Rightnation forum is shutting down!

Quoting a Moderator,

"Just learned that Rightnation forum is closing on June 17, 2018.

I’ve posted this in the Political section and tagged it as news so that the widest audience can see it. A little bit ago Lisa informed the moderators that she’s decided to close down Rightnation.us. The site will remain up until the billing cycle ends for the server on or around the 17th. If you have any pictures or favorite discussions you want to save or any contact information you want to share (privately) with your friends here, now would be a good time to do so."


Lisa without warning shut my account down December 2007, she ignored my e-mail about my sudden inability to log in.

More on that right here in this forum I posted back in Dec. 2007



I enjoy many forum sites on many topics, but when I mention them to people face-to-face, I often find they’ve never even heard of the concept. The news media frequently mentions Facebook and a few similar sites, but never, ever a forum site. (Well, OK, I’ve heard a scant reference to reddit, but I consider it odd; worse than slashdot.)

I’ve never heard of the Right Nation, but it looks just like many others. Yet I see comments below your post that say essentially, “I won’t do facebook so goodbye everyone”, as if there are no alternative forum sites.

It’s hard to judge a participant’s age because some people cling to their immaturity long into life. There have been times when I thought I was talking with a teen or early 20-something when he claimed to be in his 60’s. Are they mostly inhabited by us seniors?

This all makes me wonder if forum sites in general are dying.

The one thing I did like about Rightnation was their main board that allowed anyone see in a flash where they want to go in it, which is something many forums should be doing.

I have sent e-mail to one of the members about getting new owners for the existing site or even better just start a NEW forum and go on from there. No reply so far.

Too many forums like this one have people running it using bad software or not giving it up front support to show it is a place worth talking in. This forum nearly died due to the previous owner negligence, it was down for a while before the owner realized it had been hacked.

I now regret not taking up on the offer to take over the forum ownership about 4-5 years ago…….

I believe you’re mistaken; my understanding is that he shut it down to stop the hack attack.

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Yes after he was away for so long, that he didn’t keep up the software, and respond to Mods trying to communicate with him.

So he shuts it down, why did it stayed shut down for a few months…………


so what is right nations problem?

They are doing much better now, it was resolved last year.

I am complaining about THIS forum, which appears to be dead, how can you tell if there is anyone here, the old software set lets us know who is online and that there is a feeling of being in the open, but now with this joke of a software, it feels like being in a cave.

Right now can you tell how many are even here anymore?

I see that even Susanna has stopped last November…

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I hear you. It is not user friendly. I only recently learned how to quote and it’s not reliable.

I don’t know why anyone chooses a forum that is incompatible with the usual.

There is no Board staff listed, how can anyone PM a Moderator for answers to a problem, when you don’t know who they are.

When was the last time the forum owner showed up here?

Who is he anyway?