Right vs Right?



Has his decision not to run allowed him to say what he really thinks, or are there other motives at play?

Senator Corker’s office claims it was Trump that called him and asked him to run.

“So disappointed, in fact, that early last week, the president called Corker to ask him to reconsider his decision, according to Corker’s chief of staff, Todd Womack,”

Another lie from our President or is Senator Corker have an axe to grind?

Another non-story?


The Republican party is eating itself alive…


Trump isn’t part of the Republican establishment. He’s here to dismantle and destroy it. That’s exactly why I voted for him.

If I wanted somebody to hold hands and unite with the Republican leadership, I’d have voted for Bush or Rubio.


I’m curious. While he certainly has done a great job in tearing down the Republican party. He’s also hurting the US’ credibility around the world. I guess the end justifies the means?


Trump is influencing the entire world. He’s forcing Europe to finally start contributing to their own defense in NATO. He’s forged the strongest Middle Eastern alliance we’ve had in decades, and possibly ever.

And Canada and Europe are suddenly echoing Trump on unlimited migration. France and Canada have both suddenly done a complete reversal on their refugee program. Even Merkel in Germany has just set a cap on migrants to 200,000 a year. That’s 1/5 of what Germany was taking in before Trump.

He’s also forced China’s hand in North Korean negotiations. For the first time ever, China has cut off the flow of money and fuel such as coal to NK.

So I wonder in what way you think the US is diminished internationally. We have more influence seen in the actions of other countries, than we have in decades. What actions from foreign countries indicate to you that the US is negotiating from a weaker position than Bush or Obama? Not words. Actions.


How about the lies?

I guess the ends justify the means?


How about you explain your reasoning on what you last said. What actions indicate we have less international influence?

Then I’ll happily answer your follow up question.


His lies are part of his loss of credibility around the world. It’s not like they are separate things. Even if he’s accomplished all that you give him credit for.


That’s not an action by other countries. What are some actions by other countries that indicate diminished influence?

I will then address the lies.


That was the previous administration’s doing. The Bill of Wrongs didn’t help, either.


NO! Under Obama our creds sunk to lows never seen in our history. Obama because nothing but the worlds sockpuppet and that is putting it cleanly…

Trump has done MUCH to restore our credz…in his very short time in office.


Here is where we see the world through different glasses.


Well yeah, a lot of people hate the Patriots and the Yankees because they win too much. People in Europe shouldn’t like Trump. He’s the only America First president we’ve had since Eisenhower.


First, I dispute the idea that Trump gives a rat’s butthole about the US. I think he pays lip service to is because he knows it plays. Trump puts Trump first, everything else just aligns with his personal agenda. He’s shown that in how he deals with his own loyal supporters. Don’t take away his TV time or “YOUR FIRED”!


Even if I conceded that Trump really cares about America…the problem is we can’t “win” the world by ourselves. We need allies and the people of those countries will influence their governments. If people see the US as unstable or unreliable they will look elsewhere for leadership.


You keep talking about thoughts and feelings and hunches, and I keep talking about actions. Trump’s actions have placed America and American workers, business, and security first. I frankly don’t care what Trump’s motivation is. I care about what he does.

Contrary to almost everyone, I think both George W Bush and Barack Obama are both men with personal principles who did what they genuinely believed was in the country’s best interest. But good intentions and what was in their heart doesn’t matter much to me. I care about what they did.

Sure, the difference between murder and manslaughter is intent, and I agree - it matters to some degree. But never enough to flip bad to good or good to bad.


Actually, it’s pretty well demonstrated in his actions. Principles matter. Even if you think he’s doing the right thing, how he accomplishes it should matter. The whole “he’s not a politician” doesn’t fly with some of the stuff he does.

I’ll predict right here that when Muller’s investigation is done there will be a laundry list of, at the very least unethical actions taken. I also predict there will be lots to do about his finances.

Manafort and Flynn only avoid jail if Trump pardons them and Don Jr and Ivana are going to find themselves in hot water too. Frankl

But I digress…I realize that I can’t convince any of you


Good, now you have been introduced to FAKE NEWS. I have 26 years in the military, more time sitting in the aisle seat of an airplane traveling globally than you can imagine (over 2M air miles), John Bolton is a friend of mine and I traveled with him a few years ago and a fact finding mission, up til recently we had a home in Europe and livied there part of the year and traveled extensively.

Suggest you watch better quality TV.

Few men that have held office in the past couple of decades love America as much as Trump does, if you don;t see it then I have to question where you stand. After 8 years of Obama and his CLEAR HATRED for everything America, he repeated apology tours and his lack of a backbone he was the joke of the world.

Easy to see that Foreign Policy is NOT a suite you are holding a lot of cards in.

The WORLD, respects STRENGTH, Obama had none, Clinton had little and Bush had some, Carter barely had any, Nixon and Bush #1 had strength to go around.



One other prediction. The whole accusation of women coming to Trumps Room at the Ritz Carlton in 2013 after the Miss Universe Pagent will turn out to be true. Mr. Trump did not engage in any acts with the women, but the allegations in the Steel Dossier are true.

It will also be concluded that Russian FSB most likely filmed the event and has information to blackmail our President. I know someone, personally, in the media here in DC who tells me that this story has been confirmed by multiple sources, but that no network is willing to report on it without undeniable evidence.

I suspect Muller will blow the top off this story, though there is some question as to whether this might stay sealed.

Now not that any of this is illegal in itself, but if the President knows he was comprimised and failed to report it, that would be a crime.

Now, you can call me names tell me how dumb I am, but I just want you to remember, you heard it from me first.


And I legitimately believe this to be every bit as credible as Cernovich.


Getting back to the OT (and away from the ridiculous Russia nonsense), I just watched Steve Bannon on Hannity tonight. Basically a declaration of war on the establishment GOP and the donor class that funds them. Corker is the first rat abandoning ship. 2018 primary season is going to be very interesting.