RIP RepublicanOperative?

Thread titles have become meaningless. I have to click on Roy Moore to find out we are debating St. Thomas Aquinas? His works are thought provoking and the epitome of Aristotelian logic, why not a new thread? You all must know that this is only one of dozens of examples. If something isn’t done, I see no future for this forum.

Ideally, yes, a new thread for a new topic. In practice, though, threadjacking (to one degree or another) is as old as RO, and probably internet forums in general. We could probably stand to have more coherence (which is one reason I started the consolidated immigration issues thread), but it’ll never be perfect. The question is, how much threadjacking is too much?

Do other folks prefer less thread drift? It makes some sense either way imo.

Roy Moore as Roy Moore was a dead thread eons ago, but it has worked its way across a number of subjects in the natural way conversations meander. We can start enforcing more thread discipline if folks would prefer that.

It’s definitely very high here. It doesn’t bother me much, but I get why folks might prefer much less.

OD has a point, and I’m just as guilty as the next guy.

Is hard sometimes to know just when to start a new thread, but this Roy M. thread went off the rails a long time ago.

I would say that one time for drift AND one time for a response to that drift, but any more than that (IOW, when it gets to TWO replies to that drift) it’s time to start a new thread.

Also, if the drift itself starts ANOTHER drift, it’s time to start a new thread.

I agree that drift is inevitable and we don’t want to stifle it, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. Two responses and then draw the line or drift upon drift, or if not, we get what OD is talking about.

Ok 2-0 lol I do see your point, OD. I’m game to police this, but we definitely need help with it. If you guys flag them or I see them, I’ll go in and lay down the law.

Thread drift is not the problem with RO. The format isn’t great. Also, over-moderation. FantasyChaser is being absurd with this “insult” moderation, especially given how selective it is. I think you guys are holding onto this Bush-era fantasy that this is a family website. Politics has changed. Chill on the over-moderation. Let people be adults. “Communist” is not an insult (anymore than the way “liberal” is used on this site). “Racist” is not an insult (and the attempt to moderate the use of this word is politically indefensible).

It isn’t “over moderation.” It’s a forum rule. Don’t like it? Petition the owner to change it. Don’t like my moderating? Petition the owner to have me removed. Otherwise, get used to it.

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Where’s the rule that says “racist” and “communist” are considered, effectively, curse words? Disallowing people from stating the opinion that someone is being a racist is just a way for you to shut down uncomfortable debate about a real problem on this board, and in the conservative movement at large. It’s indefensible. You can just ban me. I’m not going to stop using the word “racist” if I think someone is being a racist. I also will not refrain from calling someone a “communist” if I think they’re being ideologically communist. Or “liberal” if they’re being ideologically liberal. Etc. These are ridiculous applications of moderation, and I oppose them on ethical grounds.

It is one thing to express an opinion that David Duke, Louis Farrakhan or Barack Obama are racists. It is quite another thing to use this as a pejorative against a member of this forum. We are here to discuss issues , philosophies and current events.

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I deny that “racist” is a “pejorative,” and treating it that way as a means to stifle debate about issues of race and board members’s racism (which is pretty extreme) is unethical. I’d rather be banned than go along with this ridiculous and immoral position. And I’d rather be banned than stay silent about racism on this board.

I said what I said, not what you said I “effectively” said. And yes, “racist” is a perjorative, especially in the context in which you’ve been using it. I said it once: You have been amply warned. I will not say it again.

And if you look in the Guide to Surviving RO (in the Intro forum), it says something about those who try to walk on the edge of acceptability here.

“Liberal” is used as a pejorative also. I don’t care about your warnings. Your moderation is extremely selective and absurd. I’m just going to post in ways I find ethical, which includes calling out racism when I see it.

Call out “racism” when you see it. This site has no rule against it. It has no rule against you calling “racist” things that are not racist.

“Liberal” is a political philosophy where its adherents once embraced it – until its use by opponents made it sound pejorative. Bright side is you’re getting your word back. Now “progressive” is dirty word – and should be given its racist and elitist roots – and in a few years the “progressives” will abandon it in favor of some other word. “Racism” is a highly controversial word that suggests that someone specifically judges the merits of another person based on racial characteristics. A lot of folks who do not actually embrace that value are called “racists” and “white supremacists” on a regular basis around the world. It is insulting to lie and ascribe that motivation to someone who is not in fact motivated by it, especially when many of the claims you’ll no doubt make about the justice system are debatable.

I’ve (and more often people like me) been called a “liberal” "and “conservative extremist” often enough in exactly the same way meaningless way you throw around the term “racist” – either in ignorance or as a direct insult. Unlike “racist,” “liberal” has been a mainstream term to define a mainstream political position for a very long time. It doesn’t come with a host of other connotations. It was a nice word hijacked to authoritarian political philosophy. There is a difference. But if you want to use it, I personally don’t care. You and yours have managed to dilute the meaning and make it near pointless, but others do care and our forum has rules. If someone flags it, we’ll act on those rules. If we insist on promoting some level of decency instead of whatever anarchy gives us, we have to draw lines somewhere. This is where that line got drawn.

Your viewpoints are welcome here. I think they are critical here. I don’t understand the level of emotion and outright anger you seem to have with racial issues in America. I’m left thinking perhaps you have some direct experience with racism that colors your viewpoint. I’d sure like to hear about it. That aside, you contribute a lot when you’re visiting here. I periodically look at your blog to see if you’ve posted there (last post 10/21/15, just saying). You give people thing to think about, to roll around in their minds. Not everyone may appreciate it, but learning a little tact will no doubt be more effective at persuading those who do appreciate your discussions. That’s something a lot of folks ought to learn and put into practice.

I appreciate the kind words, RWNJ. You bring up many points that deserve a substantive response, which I have virtually no time to provide (much for the same reason my blog has been abandoned), a fact which also reduces the quality of my contributions here. It can be frustrating sometimes, as I would like to get deeper into these debates like the old days. As for the anger and emotion I have about racism, I can’t say that I have any personal experiences with it, aside from seeing first hand the alarm, terror, and feelings of betrayal that the election of an open racist like Trump caused in my friends who happen to be people of color. My ethical rage towards racism is on libertarian grounds; I think racism is an especially odious form of oppression and authoritarianism, and I find the carnage the government has imposed on generations of people of color to be infuriating. When I see people on this board argue that Obama is the only racist president in recent history, it makes me realize again that the conservative movement inhabits this bizarre racist twilight zone, divorced from anything remotely resembling reality.

Hypocrisy much?

You mean like failing to hold white people to the same standards by which you refer to black people as “racists”? Oh wait, that doesn’t just make you a hypocrite. It makes you a racist.

You mean like failing to hold black people to the same standards as white people? Particularly, black liberals vs. white conservatives? Get the lumber out of your own eye.

I can relate.

A lot of folks could stand to calm down a bit.

The Moderators here are NOT the problem, it is the TERRIBLE software that makes navigation a chore and people seem invisible, like being in a cave.

I have used many forum software all that are better than this joke. Used the following:

SMF= very good
phpbb 2/3 = Yuck!
myBB = Great!
bbpress = good
kunena = Very good
IPB free = good

Visibility is a major factor in a good forum software, when you can see that there are people visiting and threads easy to navigate, here it takes a long time to scroll back to the top of a very long thread page, that gets old fast!

I admit it here that I regret not taking up the offer to take over ownership of this once fine and active forum when it was offered about 4 years ago. It was during the time when I was running my own forum, being involved in re-development of an existing forum and being made Administrator to help run it, unfortunately the owner stopped working on it. It is now gone, which is sad as it was ONCE one of the largest nicely formatted Conservative forums on the Net:

Here is what it looked like, from Wayback, My name is on the list from July 1 2006:

This forum will never recover as long as you continue to use this horrid software.