Right vs Right?


I just find it remarkable that most of you are just handwaving away Trump and his associate’s ties to our adversary Russia.

I’m sure many of you were disgusted when you felt like Dems put party over country when Obama was in office. Now, at least from my point of view, you guys are doing the same (actually worse given all the “smoke”).

So much for principles, huh?


First of all so far there is NOTHING there and that was stated publicly by the investigators only a couple of weeks ago on TV, I watched it.

But if you want ties to Russia they are all over the place and you can start with the Klintons, matter of fact not just Russia but the Clintons became BILLIONAIRES in a few short years as HildaBeast sold out America while she was Sec State and the money poured into their pockets. But the Deep state will never let that go forward.


What investigators, the special counsel? No, there has been no such statement. Furthermore the Senate’s investigation last week refused to clear anyone.

Far as the Clintons. One hasn’t been President for what, 17 years? The other was never more than SoS, but I won’t defend lawbreaking or unethical behavior. One of the reasons that the Dems should never have crowned her President before the primaries began.

Having said that, there is no comparison in my opinion between enriching yourself (which has taken place), which is definitely wrong and enriching yourself and compromising yourself to your adversaries, which will come out that this president has done as well as his aids.

The fact that evidence hasn’t been released yet does not mean there isn’t any.

Could I be wrong, sure, but I trust the people who have shared information with me personally (your not the only one that knows people).

It will come out in time. I suspect that Trump will probably start a war to deflect attention away, but we’ll see, hopefully, the “adults in the room”, Mattis, Kelly, Tillerson, will talk him out of it.


Yes the Special Counsel did make a state in the past couple of weeks, I watched it on FOX, the was NOT a news reporter, but it was the SC stating they had yet to find anything…

In fact it was a news item on other networks.


You keep beating the same dead horse. He’s dead already, get over it. The only factual ties to the Russian oligarchy that I am aware of is to Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.


Can you source that to something? I’d be interested to read.


Google is your friend, it was all over as the speculation was that Trump would step in and call it it quits for them…they serve at HIS pleasure. Past 30 days for sure…


With respect, I’m not doing your work for you. I know of no investigation, House, Senate, Judiciary or Muller that has exonerated the President. I do know that they all have specifically refused to do so without offering any specifics as to why.


No, I have already done my work, I watched it on TV and if you don’t believe me, then I suggest you do your own research.

In fact they have stated time and time agin they have yet to find any collusion. This is nothing but a witch hunt, its no validity to it, Mueller is a Far left hack, and he has hired nothing but far left Obama lawyers who have donated HEAVY to the Dim party.

Now I know you have a job to do and you prob don’t have FOX cable news on near 24x7 like I do since I own my company and I can sit in my office and listen/watch as I see fit.

So the answer is: I am NOT going to do your work for you…


First of all, and you probably know this, collusion isn’t a legal term. You’ve never seen me accuse Trump of this and I wish the media would stop.

“coordination”—a defined term—in a counter-intel investigation, and (colloquial) “collusion” in a criminal case, are different.

There is conclusive proof of collusion everywhere you look, that’s not really the issue. Colluding in itself isn’t a crime that I’m aware of. What matters is who knew what and when.

Establishing Mens Rea (the intention or knowledge of wrongdoing) is what’s important. Aiding and Abetting a crime, obstruction, financial crimes…These are crimes.

So yes, despite your claims, from a legal standpoint, the issue isn’t “collusion”, but the state of mind of those that were colluding, what they know and what their intentions were.

So the question is, do we have conclusive proof that Trump or his associates committed crimes with respect to their collusion? No.

Should we expect that at this point that if there were crimes committed that we’d necessarily know about it? No.

Thus, we have lots of evidence of unusual activity but no specific evidence has been presented that either provide proof or fully exonerates the President.

I’m curious when Whitewater was being investigated and Mr. Star stumbled upon a certain intern performing sexual acts with the President, did you protest given that was outside the original investigation, was that a “witch hunt”?

Personally, I don’t think so.

If not, how does what Mr. Star uncovered about Clinton going to be any different than what Muller will uncover about Trump and his associates (and it will come out, I’ll put my money where my mouth is if you’re a betting man)?


Gonna have to read that a few more times in order to figure out your point, maybe it the hot Tex sun beating down on on that John Deere this afternoon but that was a rambling mess, will try it later…


That won’t help, 17Oaks. It’s a rambling 7" on the screen of pure nonsense. First, he admits that “collusion” isn’t a crime and then claims that President Trump and/or his “aids” (sic) colluded with Russia.


It’s ok fellas, let’s just be patient. If Trump doesn’t become unhinged before the findings of SC and Senate (forgive me if I have little faith in the House investigation, where it’s former chairman is acting on his own) it will all come out the levels of corruption and unethical behavior.

Gerrymandering and Russian hacking notwithstanding, the next election will be extremely telling.


Bafflegag? Yep.
Trump is making the establishment and media look like fools, mainly cause that is what they are. I hope you libbies will continue flipping and jerking like a fish out of water. It does my heart good to see how far you guys can bend to try to make Trump look like an idiot, or crook, or whatever else you can. Truly hilarious.
I warned you guys when Trump first announced his run.
He will not be found in bed with the Russians.
He is not mentally unstable, and billionaires who play their political enemies like violins, seldom are.
He is not enriching himself, since he needs no enrichment.
He is not playing the “typical” politician’s games. He answers questions in a straightforward manner, unless it is strategic.
He has already done better than Obozo with a 3.2% raise in the economy. Obongo never reached 3 % in 8 years. He is getting the attention of other world leaders. Yes, many are displeased, but that is understandable. Trump is upsetting their proverbial apple cart.
C’mon, man! Look who hates Trump.
The Lying MSM.
The Democrats.
The Rino Establishment.
George Soros.
Hollywood Celebrities.
Angela Merkel.
Illegal Immigrants.
Black Lies Matter.
Liberal Professors.

That is enough reason to like Trump.


I completely agree.


? Trump hasn’t either.

We raised to 3.1% during last quarter, but Obama did that in 2015. In 2014, the economy was above 5% mid-year:

Why so high? They’re corrections from periods where growth was artificially low. Around February, we were just above 1%. So all evened-out, this year will likely be about 2.4%… a bit higher, but not special.


To everything Spin, spin , spin. There is a season Spin, spin spin…
Believe what you want. I FEEL Trump’s heightened economy. I felt Obama’s so-called- recovery as a boot steppin’ on the back of my neck. REALITY. Everywhere we look here, is a Help Wanted sign. I write loans. People are doing better. I live in peoples’ financial statements.
So, you can take all that Bafflegag and stow it. I’d fight side by side with Trump, but I wouldn’t pizz on Obozo if he was on fire.
I often make pronouncements about someone based on the parties that hate him. BLM, Antifa, ISIS, the DNC and RNC elites, the Lame Stream Media, the POPE, Hollywood, Europe, etc., etc, and so on.
So, since you don’t like Trump, it reinforces that I am on the right path. Go TRUMP!!


It’s not “spin”, you claimed a GDP figure, this is the reality.

I didn’t say I liked Obama. “Corrections” applied to him just as much as Trump.

Because Presidents, don’t control the damn economy.

Nuts to your assumptions.

You made a claim, the chart shows the claim was wrong. That’s it.

Quit invoking unrelated crap.


A- Your opinion notwithstanding, your “reality” means squat. Bafflegag is what you are about.
Now, as to your graph. My Stats are ANNUALIZED, genius. That is the way growth is measured. Ozero never reached 3% annual growth. Sheesh.
So, cram your Bafflegag.
An, no, POTUS’ policies can and sometimes do, influence the economy. People often trade according to what is going on in the world.
Now, quit your conservative witch hunt. Obozo was a sub par POTUS and Trump makes liberals and their ilk, look foolish. Check the mirror.


uh, genius, we grew 2.3% in 2017 and you wouldn’t have even known that in October.

You made a mistake, so quit the arse-pulls.

I’m not political, i’m economic, I criticize both sides for doing stupid ****, claiming control anyone with any God dang sense can tell they don’t have.

Kindly keep your political trash out of economics, and we can get along.

2.9% in 2015.

and quit crediting him damn it. He didn’t do it, no President does it, the economy grows its damn self.
The economy grew before that god awful 20th century waive of “heroic presidents”, so why the hell is it any wonder the economy can grow now despite them?

Only negatively.

The only good policy, is where they stand aside. Reagan did that. Calvin Coolidge did that. Both men had humility running in their veins, and understood what their role was; to stand aside and let things run their own course.

Trump has a Trillion dollar stimulus package my Grandkids will be paying off, to no God dang benefit for anyone. Neither for us, nor the people we’re borrowing that money from.

**** statist BS. **** your entire generation for creating these BS, unicorn fantasies, paid for with tax dollars, that you’ll die before you even pay off a moticom of interest on.

That’s not “Conservative”, that’s your entitlement, out of my hide. Kindly look in your own damn mirror, and check yourself for that malignant tumor you’re transplanting into me.