RO Been DDOS'ed

RO was one of at least three discussion sites I’m aware that were apparently the target of a DDOS attack. Whether the three are related beyond being discussion sites, I don’t know. RO is the first of the three to be back up.

Thanks for posting this, Pete. I don’t know if we are completely out of the woods yet, but I’ve significantly changed our network to improve our chances of getting out of the mess.

This was an intentional attack. Our site was not on shared hardware, so it’s clear that we were targeted. I’ve since added a failover server, changed our network address, and added a reverse proxy for web traffic to help filter out malicious requests. Not cheap, and time consuming!


Are they all Conservative, or Republican related?

[quote=“JStang, post:3, topic:43330”]
Are they all Conservative, or Republican related?
[/quote]I know a couple of sites were republican based. I tried several times and could not get those sites.

I don’t want to inadvertently start a Discussion Forum War - I’m sure the owners of downed sites are really stressed at the moment and susceptible to misunderstanding comments on “competing” sites - so I’m not going to name names. But yes, one of the sites I alluded to is a conservative-oriented news/politics discussion site. The other site I alluded to focuses on Creation and other Christian-oriented issues; it’s perspective is generally theologically conservative Christian. Neither are back up yet.

It might be interesting, once all the dust is settled and owners off their adrenaline rush, to compile a list of targeted sites. It might provide a clue to the source. I know RO typically receives 5-10 new-registered “members” daily from spam sources, though it did taper off this past weekend. Taking out the trash is a daily task for RO’s intrepid Clam Sentries!


Wow! I wouldn’t put it past the WH to do something like this. After all, other conservative sites and organizations were targeted. Just goes to show you that we’re doing something right here!

I wondered! glad to see this back up.

Figured something of this nature had happened; but what is DDOS?

Distributed Denial of service.

Basically what happens is a virus goes around to a bunch of computers. At a predetermined time, all of the infected computers fire off packets to the same address, which overloads the connection.

Imagine a mailbox that gets overstuffed with mail. No more mail can fit in the box. Same kind of thing.

Wiki… but it’s accurate:
Denial-of-service attack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Who would want to do something like that? I never understood why someone would create a computer virus to cause peoples’ computers and business computers to be rendered unusable or having to be cleaned out at great cost to the owner. What kind of sick mind would find that kind of thing a fun thing to do?

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Stupid kids usually. Others are 30 year olds who live in peanut butter castles in their Mommy’s basements.

I’ve long been of the mindset that any sort of hacking should be treated as a home or property invasion. Should be a felony.


Absolutely agree, but how easy is it for the authorities to find these kids and 30 year olds?

Nice to finally be back!

Whew! Glad we’re all back. I was beginning to think it was something I’d said or done that was getting me all these “link cannot be found” messages.

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I was wondering what was up…how annoying.

Pretty sure it is, hard to enforce though.

Eesh, that’s still a lot of users…I’m guess most of them aren’t benign.

BTW it could easily just be one person who has a tiny amount of control over thousands of zombie computers (via malware/trojan/virus or whatever).

Something tells me we struck a nerve with someone.


Bad assumption is bad. Many people that do these things are NOT stupid kids or “30 year olds who live in peanut butter castles in their Mommy’s basements”, but are sophisticated criminal rings with a purpose. Rather than making a dangerous assumption that it’s just a stupid kid, we should be mindful of all the very real possibilities and how we should act to them.

Props to WIJG. Times like this are damned stressful.


I thought I’d been banned with no warning. LOL

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