Rising cost of food?

I’m not sure how many of you grocery shop, but wow. In the past month, what used to cost me 60$ is now costing me 120$. This is like one month.

My question is; how are the republicans to blame because this is definitely their fault.

Years ago my late parents were at the grocery store shopping. Every time my mother picked something up, my father would complain about the price. Finally my mother told him to keep quiet. It was a matter of paying or going without.

Last Thursday I was shopping with my wife. I felt like my father did. She had a coupon that gave her so much off if we could get to $100. She started a running total, but stopped keeping score before we got out of the produce aisle.

When you increase the cost of energy, the prices for everything increases. It’s the same as it was in the 1970s during the Carter administration. The difference is Biden and the “Progressives” want energy prices to go up. The idea is to force people to buy electric cars and price them into using less. It’s the American citizens versus the “Progressive” Democrats. Biden and the Democrats are the enemies of the American citizens. The only people Biden cares about are the illegal aliens and the “Progressive” fat cats who make him rich and powerful.

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The oil shock was on Nixon’s watch. OPEC drove up the price of oil, and Japanese came in and made smaller cars. Inflation was the devil under Carter, he signed onto the Volcker shock which was in my idea a worse solution than the problem. What we have right now is supply chains working behind because of covid under demand, not supplying demand causes prices to rise. Remember when lumber was sky high this January? Its down again because supply chains have caught up.

Keep on drinking the Kool Aid, @Unitedwestand. I know it tastes mighty good so long as you think that out of control government spending and Green New Deal policies are going to improve your life. You will be the 35 to 40% of voters who will support the Democrats no matter how bad it gets.

You will always think that it’s “greedy people,” like me who are your problem.

I have several hard lines, Electric Cars Being Mandatory, Inflation outpacing wage growth, Failure to protect the environment, Cozying up to Russia or China. My dissatisfaction will likely result in a vote for the American Solidarity Party. I want it to be a viable vehicle for change. I haven’t decided who I am voting for in 2024. If it were Larry Hogan vs Kamala Harris I’d likely vote for Noem. I have decided I am voting to re-elect Gretchen Whitmer, Dana Nessel, and Joycelyn Benson. I will be supporting state Democrats in 2022. Unless Fred Upton runs in my district after redistricting, I may vote for him as I believe regardless of his GOP affiliation he has our states best interest in mind.

My mother made six figures she was a pharmacist. She provided a very needed service few people can lawfully and intellectually perform. unless you’re pulling in 7 figures, or have a net-worth of over 11 million your not in the in the 1%. I don’t mind that doctors and lawyers pull in six figures, they went to college they worked hard, they provide needed services. CEO’s setting their wages at 7 or 8 figures are the issue.

My grocery bill for 3 people over 14 days was 300 dollars which is doable. I almost never eat out except on Sunday at a Chinese Place in town. I did have to buy no meat to achieve this feat.

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My groceries just for myself are almost 100$ a week! I don’t eat that much! I do get my groceries delivered I understand that adds to the bill significantly but damn. Not that long ago it was closer to 50$

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7 figures you’re still in the realm of sole proprietors who report business income as personal income. You hurt those businesses going after those people.

And after COVID had already run roughshod over small businesses with the chronic shut downs, this is asking for there to be no economic revival, and for large businesses to soak up even more market share.

Is that what you want?

The Democrats are now handing out favors to big businesses who support them. That is fascism, and that is why I have called them that repeatedly.

The Democrats are not “for the little people” because “the little people” have no power and influence to offer them. They are for the big companies, including the Internet providers and the news media who have some to offer in exchange for favors.

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I’m fat lol, my wife is plump, my little guy is lean/medium. My grocery bill is 300 for 2 weeks. It used to be 250 in your defense. I’m poor I know how to shop.

I want to see Trust busting, leading to competition. No I don’t want market saturation. The guy was bragging about being greedy and six figures isn’t greedy.

You’re not addressing what I asked; do you want to tax 7-figure people across the board, and just “pay” the consequence of what that brings us? Including those businesses failing?

Anti-trust isn’t going to fix that. You’ve raised the bar for market entry. Less people will be able to stay in, or enter the field. That’s the consequence.

Do I want them to pay taxes at a rate higher than a family of four making 300k? Yes, a 100 times yes they can file their taxes other ways than single earner it’s not hard to file a schedule C alongside personal taxes or to incorporate.

So you accept the consequence of making their businesses fail? Of slowing our recovery?

Paying a higher tax rate than a wage earner causing a business to fail? You’re making assumptions. Also a schedule C allows losses to be spread out over years. Schedule C is like small business welfare. We do alot to prop up tons of businesses that would die in any other country. I knew a pharmacist who shut shop last year it wasn’t profit margins, it was Covid he was old, reimbursement rates compared to CVS sucked. CVS and larger chains could pool together to take and spread loss better than his single shop could. Guy owns a large lake home, it’s paid off.

I’m not:


Raising taxes on small businesses, when they have been raked over the coals by COVID, promises more businesses will fail.

You are in absolute terms raising the bar for who can operate, and you’re doing it amidst an economic downturn.

You cannot avoid this. Either admit your accepting the consequence of more failures, or rethink what you’re doing.

You cannot just tell me your intentions, you have to engage the world as it actually exists, and that means owning consequences.

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Thus the paycheck protection act.

Economic Outlook is actually good in 2022. The recovery is already started minus the supply chain hiccups. Like I said my wages went up 22% my wifes went up 18% in 2021. I don’t think anyone says this is an economic downturn. This isn’t Austria we aren’t doing closures, Gretchen Whitmer said no more closures this is a pandemic of the unvaccinted.

Assuming economic downturn. Data does not show this. Paycheck protection program supported by democrats. Yawn.

If a few restaurants close because of equitable tax laws they were never really sustainable.

2021 is performing better than trumps Amazing 2018 economy oh wow.

That does nothing to avoid what I just said.

You are raising costs on businesses, when they already went through an ordeal, and I’ve now just given you proof that, yes, raising income taxes harms sole proprietors.

You can’t avoid it, so you have to admit if you’re willing to accept the consequence or not.

Yes or no? Is less small businesses an acceptable price, to pay for what you want here?

Returning to the income tax rate of the 1982 would be acceptable. It was acceptable for over 40 years prior. I deny the correlation you draw.

Nope. 40 years ago there were more tax write offs, actual tax rates were no better.

And you don’t avoid the consequence. More businesses fail, because you make doing business more expensive.

That’s not correlation, that’s cause and effect. You cannot make costs rise, and assume there is no consequence.

You don’t have that luxury, you live in the real world.

Right why pay workers it makes business more expensive, lets pump lead and mercury into the river storing and destroying it makes business more expensive. We should legalize slavery, prostitution, child abuse because there is a demand for that a market demand for that. There is a natural market demand for hitmen we should allow this. Let markets speak.

That is satire.

The same reason we make things unlawful are the same reason we regulate markets for the Good of society. If you take free market to a T were all pets for rich people. Unregulated markets are as morally repugnant as sexual abuse. Anything followed to a T becomes stupid, redundant. My dad worked a union job in 1987 at a foundry and make 9.50 an hour in 1987… that’s a lot of money. After Nafta he was working against the Chinese and my generation has done so too. So ya know selling me on feeling bad for the Boss with a Lexus GS is a non starter I slave my ass off for poverty wages. So yeah cry me a river with that free market crap. Also not a Marxist but this is a Jewel. The first two are mostly true the second 2 really undercut your libertarian crap.