RIP Bobby Vee


Another indicator that my life is passing ever so quickly. 8(

**Minnesota music legend Bobby Vee dies after Alzheimer’s battle

Bobby Vee’s storied music career involved a who’s who of rock ‘n’ roll heroes, including Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan and the Beatles. Even after his own teen-idol fame and Billboard chart success, though, he famously remained a humble, hardworking Midwesterner who settled into a quiet life in St. Joseph, Minn., with his wife of more than 50 years, Karen.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vee, 73,  died early Monday of complications from Alzheimer's disease. He had been  in hospice care at a facility in Rogers, according to family.

Minn. music legend Bobby Vee dies after Alzheimer’s battle -


Yea and only 73…

While Americans die the GBLT community gets first attention to find cures…AIDS and 100% PREVENTABLE diease, yet the govt stepped in and spent BILLIONS to find a semi cure. Today, if your are a Transgender and you WANT (there is NO NEED) to change sex, you can get it done at Taxpayer expense and its not cheap.

When I become POTUS. I will find out the top 10 diseases that kill Americans and put the full efforts of the govt along with the medical industry and Universities to find and advance cures. I will also see to it that all advances are owned by the taxpayer, therefore insuring that no one company has a monopoly on any life saving drugs. I will this program: American Lives Matter!


.** I will this program: American Lives Matter! **
Hey wait, that title won’t fly. Your going to have to list all of the non Americans first!

By the way Don. There’s been a change in the rules. Retired military are now ALLOWED to render a salute when seeing the flag. I just found that out today. It was changed 8 years ago & I never heard about it. Wow!!!


Todays Army is not our Army. My dad went in '34 and retired in '62. Dad came to visit me one time At Ft Hood, I was a young 2nd LT Infantry Platoon Ldr. I showed dad around and me met some of my men, ate in the chow hall etc. He said when he left that, things had changed from the time he was in the Infantry in the 30’s but not so much as it was alien to him. Different boots and uniforms, different barracks, thicker mattresses and all in all it was still the Army Infantry.

Today its alien to me, its focused on GBLT, rights of Transgender and as I understand they are POURING in the door all wanting Uncle Sam to pay for their transition from balls to bras and bras to balls. INSANE! Rainbow flags everywhere on post, Gay celebrations on post by the Army, all this for less than 1% of our population…

So if the Army pays for my balls to bras operation and psyc treatments, then when I retire do I get 100% disability because I am a tranny??? BET ON IT!

Did any of you get Transgender while in the military, is it something that happens to you on the killing fields? Trannyism is a WANT, it is not a NEED!