RINO Jeff Flake is at it again


The Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to bring the Kavanaugh vote to floor . The trouble is RINO, Jeff Flake, just voted to give Democrats their FBI investigation. In the past I had confidence that the FBI was a non-partisan organization. Now we can’t be sure because the FBI leadership has been anything but non-partisan organization because of the leadership of Comey and McCabe.

How could the state of Arizona, the home of Barry Goldwater, elect two senators like Flake and McCain? Times have changed, and the education system creates left wing robots.


My understanding (possibly garbled) is that it’s just supposed to be a background check (which I would have thought they’d already done). If so, maybe it won’t be a big deal.


To anyone who thinks this “investigation”/background check - will satisfy the Left, I have some Washington, DC swamp land I’d like to sell you. BTW, the FBI ALWAYS runs a new background investigation as part of the federal judge appointment protocol. They did so on Kavanaugh when Trump nominated him - he has had SIX - count 'em - 6 - FBI background investigations over his career!!

After “He-Man” senator, Jeff Flake, allowed himself to be bullied into changing his position minutes after he said he was on board with Kavanaugh - bullied in an elevator by 2 young women, no less - and then allowing himself to be bullied by Dems in a side room - he handed over the confirmation process back to the Democrats.

For those who haven’t heard - Maryland officials - the very blue state in which the alleged groping of Ford occurred, have announced this morning they will investigate any allegation brought forward in this matter. Under the circumstances, that is tantamount to an invitation/solicitation of new allegations against Kavanaugh. Also, I would not be surprised if Ford and her team of Left-Wing attorneys file a complaint with the local police, as there is no statute of limitation in Maryland.

Flake and the wavering team of Collins and Murkowski have likely sealed the fate of Kavanaugh. In the face of CALCULATED and BLATANTLY OBVIOUS delay/destroy thuggery without evidence of any corroboration these ass clowns have blinked.

Instead of calling this farce what it is, Flake and the fear of losing support on the part of the two East Coast Dems, er ah, RINOS named above, Democrats have been invited to the table once again to play out another hand of high stakes poker. A hand in which they are intent on winning - NO MATTER WHAT.

Write this down - Democrats view the SCOTUS as their legislative body. Democrats are in control of our education system, media and they will say/do whatever is necessary to keep Kavanaugh, or any conservative, from being seated as the swing vote on the Supremes - key members of the 51 member majority are too afraid for their own asses to prevent it. In Flake’s case, he hasn’t worn a jock strap in years.

I see Kavanaugh , at best, having a 1 in 3 chance of surviving this sham process. I say this not because I think a validated allegation will be discovered or that Kavanaugh will fold, but because I think it quite possible the GOP will and/or the Dems will be allowed to “run out the clock”.


B[quote=“MDMikeB, post:3, topic:77177”]
In Flake’s case, he hasn’t worn a jock strap in years.

Flake as got to be one of the dumbest men in the swamp. Everybody who has a brain knows that he’s in the political graveyard. What makes him think that pulling this stunt is going to turn him into a political Lazarus?

When I worked for the Phone Company, the old timers used to call guys like Flake “bullet-proof” when they got close to retirement. They didn’t have worry about what some boss might do them because they so near the promised land, and no one could stop them from getting their pensions.

Given that Flake is retiring from the Senate his vote should not be changed by a couple of harpies on an elevator, but it was. You’re right, MDMikeB. The man has no courage or integrity.

Oh, but I forgot. Flake has talked about running for president in 2020. Hey Jeffie, you’ve got as much chance of getting the presidential nomination from either party as I do. Hang it up old Corn Flake, you are a Post Toastee and darn stale one at that.


He’s polishing his credentials as an “independently thoughtful republican” or “maverick” for a lucrative gig as a talking head on CNN, or MSNBC or whatever, where he can give the “conservative” viewpoint…after it’s been thoroughly vetted to be palatable to his left wing masters.


He just made a “John McCain deal” with Delaware Democrat senator, Chris Cumbs.

Flake: “I’ll give you what you want, the FBI investigation. What will you give me?”

Chris Cumbs: “I’ll get you on ‘60 Minutes!’ with me!” (Combs says to himself, “Bring you knee pads!”)

Flake: “Oh thanks! What a deal!”


Who says Crumbs said it to himself?

EDIT: Besides, Flakes knees already have thick callouses, he don’t need no stinking knee pads!


I’m standing by for the inevitable allegations to come - allegations that will no doubt expand the FBI inquiry currently underway. Chances are, this great American travesty and frontal assault on our tenets of jurisprudence is far from over.

If Collins and Murkowski were looking for Flake’s “cave-in” and subsequent FBI probe to give them political cover with their constituents should they eventually vote to approve, they are mentally impaired.

No doubt committee Democrats have already lined up the next allegation they will thrust into the limelight and demand the FBI investigate.

No corroboration at all to support the first three accusers - face it, Ford is hardly credible; she’s a 55 year old woman from the hard-left bay area of Cal who acted/sounded like a 10 year old during her presentation Hell, even her best friend, Leland Kizer, didn’t corroborate Ford’s story. Each subsequent allegation was progressively more unbelievable and equally uncorroborated. The 3rd in the series - that Kavanaugh was involved in a party rape ring - does anyone think it possible he could have done all this WITHOUT it being the talk of the school? Yet, no one has heard a thing about it; no one claims to know what the hell the woman is talking about.

Over the weekend, Flake appeared on stage at a gathering of Democrats with his buddy and fellow committee member, Chris Coons(D). Coons and Flake were arm-in-arm, smiling all the way.

Democrat Bipartisanship: You allow us to play your ass while we smear your nominee or we won’t like you anymore. Obviously, Flake is down with that.


We are witnessing the beginning of the Cumbs for president 2020 campaign. Maybe Flake thinks he’ll get to be his running mate, the bipartisan “dream ticket.” If Flake votes, “No,” you’ll know that the promise has been made that won’t be kept.