RO Been DDOS'ed


Honestly and sincerely CT, that’s all you have to say?


Some ideas I’ll just throw out there. I just opened and help co found a non profit Christian singles group. Not a dating group, but a group to reach christian singles and fellowship for people of all ages. That group now has the option to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money every year and $10,000 in free advertising every year from google. If we got serious we could become an organization like this that also has a message board, but we might help people in need like a charity organization, or partner with a church or churches once we get enough members and make an impact in everybody’s community or raise donations for a specific cause. These are just a couple of many examples out there. People are going through tough times and if we can make a difference from our own homes and have just a couple reps from RO step up and meet or call these people we want to help we could make a huge difference. It can be done cheaply. I know a guy that would file and get us nonprofit status for $1,200.00 That’s a cost i could pay. That’s very cheap, and he’s a christian and has had tons of business and success with 501c3’s.

I think this could be pretty fun to brain storm, and is quite realistic. Grant money can be used for salary’s, but the rules are they have to be reasonable.




I think it exists because God has a purpose for it. I feel that strongly, actually. However, I believe it’s best days are ahead of it with some adjustments. This is the business owner/Christian in me coming out and the reason for my success. I never was stuck in the here and now and always thought of ways to improve and the future. Sites like this with the smart posters it has could be so GREAT and lack 2 things usually in my 12 years of posting on many sites. 1.) Money for upgrades & 2.) Big thinkers on expansion. We have great educated contributors, which is the foundation for a hugely successful site. What do you think now CT?


Brewer: You’re asking me to comment about something that I have really no opinion on. WIJG is the owner of RO. I believe that he has the right and option to do with this site as he sees fit. I enjoy RO immensely. I don’t have a clue as to what you are referring to in terms of improvements, etc. Those decisions are up to WIJG, not me. I don’t have the expertise to form an opinion. So, that is why I have no opinion.


For crying out loud Brewer, back up the truck and see life as it is and not as you perceive it. YOU ARE NOT THAT BRIGHT!!!Your feigned ego act is getting a mite wearysome.


That’s fair enough.


I’m actually very bright in the area of website and what works and where they can potentially go. It has nothing to do with my ego, but rather RO and that it has room for improvement and can touch others lives. Not very hard to figure out. If you guys are old and can’t see this and the opportunity you have then this site will be stalled and little progress if any will come to it. Tons of room for growth. I’ve seen it. I’ve been apart of making sites that get refrensed on tv as the “source” of breaking news. I’m being extreamly serious here.



I submit, BF, that you’re nowhere NEAR as “bright” as you seem to THINK you are. I think you may have convinced yourself that you are, but, based on your posts here on RO, it doesn’t seem so to some of the rest of us. If you don’t like how RO is being run, you always have the option of going somewhere else that’s more to your liking–or even hire someone to design your own site to your “specifications,” since you seem to think that you’re “very bright in the area of website (sic) and what works and where they can potentially go.”


I’m actually a much better poster than what I have shown. By far. I don’t care if you don’t know that. It’s just been so boring and nothing really to talk about with the elections and economy. Same old same old. Anybody that reads my posts in the faith and beliefs sections knows I’m a much better poster than what I have shown. It’s not that I don’t like the way RO is being operated. In fact, I really respect what John has done. However, they could use help. I think even they would acknowledge that. Whether it’s financial or a moderator that is online more often or some new ideas from it’s members. There’s nothing wrong with offering either one of these. If you think there is then you aren’t as smart as I thought you were pappadave.


You talk about contributing to the site. I just did that about 15 min ago.


So far, I’ve not SEEN you post any actual “suggestions” for “improving” the site…just generic claims that RO “NEEDS” improvement and other claims that YOU know how to do that.


I just did in the section below this.


[quote=“brewerfanx1, post:91, topic:43330”]

You talk about contributing to the site. I just did that about 15 min ago.
[/quote]Where’s the donation link . . . some of us might like to use it.


Go into your user cp and just click on inbox. Then on the left hand side there is a button called paid subscriptions, click on it and you can offer to pay yearly, $5.00 or up to $500.00. It’s through pay pal. If you want it to be a 1 time thing just go into your pay pal account and click on pre authorizations and you can stop the yearly agreement.


if you contribute you get the following,

GET access to a special supporter-only forum, a private message inbox with no limit (never have to delete PMs again), no page advertisements - ever, the admin’s unending gratitude, and more! We need your support!


If I had the money, I would DEFINITELY contribute a little to RO. It is well worth it. Unfortunately, I don’t even have enough money to put gas in my car once I pay all my bills… (Not trying to get anyone’s sympathy–just sayin’…)


Some people are just in your kind of a position, CT, and it’s ok.


That’s correct. I’m happy because God has provided everything that I truly need. Hopefully, I will be getting a little more money in the next few months which will help me to put gas in my car and get Raven to the vet! Praise the Lord!


I believe it is NSA/CIA operatives dry run testing taking down forums and testing vulnerabilities. Perhaps you should check member log files to see if alist of members names were compiled. First thing the Gov will do when SHTF is shutdown our ability to organise and communicate. They already own Facebook,Twitter, and cell communications. Individual forums are beyond their ability to compromise with mere money. They are seeking to infiltrate their own operatives into forums as spies and when the time comes to bring the hammer down DDOS them.I believe a false flag attack is imminent. DHS is running an Active Shooter drill at One World Trade Center this morning.