Right's rush to okay obama Supreme Court Pick


The remarks from the North Carolina Republican are the first crack in GOP unity since Saturday’s stunning news of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, whose passing has put the tilt of the court in question. Scalia’s successor seems likely to determine whether its majority will lean liberal or conservative…
“I think we fall into the trap, if we just simply say sight unseen — we fall into the trap of being obstructionist,” he said in comments first noted by Think Progress, a left-leaning website.
Tillis added that he would not support a liberal nominee, and argued that Republicans should use “every device available” to block someone who is “in the mold of President Obama’s vision for America.”

Another crack? GOP Sen. Thom Tillis fears party will be seen as obstructionist if it blocks Obama SCOTUS nominee sight unseen « Hot Air

This looks like the opening salvo to justify bowing once again to obama without putting up a fight or being pushed to appoint someone guaranteed to be far left.


Republicans, on the whole, are political fools. They should have been saying something like “any nominee who does not respect the original meaning and intent of the Constitution should be rejected outright”. Everyone knows Obama would never nominate someone who could meet that standard. But the opening salvos were at the debate and they all (except Kasich) wanted to sound tough. Kasich left room for a moderate, whatever the hell that is.


Every time, it doesn’t matter what Republicans do, they’re going to be called obstructionist. Republicans aren’t going to win the people that believe it, they can only lose the ones that don’t.


It is frequently their own damn fault. Here was an opportunity to direct the narrative to judicial philosophy and interpretation but they immediately made it into a liberal versus conservative food fight.


What better way to “get along” while blaming the “we aren’t obstructionists” blather!

This way they (Rs) get to do what they do best, throw a tantrum, spit on the floor, and then cave to the left’s demands.

If this scenario plays out this way, I strongly believe a third party will evolve and the next POTUS will definitely win by a plurality - not a majority; and the Rs will bear the brunt of the voter loss!:angry:


I don’t think it’s foolishness per se; more like on the take.



The Dems did not worry about being called names when they railroaded Robert Bork, they just rejected his nomination and the apostate Kennedy is now bastardizing Bork’s seat.

This was the perfect opportunity (after ignoring the last 2) to say "Enough is enough, it is the Supreme Courts job to Interpret the Law and we are tired of them instead writing the Law. We will NOT confirm any nominee that does not convince us thoroughly that they will respect the Constitution as it was originally intended or was properly amended"

How simple is that? How can it even be possible that these imbeciles do not know how to control a narrative and put their enemies on the defensive and in the position where they have to explain and defend their actions?

The GOP is an embarrassment to this Nation, the idea that they would go ahead and introduce the false narrative against themselves before their enemies even bring it up to the exclusion of their own narrative is grounds enough to disband this hoard of incompetent jackals and start over.