RO Front Page

This thread is for the front page authors.

[MENTION=13403]Alaska Slim[/MENTION] and @patriciareed, I have some free time and I understand you two have been having problems with the front page? I am using this thread to get your attention faster so that we may be able to fix the issue. Any passwords or other sensitive data will be handled by PM.

As I said, I can’t seem to log into the the draft area. Am I doing so in the wrong place, ergo, not the standard log in bar at the top of the page?

Zedd, I am online now. what do you need from me?

Zedd, Alaska is a guest author for the front page this coming week. John gave Alaska a link for the front page and it didn’t seem to work, so I went ahead and input the blog through my own link. but then neither Seravee nor I could input the image that Alaska would like to use. And Alaska is still unable to go in himself and see what his own blog currently looks like.

This is a test to see if images are able to be inserted correctly.

@WIJG, there are some problems with the ability to upload images from the computer.[ATTACH]2230[/ATTACH]

I had the same issue [MENTION=12020]Zedd[/MENTION]. I have gotten the error before. I will try converting it over to a png as see if it will let me upload it.