Right vs Right?


“…when Muller’s investigation is done…”


This is what Mueller’s investigation looks like to most of us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrzMhU_4m-g


As a restofthworldian, I disagree. But it is clear you favour someone with less integrity and scruples than Hitlary, so good luck with that. At least you no logner have a kenyan muslim running the show, so you have that going for you.


LOL. There IS no one with “less integrity and scruples than Hitlary.”


I’m sure you can find a bunch of people who frequent this site who will agree with you. I have never seen once you provide evidence to substantiate an opinion you so readily provide ever. But get ready for a bunch of “yeah that” comments


Huh? Who are you responding to?


Good grief; there’s a laundry list of felonies for which Hillary hasn’t been charged that date back at least to the '90s, to say nothing of the fact that she lies without shame and seemingly nonstop. I’m no Trump fan, but at least he tells the truth some of the time, and he actually gives a rip about America (although I don’t agree with all his solutions (proposed or realized)) instead of just lip-servicing for votes.


As a “restofttheworldian” his opinion on American politics is completely meaningless.


What the heck is a “restoftheworldian”? Any idea?


An irrelevancy


A RasTafarian who can’t spell?


Do you have evidence to support this claim?


I’m not really even following this debate, but I’m going to jump in here and say you can’t reasonably be expected to provide evidence for a negation.

Patooka made a negative claim that something didn’t exist (in this case evidence for a position). Now while that is an assertion and can be dismissed out of hand, to counter it really requires evidence of the evidence that Patooka claims doesn’t exist.

Or maybe you were just trying to be ironic, in which case, you can ignore this.


Or just smart-alecky :stuck_out_tongue:I’m not really following it either.

Butt he also made a claim in the post before that he didn’t support with evidence. Of course, it was a highly debatable claim although based on their feels, a lot of the world and lefties really do think Hillary Clinton has more integrity and scruples than the Blowhard in Chief.

In any case, this dude waltzes into the middle of a conversation and starts dropping opinions and claiming a lack of evidence supporting an opinion he doesn’t share. His post is utterly stupid really. Evidence doesn’t exist to objectively determine which piece of crap is the worse piece of crap because we all have different values, which are required to make that assessment.

Never mind the mountains of reasons why PD and most folks at this site have compiled lists of things wrong with Hillary Clinton. So really, Patooka’s post is idiotic. I was just being nice.


He’s a Down-Under.


Pretty surprised to find both Alaska Slim and CSBrown saying things i agree with on the SAME TOPIC IN THE SAME THREAD, particularly with regards to abortion. I’m an “at conception” guy, but I’d take the 20 weeks ban and celebrate it as a huge, if incomplete, victory. Now who do I yell at? Anderson’s no fun, he don’t yell back… :confused:


You mean this guy is from Oz?

How does “restoftheworldian” translate to Oz?

I mean, I’m not doubting what you say . . . it’s just that I’ve never heard that before (not that I’ve “heard it all”).


You seem pretty eager to figure this out and I can’t figure if you know or what, so here let me help.

rest-of-the-worldian=non-American. I believe the insinuation is that Americans tend to have the view that their view is the only view.


And that’s the only view that matters! :wink:


Do you agree with the insinuation?

If the answer is ‘yes’, does that mean you’re of the “Ugly American” persuasion?

To carry it a step further, do you believe we should apologize to the world for being Americans?