RIP samspade

I learned this morning from a PM from Tiny1 that samspade has passed away.

Pete, I don’t know if you are aware, but Samspade passed away. Don’t have details, but I do know that he died from suspected heart related illness. …


sam was a member of RO for some 11 years, and contributed much to RO, and not just in number of posts. sam is one of those who, despite attempts to contact him, did not return to RO after the hiatus that started just before the election. His presence has been sorely missed, and now, sadly, it is permanent.

Fare well, sam.


Very sad news indeed. Samspade was always one of my favorite posters. He will be missed.

Apparently he died in February.

VERY sorry to hear this!

Sorry to hear this. Sam always had a unique perspective on things. RIP

I feared this might be the case, but I was holding out hope that maybe he just had not found us up and running again. I will miss Samspade, I did not realize how much I leaned on him as a news aggregator until he was not around starting threads on all the current events every day.

Rest In Peace Sam and my condolences to all of his friends and family who may find their way to this thread.


1 Yeah, his death occurred between the hack just before the election and RO’s restoration on March 10th.

2 sam was excellent at that, and had a wide range of interests.

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@Tiny1, @2cent, @BobJam [MENTION=10504]ClassicalTeacher[/MENTION]

This information is from RO “webmaster” (Owner and Admin) WhoIsJohnGalt’s Profile page:

> Join Date 11-18-2011

> Last Activity 03-12-2017 05:29 PM

I think you all will understand the significance of the fact that WIJG hasn’t logged on to RO since last March.

Sad news. I liked his posts.


Good to “see” you, John. Your signature reminds me of two of RO’s members who took the cheese grater slide into banhood - Terry, aka CaliforniaCatholic, did the cheese grater slide twice. Can’t say I miss either.

I’m glad I could remind somebody of something but this thread isn’t about me.

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Not the news I wanted to hear after coming back after a few months away. Sam and I never saw eye to eye…ever. In the nearly 9 years that I have been a member here he an I butted heads on a weekly basis over on topic or another. Sometimes I enjoyed it and others was like pulling teeth and he may have felt the same. Like any other long time poster I will miss his presence greatly. May he rest easy.

Wow. This format has really changed, so I am having a hard time noticing when these posts are created, because it doesn’t look like many are very recent. However, rest in peace to Sam Space and Jack. Feeling sad to hear these members have passed on from us. Their names are so familiar to my mind through the years on here. I regret they’re gone.
Much LOVE,

RC1, the several other forums I frequent are either vBulletin or have a similar page layout. So I’m having to learn again how to spot which forums have new posts. sam is indeed much missed. He was like Drudge or Instapundit, gather news stories and posting them with brief or longer commentary.

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Thanks, Pete!
Good to know. I am just going to have to adjust! :slight_smile: