RO Been DDOS'ed


How would these criminals make money on crippling a website?


You guys are lucky…I couldn’t get on until just now at 8:15 p.m. I guess I’m special…


If the attacker is an American, they obviously don’t understand the concept of the 1st Amendment. The true test of free speech, is allowing people to speak whom you don’t necessarily agree with on EVERY topic. Many fail that test.


There seem to be several sites that have been affected - I know of two others, and sam mentioned he knew of a couple. They are not related, and I’m not aware of any 100% common denominators - one of the other two I know of is not particularly into politics (and several sites on which I use the same forum name as here are unaffected, including two that are news/politics). The three I know of also use three different forum SW environments.




The aim may not be to make money, but to make the website owner lose money. Just floating one hypothetical for you to ponder.

Interesting to note the guest count is around 6.5k right now. Looks like they are stepping up to try and knock out what WIJG has put up.


I have no patience with blatant stupidity or someone who is deliberately trying to agitate. I don’t care if someone wants to spew whatever nonsense they want, but I reserve the right to not listen to him/her.


You know, two days ago I received two email notifications for responses here but when I clicked on the link, the responses were gone. Both were from “unregistered user”. I saved them if anyone thinks it might be linked.


Brewer’s old English teacher?


I never click links from inside eMails unless I was expecting said eMail for a specific purpose. To much chance of getting attacked otherwise.


:coffee_spray: You crack me up, tperkins! You must keep your wife in stitches all day!


They are the links from here notifying me of a post in a thread in which I subscribe. I think that would be pretty safe. But, I don’t click on links unless, like you say, I know the person who’s sending it and even then, I don’t always click on them. My email provider does a pretty good job of sorting phony emails and dumping them into my junk file.


Most times lol. I get the look and she mouths the word, “filter”, a fair amount.


I thought it was me that had screwed up. Yesterday, I saw an e-mail purporting to be from my son’s meth-head ex-wife who hasn’t contacted me since before she abruptly walked out on my son and grandson around 18 months ago. I thought it was a suspicious link and didn’t open it, but who knows?


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Distributed Denial of service.

Basically what happens is a virus goes around to a bunch of computers. At a predetermined time, all of the infected computers fire off packets to the same address, which overloads the connection.

Imagine a mailbox that gets overstuffed with mail. No more mail can fit in the box. Same kind of thing.

Wiki… but it’s accurate:
Denial-of-service attack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[/quote] yes, whenever I tried to access, I usually got a message saying, “Browser working, CloudFlare [whatever that is] working, host server not responding, something on its web site is hogging resources.” each time I usually got a “ray ID” which was different each time. all Greek to me. hope I am not revealing anything I shouldn’t here, I assume many people got similar messages.


sounds like way too many “users” to me, too. right now. I don’t think it would help any for us active members to log out, it would be a drop in the bucket, but the number of “guests” is suspicious.

I was knocked off for more than 24 hrs, from around 6 pm yesterday until about 9 pm this evening EDT. 27 hrs.


Easy. Someone controls a network capable of effectively DDoSing a site, advertises that service with rates and all, and business owners pay to have competitor’s sites taken down. Of course this isn’t the case with sites targetted for political purposes but I’m giving an example.

It’s very easy to find such services (and not only) pretty cheap on the Russian clearweb, I would imagine the situation is similar in China. In the West you probably have to delve into the deep web if you want something like that.

About 3 years ago in Russia you could pay approximately the equivalent of $85 to gain access to an email account. As proof of work you send a message to the target email, the service provider reads it back to you, then you pay and get the account password once the payment goes through.

Just looked up an example DDoS service on (Russian site where you can buy anything ranging from from ex-USSR police/civil service databases to DDoS/other hacking services to counterfeit passports to stolen credit card information to details of a phone number’s incoming/outgoing calls/sms [a favorite of spouses who suspect their other half of being disloyal]… you get the point), DDoS rates start at $50 per day (rates vary based on the durability of the target server, discounts for “wholesale” orders and frequent customers).

It’s unethical, but a very easy and safe way to make money if you have the skills required to set up an effective botnet. I say safe because now it’s very easy to pay anonymously so that the money is not easily traceable neither to the customer nor the service provider. Virtual currencies have been around forever and now with bitcoins/litecoins etc it’s basically impossible to trace the flow of funds if even minimal precautions are taken. Buy some bitcoins from a private reseller, “mix” them through a couple different addresses at no extra cost except an optional miniscule transaction fee, and then on to the destination they go.

Check what IP addresses your accounts have been logged into from, some of you may be surprised…


Or somebody was bored…could go either way really.


The same people who always seek to censor speech, Liberals.

If you have no plausible argument for your beliefs and you lack the character to either adjust your views to fit with the facts or just admit that your true agenda is far different than the justifications you offer for your views, censor out the voices who expose you.

Liberalism 101


Hopefully the site is accessible for everyone. Always a chance that they’ll overrun the current configuration, but I’ll do my best to adjust accordingly.

Will share more info later.