Rioters/black panthers just getting warmed up


The actions of the police officers in the Baton Rouge shooting and the St. Paul shooting - based solely on the videos - raise VERY serious questions. Hopefully, the investigations currently underway will provide answer to those questions.

President Obama correctly noted yesterday that America must not assume the actions of the Dallas police killer is representative of all black people.

However, I think it was inappropriate for him not to make a similar statement about the nation’s police - to note that the actions of the two police officers around which the current protests center, should they be found criminal/racist, are not representative of all police officers. Obama’s refusal to make such a statement is indicative/typical of the lack of support he routinely extends to police.

Of course, there are always those who stir up the specter of 60’s style racism for their own purpose.

For example, we have the Republican National Convention scheduled to get underway in Cleveland in just over a week and you can rest assured, the Leftist “New Black Panthers” and the militants in the “Black Lives Matter” are going to coalesce to create as much racial tension and foment as much racial hatred as possible. Creating as much visual chaos as possible is their game - a game designed to further the narrative associated with their brand of anarchy.

If you think the past few days have been bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. The anarchists are just getting warmed up!!


A last push by obama and his sycophants to keep the hate coming and get someone in who will continue the downward slide.

This is the first administration that I am aware of that once we had a new president had guests and parties which were against americans. An admimnistration filled with racists and muslims which enable obama to destroy the country.


I am not interested in anything that traitor says or in what context.

I am interested in seeing him pay for his Treason - to the maximum penalty of law.

On the gallows.


Obama, has set the tone and given a free hand for them to do as they want and no reprcussions…


Philando Castile - Media Fans Flames Of Racism

(NRA Member Colion Noir)


The video I saw showed a guy in a car already shot and the woman in the car talking about what happened. It does not show what led up to the shooting. So what happened leading up to the shooting? Why are people coming to conclusions based on a partial video of the events? Sorry, but I don’t buy it. I know that if a cop had just shot my wife dead in the front seat of our car, I’m certain that I could not give a calm narrative to my future video audience of what had happened.

From my experience with criminals, and past history of black encounters with police, there was NO justification for the murders in Dallas. NONE! The only facts are that a cop shot a guy. Why? The truth will come out and it very likely will be something the black community does not want to hear, whatever that truth is.


It started with Rodney King and we ALL saw the video…right?

I doubt it, as many times as it was played only once did I see the FULL length video and it changed my whole opinion and when did I see it. About 3am one morning when I was pulling an all nighter with a IT problem.


Colion Noir - not his real name, BTW - for the past several years has presented some of the best gun reviews to be found anywhere, along with “Hickok 45”.

I would like to see Noir be given much more mainstream air time. I’ve heard him many times - the man deserves to be heard. We need to hear him.

I certainly have nothing to add to the rant he provided in the above YouTube video.


BTW - as though Dallas PD doesn’t have enough to contend with, Obama has announced he is returning from Europe a day early so he can come to Dallas on Tuesday.

So, that means that in order to prepare for what amounts to nothing more than an Obama BS photo-op, the police will be required to plan for his visit and to do everything necessary to keep him safe and secure.

Just what Dallas PD needed at this time.


If a far-leaning leftist president runs things for eight years, what do you get? (Anarchy…currently in progress)
If a nation elects another one, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
May Mr Trump be the answer? Not sure what the QUESTION is…except to quote George Jetson,"How do you stop this crazy thing???"
The world is a dangerous place.



We might have been better off nominating George Jetson!!