congress have "saved the people from Obamacare as they had promised for 7 years - thanks to John McCain’s deciding vote,- our laser focused, close knit “Republican team” can now move on to other important legislation as promised to the American people, like tax reform.

But, two things before tax reform even gets taken up. First, before negotiations in Congress even begin, we are hearing a number of our “Democrat” Republicans, Susan Collins, for example, begin to reduce expectations regarding the size of the tax cuts. For example, instead of the reduction to a 15% business tax rate, it sounds like the goal now will be a rate no less than 25% and maybe even 30%. Second, many of our Republican “heroes” have softened their stance on tax reduction by virtue of demanding any rate cuts be “revenue neutral” - no dynamic scoring of likely job creation due to cuts/additional job creation allowed.

Finally, as proof of the fact our Republican controlled Congress senses great urgency to get other necessary work done - like developing and submitting a federal budget - it sounds like they will take the entire month of August off after all. Upon returning in September they are set to work a week and then take another week off. Yes, these great Americans, our best and brightest, are working hard to deliver for you and me as promised. Honestly, it makes little difference if they do go home - they don’t get anything done while they are in town anyway.

Meanwhile, as the members of our team continually demonstrate their statesmanship and tireless work ethic, members of the minority Democrat Party are busy rejoicing in light of all of the accomplishments generated by our Republican majority.

If I seem to be livid, it’s only because I am.

Instead of this Forum section being labeled “Left VS Right”, it should be renamed “Right VS Right”.

In light of the unbelievable pile of crap our elected Republicans sold the American people for the last 7 years and the monstrous fail to perform as promised, I have decided to take a page from the Republican leadership’s playbook - I will be taking the month of November 2018 off.

Quoting those immortal words of Roberto Duran when, after being pummeled at the hands of Sugar Ray Leonard, he refused to answer the bell - “no mas, no mas”. No more, no more, I’m done.


McCain took the hit but there were at least half a dozen others who would have “drawn straws” to kill the repeal if he hadn’t. You are correct, it is no longer RIGHT vs. LEFT it is THE SWAMP vs. THE PEOPLE. One of the problems is that far too many things are never brought up for a vote or delayed to the last minute and presented as “take it or leave it” emergencies. This situation allows the weasels to go back home and lie their @$$ off at re-election time.

I am not a pessimist but it is beginning to feel hopeless.

PS Notice that several repeal voters demanded that Ryan NOT pass their bill as is so a conference committee could “poison pill” the final monstrosity. CYA all the way.


After 8 years of Obama we elected a VERY hardworking but insane SOB presiding over an increasingly chaotic White House who, unlike his fellow Republicans in Congress, is willing to make good on his campaign promises and sign conservative legislation. Unfortunately, there has been - and is unlikely to be - no meaningful conservative legislation coming out of this Republican majority Congress, in spite of years of promises that implored Americans that all they needed to do was elect a Republican majority.

The American people provided Republicans majority control of all three branches of government. In return, Republicans have “rewarded” their voters with a non-functioning, or at best, an entirely dysfunctional and often embarrassingly inept government.

(With respect specifically to Obamacare, the seminal mistake for which the voters must accept blame is handing Democrats a 60 vote Senate majority in Nov 2008 - Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer wish to thank you))

I’ve had enough.


Trump is worse than the swamp.

It’s kind of like how the left spent years attacking liberalism and saying how much better everything would be when people stopped paying lip service to things like “individual rights” such as “free speech” (which is apparently racist, now), and so forth. But then we all saw what happens when the left abandons liberalism: outright authoritarianism, such as what we’re seeing in these campus riots, and with the “safe spaces” rhetoric. I had a left-wing student argue that “avoiding offense” is more important than liberty.

This is where the right is with Trump. Mainstream conservatism might be bad, but Trump is far worse.


Trump might be inept, politically inept - but you can’t lay this huge fail in the Congress at his feet. The small membership of the Schumer Wing of the Republican Party in Congress owns this failure.


The only way to fix Obamacare is to repeal it in total, employ tort reform in order to significantly reduce the effects of a prime medical cost driver - defensive medicine and to allow nationwide competition among medical insurers and promote/expand medical savings accounts.

The above can only be accomplished at this time by changing the Senate filibuster rules requiring 60 votes for passage of major legislation.

Republicans won’t do that. Consequently, in a few years - very few - we will have single-payer (government bureaucracy run) heath care.

In the final analysis, the Senate will keep its arcane filibuster rule and you will lose your doctor and many of your medical treatment options - and at a cost to taxpayers that will surely flatten their wallets.


A stronger president probably could have pushed this through. Machiavelli famously discussed the two sources of power for a ruler: to be loved or to be feared (and of course, he thought the former better than the latter). Trump is neither. He’s weak and stupid.


I see J is right on time, derailing this thread into his delusional hate Trump agenda.


What can we do as individuals?


Much of it will go to funding re-election of RINO swamp critters.

What can be done collectively?

Primary the RINOs? This rarely works. McConnell and Ryan got primaried this time around. Governor Palin and Ann Coulter and many others campaigned for them. It wasn’t even close. The left spent hundreds of millions on the various congressional special elections this year. They didn’t win any but they got closer than they would have without the big money democrat donors. Trump supporters are sending millions to the RNC in mostly small amounts. The left relies heavily on big money. A new PAC is needed to stockpile money for 2018 primaries. They need to target RINOs in states that do not have open primaries. I really believe that this strategy might be able to retire some of them. I hope somebody tries it.


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Actually, the forum name is fine; the problem is that D vs. R at the Federal level has become Left vs. Left Lite.


You have a point.

I would add that the White House is running out of fans for the Shiite to hit.


OD, 1/2 dozen others would have taken the “hit” and voted NO had McCain not done so?

Please note, McCain was the next to last Republican to cast a vote - the final Repub who voted was known to be a solid YES. McCain’s NO vote was the third and deciding NO among Republicans and it blocked the bill from going to a joint House/Senate committee for further work, with the final joint bill out of this committee to be voted on by both the House and Senate.

McCain, as he has done throughout his career in the Senate, decided to vote for “process” (demanding bipartisanship/“regular order”) over the needs of the people affected by the legislation the congressional bozos have imposed on “regular folks”.

Taxpayers will continue to get screwed as long as those in Congress refuse to subject themselves to the legislation they impose on the rest of us.

Want to change Obamacare to a competitive, market based, non-government controlled medical insurance/medical delivery system? There is ONLY one way. It is to require our lawmakers to subject themselves and their family members to living under the provisions of Obamacare, just like the rest of us.

What can we do about it?

Nothing. Lawmakers will never give up the privileged status/lifestyle they have granted themselves.

You have every reason to feel it’s hopeless, Old Dog.


I was unaware of the voting order. I’m sure that some of the RINO senators knew what McCain was up to. I think the vote was doomed from the start.


You are absolutely correct! There is no distinction between the sewer rats on the Potomac. At this point in time they are in a deadly fight and at each other’s throats, and the America people are paying the price.

I have not fallen into the partisan trap [Republican vs Democrat or Left vs Right]. The vast majority of those elected to serve in Washington soon forget the unique opportunity they have to serve the people and their country, by advancing the interests of the people and the United States. They soon discover that personal fortunes can be made exercising government power, even if it’s at the expense of the America people and detrimental to the general welfare of the United States.


80% of green energy money taxed away from the wages of hard working American Citizens WENT TO our Washington sewer rat donors!


This sounds like me in 1992 and 2004 and 2008 when I finally realized that Republicans never will act like capitalists and I scraped that letter off my voter registration.

I don’t think that would work either. I think most Americans fear a free market in healthcare because they don’t know anything about economics. I don’t think our congressmen are economically literate either. Unfortunately, they’re doctors and lawyers and such (maybe if they were cowboys they’d get it). Out of ignorance and out of the knowledge that their constituencies prefer some form of socialized healthcare (as opposed to mandated) they fear the free market as well. Economic literacy is the only hope. It’s not foolproof, but it would it would help.

In any case, they never intended to actually repeal this Obamacare. Republicans voted to end it many times when they had no chance at actually ending it. When they got the chance, they tried to keep the stinking plan in place and call it a repeal, and they couldn’t manage even that much. Republicans should be embarrassed and stop voting for these jackasses. I know they won’t though because “the next Democrats will be the worst scourge to infest the White House, and the Democrat plague might control Congress at the same time. We’ll have to do everything in our power to stop that even if it means voting for a loose cannon populist with the economic sense of Bernie Sanders!”

Yup. That moment when lefties (I hope) realize just how crappy their party is and how little interest it has in their liberty. I don’t think they had it in them any more than a Republican has a capitalist bone in his body. (oops I forgot to include her and zir and their – But I am changing my sex to X on my license on renewal because it’s funny!)

Sort of like Bernie Sanders and the Democrats – Mainstream Clinton the Criminal was the superior candidate. It’s sad when the establishment is superior to the crazies running against it.


I’ve been saying this for a couple of decades now, JWK. This “follow the leader” attitude infests ALL elected officials because the so-called “leadership” decides who gets campaign help and who gets the plum committee assignments. If you want to STAY in Congress, you MUST do as they say…period. There was a time when the leadership of BOTH parties were at least moderately conservative…no longer. Now BOTH Parties’ leadership are left of center and it’s KILLING the U.S.


The following, alleged to have been written by Alexander Tytler, is an appropriate warning with regard to today’s circumstances.

A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

• From bondage to spiritual faith;
• From spiritual faith to great courage;
• From courage to liberty;
• From liberty to abundance;
• From abundance to selfishness;
• From selfishness to complacency;
• From complacency to apathy;
• From apathy to dependence;
• From dependence back into bondage.

_____ Author unknown