Rising cost of food?

good lord do you think this happened for everyone?! I wish you could break out of your bubble, but it’s a lot safer and happier there.

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That has nothing to do with raising taxes on people who make 7 figures.

You thought you were just talking about the individuals. You were wrong. What you proposed is implicitly a tax hike on small businesses.

So I asked a simple question, is it worth it to see more businesses fail, to limit growth, to get what you want?

You had another choice, you could have just said “let’s raise it on people making 8” but you didn’t do that. You just tried to deny there would be any consequence for doing it with people who made 7.

Sorry, that’s not real. If you can’t own the consequences, then it doesn’t look to me you even own your own ideas.

It just looks like you’re repeating a talking point.

Self-destructing the argument with theatrics doesn’t change anything. You still avoided answering the question.

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Wages are rising for people working in the 9-11 dollar range here in Michigan my friends wages are raising… all of them. I guess people 16 plus are facing stagnation in retail.

People who make 539k + pay 37% it wouldn’t be hard to ask people paying 1000000+ to pay 39% as was the case before Bush. I’d rather see an Import/Export tax like England, if your really want to get down to details. Tax capture at borders would protect American workers.

You remember the 70’s with 70% taxation? https://www.tax-brackets.org/federaltaxtable/1970

We’re moving back to where we were in the 90s until the trump tax cut. I think a hard cap of 50% on non billionaires is fair. I’m arguing for the 1980-85 model.

The worst thing Snyder did after the Pension tax and the Right to Work bill was eliminate the personal property tax. So I have to pay taxes on my car every year, but a factory worker who buys a piece of equipment 7 or 8 times the worth of my car doesn’t? We laid off 400 officers that year municipal police shuttered across the state crime rose, as the county took on efforts the personal property tax funded cities. Cities infact the city I live in was the single worst hurt because were a small town with a LARGE employer who does areospace, and that was 50% of our general fund. So property taxes went through the roof as services shuttered.

VAT, which is a regressive tax? You’re ok with that?

You’re just trading for the jobs of the manufacturer over the jobs of the people who use the product.

We justified loans to foreign customers for Caterpillar under this logic, and the result was that foreign construction firms using those tractors we subsidized were able to underbid American firms for the same work.

You remember Reagan’s bargain? Where he got rid of the tax shelters represented by malls and ranches, in exchange for lowering the tax rate?

Hence why when you look at the percentage of the economy the govt was taking across those years, it stays around 20%? Which has been the case since we enacted the income tax? No matter what the marginal tax rate was?

Arguing marginal rates doesn’t go anywhere. No one was paying the top marginal rates of the 1960s or the 70s. The effective tax rate is what matters.

If you’re actually trying to reinvent the tax code in it’s entirety of 40 years ago, tax shelters included, that to me sounds like alchemy.

If it’s just the rates without those write offs and tax shelters, that sounds like a bait and switch.

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Yeah that.

There is consequence yes, it’s eating into rising wages. I’m starting to believe there is no actual growth over time just inflation, and wages rising against each other. Ecclesiastes my favorite old testament book, writes that “There is nothing new under the Sun”. I really feel that’s how its been for all of humanity we toil, we dust, we run around place to place and for what? I really feel like King Solomon. I lived a solid 20 years in hedonism and I am lamenting myself. No matter what I say no matter what evidence I give. No one will yield an ounce of Austrian thought. Yeah Biden’s ratings are in the crapper. I’m aware of that but the economic outlook is good. It’s him dying on the anti-white social front.

Yea, @Unitedwestand, no one here, other than the other other socialists and Democrats, will agree with you. All you are doing is defending the Biden line of bull. The Democrats know that the standard of living going down, but that’s their plan. They want to force consumption away from fossil fuels by raising the prices. In the short term they are only concerned about bad poll numbers, but not that much.

In the long run, they are counting on putting people on welfare to buy their votes. The trouble is their plans will cripple the economy permanently, while China eats our lunch. But that’s okay because the Democrat’s goal is impose the Chinese economic and political system here.

You talk about wages increasing along with inflation, in the long run. That’s true so long as the economy continues to grow on a macro basis. Unfortunately, on a micro basis, a lot of individuals will get hurt. Those on fixed incomes, living off their savings and people who hold debt instruments, will get hurt.

“In the long run” is also a key phrase. As Keynes said at one point, “In the long run we are all dead.”

It seems like no matter what the future is electric it’s just timing. Volvo will stop all petrol cars by 2040 I’ll be long dead by the time the last petrol car is banned. I see myself dead by 2060. I mean 73 is young but I’m a former smoker, high weight, bipolar, and bad back. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs. I work out, I take a couple of scripts, I have an awful diet. I’m a sucker for pizza.

Back to the point the future is electric. I got a friend he’s got one of those electric bikes he’s got it up to 42 MPH. My petrol bike which costs the same 1000 bucks, can go 73. He’s a libertarian Jesus Freak, ie cool republican. Anyway his argument is he don’t gotta pay for gas cause his panel charges it. My argument is I don’t wanna be capped at 42 in a 55. I don’t wanna wait for a recharge. What about stormy days? He’s like it’s just pedal assist you can pedal too. Like the whole point of not taking the car out, is to save gas, and enjoy the scenery. Most roads here are 55mph. That works great in Grand Rapids the minute you get out the city you gotta go 55mph as the minimum on the freeway.

Anyway I got inlaws and we visit them once a month and I don’t wanna not be able to leave in the event of a recharge or a recharge taking too long. I might not care of that charged in 2 minutes tech takes off. The point is India is not going to be electric for 100+ years and they are poor as F. So fuel will also be used there.

The point is it can only go so high with all the petrol vehicles already. No I refuse to call it gas it’s a liquid.

My dad is a senior right, he wanted to move to the Philippines to escape the cost of Central Florida. I’m like Old man your gonna get mugged 5 miles out of Manilla. Not even make it to Davos City and they’re gonna do it legally, cause your gonna have a gram of herb you at very least. So I told him to come up here spend 2 weeks at my sisters 2 weeks at my place back and forth. So yeah it’s hurting seniors the high gas, but the way I see it he has a 2003 Chrysler PT I don’t even know how that thing still rides. If that broke down it’s game over for him no matter what inflation is. Florida didn’t expand medicaid so he’s got copays out the arse. Thats 250 less in his pocket a month you can thank the GOP for shooting themeslves in the foot there for that.

I know people in trailer parks, and the hood, and they will find a way to make money, drugs, beat downs and Scrap metal etc. I gotta buddy used to drums on one of our smaller projects. Dude is a total meathead but a good drummer. Dude scraps old fridges, they find a way. You know I know people closest to the poverty line and it’s always DHHS and the liberal peace churches with the food pantries keeping these people breathing, so they can haul an old broken fridge out of some mc mansion. I’m trying to get away from that life. No one with over 40k acts like I ever exist so no matter what we do in our area were seen as substandard. I’ve done the Math, without DHHS & those PC churches were done for I’m for real.

You wanna argue about gas and heat. First and foremost poor people get heating credits it’s cover period. Secondly gas, thats a good one keeps alot of people talking, but I remember this guy Bush was president had a crap ton invested in Saudi Oil, we were constantly in the middle east with no reason of Rhyme. Saudis Financed 9/11 but we took it out on Afghanistan when Pakistan was hiding the high ranking types. Took it out on Saddam just for the hell of it. Never did find those WMD’s, point is gas was 4.30 at one point In 2007. Everyone was losing their houses cause we put 2 wars on the credit card, and slashed taxes for the wealthy. You wanna talk about how the democrats hurt the poor.

Your strong talking points are on positions of moral authority, social issues. Yet you can’t touch those while Trump is waiting in the wings.

I just read on the White House website that Biden is combating racism. Well hell yeah that ought to put food on the table.

Biden is also taking 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve. On the world market, that is a drop in the bucket. It’s some temporary fiddling that won’t fix the problem. Maybe they think is will lower the gasoline prices over Thanksgiving weekend and improve Biden’s poll numbers. Not likely.

One analyst said that it could cost us more because replenishing the reserve might cost more in the future.

I’m going to say this again because you missed it;

The Nordic countries you identified as being ideal, are more economically free than us.

They allow businesses to do more than we do. Most don’t even have a minimum wage.

And they’re not the exception; they’re the rule. Countries that are more economically free, do better than those that rate less.

You lost the argument, because you didn’t know the field.


If you want 71% unionization I mean 100% unionization of low wage positions in lieu of no minimum wage I’ll take you on that. If you want to move 45% of GDP into the public sphere I’ll take you on that we can get rid of the minimum wage then. Sorry I haven’t posted had lots of time off enjoying it with family and friends. God bless you all and Happy ThanksGiving Week.

the nordic countries are racist cesspools. white people doing whatever they must do to keep white people ahead and colored folks down. I hope food and gas prices keep going up. But if you can prove you’re not white you should get a discount. This must somehow be accomplished without having to show an ID to prove what race you are though, because IDs are racist.

it’s a conundrum.

Sure, so long as there is competition among the Unions, which they have, and we do not.

The Wagner Act made that impossible, so I think you’ll admit, it either needs to be repealed, or reformed.

They don’t have zombie unions in the Nordic countries; we have them here because of how the law privileged their positions, without people getting a choice.

The law, set us onto the course we’re currently on, where Unions ate marginalized, because the only exit from the system that the Wagner Act allows is Right to work.

Nope. We’re at 30%, and Singapore, which produces better results than us or the Nords, is at 20%. Switzerland which produces similar results to the Nords is also at 30%.

There’s no correlation between government spending and results. California is an example of a state that spends alot, but produces poor services.

The Nords likely get that high because of their Sovereign funds.

God Love you and Keep you.

I generally loathe the swiss and Singapore models. Plus we have a mega large military. So no way we take care of folks and have a military like this with 30%.

and also with you.

Mind explaining why? They offer everything on your wish list.

So does Singapore (proportionally); it’s so big they can’t station it all in Singapore itself.

The key is to be a weapons manufacturer. So long as you self-develop and export, you can afford big arms.

You know those two countries have the lowest social spending per capita of OCED nations. One thing you are not is stupid. You are not stupid. I think you very much know why I like Danish, Belgian, Dutch, Icelandic, Finnish, Nordic and Swedish models. It is not only hard to be poor, it’s hard to be rich. The GINI coefficient keeps equality among the people. A Gini Coefficient above thirty is a sickness in a wealthy nation. Why do you think shows not even in English like Squid-Games with anti-capitalist messages appeal to people under 40?

You know about a third of my generation is genuine socialist and is pro command economy? You know that leaves me in the moderate middle of my generation? 1/3 Libertarian-Conservative 1/3 Mixed Economy (EU Model) 1/3 Socialism/Communism under 40. Were going back to the 50’s or 70’s its your choice. I’d prefer marginal tax rates with high recapture like the 50s-70s. You could push us into the hands of Marxists and we’d have 90% marginal tax rates is that what you want? You keep making the poor, poorer they’ll reach out to China. Unlike the coldwar the frontline is everywhere with the internet. The Marxists scare me as much as the libertarians.

Were 20 years out from that but it’s a reality your going to have to come to face with the most well read generation on the planet. Whom can understand where they are at. Boomers competed with other Americans and built fortunes during the Volcker shock by simply saving at 20% interest. Unionization held their hands until they entered the higher ranks of the economy. They yell at us for participation trophies. They had union jobs and no student debt to start with.