Right vs Right?


So the “Authoritarian” label can be applied to every group except Anarchists, making the label “Authoritarian” nothing more than ammunition for idiots who cannot defend their ideology?

Okay, I am good with that.


I thought ‘authoritarian’ was the definition of idiots who cannot logically defend their ideology (epistemilogically rather than violently)

EDIT!: Wow, looks like I redundantly said the same thing twice :confused:


This prediction is not aging well.



I hope you aren’t hanging your hopes on the whole “subject”/ “target” thing…


So as of April 2018, you would still stand by that original prediction?



Now, that really depends on whether Muller’s report is released to the public, obviously.

Furthermore, DOJ guidelines don’t allow a sitting President to be charged with a crime and Muller may honor that, so it’s hard to know how this will play out, but the idea that Eric Prince, Kushner, Papadopoulos, Sessions, Don Jr., Stone and others were all involved with Russians all who have lied about it, must of which has been uncovered and you want me to believe that Trump knew nothing about it? Right, like he didn’t know Cohen spent $130k buying the silence of a porn actress?

…5 minutes later

Sorry, I just had myself a hearty laugh. Thank you, I needed that.

In the end, Muller is a seasoned veteran (surrounded by a team of veterans) who is fully aware of Trump’s lawyer’s options and Muller will play his cards in a way that he see’s fit. I have no idea what Mullers objectives are, so we’re all going to have to wait and see.


Looking forward to the Leftist tears as their dreams continue to transform into nightmares.

Bookmarked for a future episode of “See, I told you so!”