Rittenhouse Partisan Litmus Test

There’s not much to debate outside the politics of it, he was either defending himself or not. Now I wasn’t given the watered down jury view, but shot one looked like defense shot two looked like oncoming skate board duo. It looked like a knee jerk reaction, like hey that was cool lets do it again, Shot three was sloppy the dude lived he freaked out living people can testify. I better turn myself in. Hunh cops don’t care, seems legit Ima go home now that was fun. Next day I should of expected this why did they let me walk so long, hunh crazy night.

See this is why I don’t bring my piece to a protest, ain’t anyone I disagree with so hard I wanna shoot em. I ain’t ever gonna let an unarmed man kick my ass. I been mugged before and I got away, few left and right hooks and dodged towards the library. This kid must of had no idea what he was getting himself into. At 17 I guess I didn’t really know respect, and how crap worked.

Taking into account how young he is, 2nd Degree Reckless Homicide, 1 count attempted murder.
5-7 years because of his age and how dumb it was, and how tense the situation was.

The crazy thing is how partisan this is a jury will never agree. Dems see 10000 counts of Murder, and Republicans See Neo-Jesus. I see a dumb kid who did some dumb stuff looking to make a name for himself, larping too hard. Doesn’t realize bullets kill or something. Maybe slightly mentally inept.

If your gonna shoot, shoot in your home, if your shoot, shoot and keep shooting to kill you have to argue there was no other way and living people make that hard. In public, man don’t walk into a war zone with a gun, not expecting war. If someone is harming a woman or child in public or endangering your family or yourself and you were just “enjoying the city” see above reference shoot and shoot so many times that the person doesn’t live to tell “their side” studies show “their side” is the number one reason you don’t walk.

I don’t know why he brought the gun either, but maybe it’s a good thing he had it or maybe he’d be dead right now.

Just kidding! That little punk white supremacist nazi, indiscriminately killing black people like he was in some violent video game. If you watch the FULL video, he sprayed like 50 rounds into the crowd - aiming at black people. Thank god he didn’t hit anyone else. That’s okay though because once this kid gets acquitted, me and my democrat friends and family are going to burn down half the country and assault white people because we’re upset. This technique worked for that cop who killed George Floyd.

Don’t worry, there is no way this kid is getting anything less than a life sentence.

That little violent gun toting

It’s very interesting to read the arguments about Rittenhouse on Twitter. There really is a lynch mob atmosphere among the left-of-center people there. Or rather, there is a lawyer-for-a-lynch-mob’s atmosphere. And not just Twitter: the Mainstream Media have been disgraceful.

Someone should write a book about this case, and how, to quote Macbeth, people can lie by telling truth.

Example: the people Rittenhouse shot were rioters, and they were attacking him. But the media report that ‘he shot three civil rights protestors’. Uh huh.

Not only did he shoot three lovely innocent civil rights protestors, but he ‘crossed a state line’ to do so, travelling to a city where he didn’t live. (Leave aside that leftists tend to pooh-pooh borders, as just meaningless lines.) Yes … he travelled twenty miles, to a city where his father and other relatives lived. (The fellow he wounded travelled 85 miles, to take part in burning down buildings.)

After the incident with the boys and the professional Indian in Washington, I started to distrust the mainstream media – which I don’t follow much because I live abroad. But now I will simply assume that everything they write, they write as propaganda for the Left.

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I agree with the prosecutor. You can’t just walk around with a gun and defend yourself with it and expect to get off the hook. The last thing you should do if you have a gun is use it in self defense. Especially if you’re a racist white MAGA thug training for storming the capitol.